HAMRON 021329 Rear View Mirror for Caravans



One flat and one convex wing mirror for a car with a caravan. Suitable for all cars and attached tool-free with clip-ons. Fitted with safety line to prevent it getting lost and adjustable 90° both horizontally and vertically. The mirrors are
CE marked. Storage bag included.


  1. Flat and convex mirror
  2. Clamping screw
  3. Wing screw
  4. Safety line FIG. 1
  5. Clips, 4
  6. Extra covers, 4
  7. Storage bags, 4 FIG. 2 HAMRON-021329-Rear-View-Mirror-for-Caravans-fig-1


  • Size W11.5 x H17 cm


The flat mirror is attached on the driver’s side and the convex mirror on the passenger’s side. The convex mirror is attached in the same way as the flat mirror.

  1. Press the caps (6) over the open side of the holes for the clamping screws (2).
    FIG. 3
  2. Place the safety line (4) over the left wing mirror.
    FIG. 4
  3. Position the fasteners at a suitable place on the top edge of the left mirror.
    FIG. 5  HAMRON-021329-Rear-View-Mirror-for-Caravans-fig-2
  4. Tighten the screws (2) clockwise to fix the fasteners firmly in place.
    FIG. 6
  5. Put the loose end of the strap through the clip (5).
  6. Place the strap round the back of the mirror.
    FIG. 7
  7. Hook the clips (5) on the bottom edge of the left mirror.
    FIG. 8HAMRON-021329-Rear-View-Mirror-for-Caravans-fig-3
  8. Adjust the strap so that it is tight.
  9. Tuck any leftover length of strap under the tensioned strap on the back of the mirror.
    FIG. 9
  10. Adjust the position of the mirror by moving the arm in or out.
  11. Lock the arm in place by tightening the wing screws (3) when the mirror is in the required position.
    FIG. 10
    A ball bearing joint on the back allows the mirror to be adjusted to the required angle.
    FIG. 11 

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HAMRON 021329 Rear View Mirror for Caravans [pdf] Instruction Manual
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