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Size 0 60 cm
 Wide angle 160°
Mirror material  polycarbonate
Bracket  adjustable


Exit mirror to improve safety at crossings and exits from parking lots and garages. It has an aluminum-reinforced screen and adjustable post bracket (0 50-85 mm).


The mirror is delivered with the mirror surface covered with protective film. Do not remove the protective film before completing and checking the installation. FIG. 1

  1. Screw the right and left parts of the mirror bracket on the back of the mirror, with the slot turned down.
    FIG. 2
  2. Fit the bracket halves loosely round the post with M8 screws, adjust to the required position and then screw tight.
    FIG. 3
  3. Fit the mirror bracket loosely in the bracket with M8 screws, adjust the angle and position of the mirror and then tighten the screws.
    FIG. 4


• Clean the product at regular intervals with a soft cloth moistened with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
• Carefully clean the polycarbonate plastic mirror surface with water and allow it to dry.

Do not use solvent, strong, corrosive or abrasive detergent, or abrasive or scratching utensils when cleaning to avoid damaging the product and reducing its functionality.

Care for the environment!
Recycle discarded products in accordance with local regulations. 
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