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hama 179555 SAT Finder

hama 179555 SAT Finder

Operating instruction

Safety instructions

• Protect the product from moisture.
• Do not leave the SAT finder permanently installed between the SAT dish and the receiver.
• Take proper safety precautions when working on the roof (risk of falling). If in doubt, contact a qualified technician and do not attempt to mount the product yourself!

Adjusting the SAT system for the best possible reception using the SAT finder

• Disconnect the SAT receiver from the power supply and connect the SAT finder as shown with the short F cable between the LNB and receiver.
• Reconnect the receiver to the power supply, select a channel.
• Adjust the sensitivity controller (1) until the level jumps.
• Using a protractor and compass, roughly adjust the SAT antenna (SAT dish) according to the desired satellites. Search for the proper satellite by turning and panning the SAT antenna.
• The stronger the incoming SAT signal, the higher the measurement tone that sounds; the level (needle) on the signal strength display (2) also rises from weak “1” to medium to strong “10”.
• If the level reaches the maximum of “10”, turn down the sensitivity controller (1) until the level shown is reduced.
• Now finely tune the antenna to get as close to the maximum value of “10” as possible.
• Tighten the antenna fasteners.
• WARNING: The set value can change again when the screws are tightened.
• On your receiver, check if the desired satellite can now be received.
• You can now remove the SAT finder and reconnect the LNB and the receiver.

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hama 179555 SAT Finder [pdf] Instruction Manual
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