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hama 00186314 Touch Weather Station

hama 00186314 Touch Weather Station

Operating instruction

Controls and Displays

Base station

1. LIGHT button
=activates the backlight (approx. 20 seconds)
2. Outdoor temperature
3. Outdoor humidity
4. Measuring station radio symbol
5. Channel display
6. Weather forecast symbol
7. Indoor temperature
8. Room humidity
9. Month
10. Day
11. Time
12. ‘CH |’button =switches channel |increases the current set value
13. ‘C/F |SET’ button =switches between °C and °F |sets time and date
14. ‘MEM |’button =displays the stored maximum/minimum indoor and outdoor temperaturevalues |decreases the current set value
15. Radio symbol
16. Recess for wall mounting
17. Battery compartment
18. Battery compartment release
19. Base
Measuring station
20. Transmission indicator light
21. Recess for wall mounting
22. Channel selection
23. Battery compartment

control and display

control and display 1

control and display 2

Explanation of Warning Symbols and Notes

This symbol is used to indicate safety instructions or to draw your attention to specific hazards and risks.

This symbol is used to indicate additional information or important notes.

Package Contents
  • ‘Touch’ weather station (base station for indoors /measuring station for outdoors)
  • 3xAAA Microbatteries, 2x AA batteries
  • These operating instructions

Safety Notes

  • The product is intended for private, non-commercial use only.
  • Use the product for its intended purpose only.
  • Protect the product from dirt, moistureand overheating, and only use it in a dry environment.
  • Do not use the product in the immediate vicinity of heaters or other heat sources or in direct sunlight.
  • Keep this product, as all electrical products, out of the reach of children!
  • Do not operate the product outside the power limits given in the specifications.
  • Do not use the product in areas where the use of electronic devices is not permitted.
  • Do not use the product in moist environments and avoid splashes.
  • Do not place the product near interference fields, metal frames, computers, TVs, etc. Electronic devices and window frames can negatively affect the products functionality.
  • Do not drop the product and do not expose it to any major shocks.
  • Do not modify the product in any way. Doing so voids the warranty.
  • Keep the packaging material out of the reach of children due to the risk of suffocation.
  • Dispose of packaging material immediately according to locally applicable regulations.
  • Use the item only in moderate climatic conditions.
  • Do not open the device or continue to operate it if it becomes damaged.
  • Do not attempt to service or repair the product yourself. Leave any and all service work to qualified experts.

Warning –Batteries

  • When inserting batteries, note the correct polarity (+ and – markings) and insert the batteries accordingly.Failure to do so could result in the batteries leaking or exploding.
  • Only use batteries (or rechargeable batteries) that match the specified type.
  • Before you insert the batteries, clean the battery contacts and the polar contacts.
  • Do not allow children to change batteries without supervision.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of a different type or make.
  • Remove the batteries from products that are not being used for an extended period (unless this arebeing kept ready for an emergency).
  • Do not short-circuit batteries.
  • Do not charge batteries.
  • Do not throw batteries in a fire.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
  • Never open, damage or swallow batteries or allow them to enter the environment. They can contain toxic, environmentally harmful heavy metals.
  • Immediately remove and dispose of dead batteries from the product.
  • Avoid storing, charging or using the device in extreme temperatures and extremely low atmospheric pressure(for example, at high altitudes).

Getting Started

Note: Before use, ensure you insert the batteries in the measuring station first and then in the base station.

Insert batteries
Base station

  • Remove the screen protector from the display.
  • Open the battery compartment (17) and insert three AAA Micro batteries with the correct polarity.
  • Then close the battery compartment cover.

Replacing the batteries
Note –Replacing the batteries

  • Note that the stations have to be resynchronized each time after you change the batteries in the measuring or base station.
  • To do this, remove the batteries from the other station and then reinsert them, or change them as required.


Note –Installation

 We recommend initially placing the base and measuring stations in the intended locations without installing them and making all the settings described in 6. Operation todo.
 Only install the stations once the appropriate settings have been made and astable wireless connection is established.


  • The wireless transmission range between the measuring and base stations is up to 30 m in open spaces.
  • Before installation, ensure that wireless transmission will not be disrupted by interference or obstacles like buildings, trees, vehicles, high-voltage lines, etc.
  • Before the final installation, ensure that there is sufficient reception between the intended installation locations.
  • When installing the measuring station, ensure that it is protected from direct sunlight and rain.
  • The international standard height for measuring air temperature is 1.25 m (4 ft) above ground.


  • Buy special or suitable installation material from a specialised dealer for wall-mounting.
  • Ensure that no faulty or damaged parts are installed.
  • Never apply force during installation. This could damage the product.
  • Before installation, ensure that the chosen wall is suitable for the weight to be mounted, and make sure that there are no electrical wires, water, gas or other lines at the installation site on the wall.
  • Do not mount the product above locations where persons might linger.
Base station

• Use the base to position the base station (19) on a level surface.
• Alternatively, you can install the base station on a wall using the opening (16) on the back.

Measuring station

• You can also position the measuring station on a level outdoor surface.
• We recommend installing the measuring station securely on an outdoor wall.
• Install an anchor, screw, nail, etc. in the wall of your choice.
• Hang up the base/measuring station using the opening (21) intended for this purpose.


Note: Hold down the ‘CH | ’ button (12) or the ‘MEM | ’ button (14) to select the values faster.

Connection to the measuring station
  • After you insert the batteries, the base station automatically searches for a connection to the measuring station and performs initial setup.
    • Initial setup takes approx. 2 minutes.
    • During connection, the wireless symbol on the measuring station will flash (4).
    • Do not press any buttons during setup. Otherwise, values may not be transmitted correctly and there is a risk of value errors and inaccuracies.
    • The setup process is completed when the indoor (7/8) and outdoor (2/3) measurement data is displayed.
    • The measured value is automatically updated by the base device about every 45 seconds.
    • If the temperature is outside of the measuring range, –.- (lower than minimum temperature) or –.- (higher than maximum temperature) will appear on the temperature display.
  • If the base station still does not receive a signal from the measuring station, press and hold the ‘CH | ’ button (12) for approx. 3 seconds to start the manual search for the signal.


Note – Faulty transfer of measured values

• In isolated cases, interference – e.g. from a WLAN network, a computer or a television set – can cause the transfer of measured values between the measuring station and the base station to fail.
• In this case, you must resynchronise the stations by briefly removing the batteries from both stations and reinserting them.
• If the measured values are not transferred again once the batteries are inserted, replace the batteries with new ones.
• If necessary, select a new location for the base station in order to avoid possible interference in the future.

Selecting the channel/other measuring stations

• You can install two more measuring stations in addition to the included measuring station. Ensure that the base and measuring stations are set to the same channel.
• Press the ‘CH | ’ button (12) to set the channel to that set on the respective measuring station. Channel 1, 2 or 3 is displayed

Basic and manual settings

Automatic setting using the DCF signal
After the first time the base station is switched on and successful transmission is established between the base station and the measuring station, the clock will automatically search for a DCF signal. During the search, the wireless symbol (15) will flash.
When the radio signal is received, the date and time are automatically set.

Operation 1

Press the ‘C/F | SET’ button (13) when in any mode to choose between °C (Celsius) and °F (Fahrenheit).

Weather forecast
Based on changes in the atmospheric pressure and the data saved, the base station is able to make weather forecasts for the next 12 to 24 hours.

Care and Maintenance

Only clean this product with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth and do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Make sure that water does not get into the product.

Warranty Disclaimer

Hama GmbH & Co KG assumes no liability and provides no warranty for damage resulting from improper installation/mounting, improper use of the product or from failure to observe the operating instructions and/or safety notes.

Technical Data

Weather Station
Max. transmitting power Base station 1.5 V

3x AAA Micro batteries

Max. transmitting power Measuring station 1.5 V

2x AA batteries


Measuring range for temperature

Indoors: -10°C – +50°C /

+14°F – +122°F

Outdoors: -40°C – +60°C /

-40°F – +140°F

Measuring range for humidity  

20% – 95%

Max. number of measuring stations  


Range Approx. 30 m

Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Hama GmbH & Co KG declares that the radio equipment type [00186314] is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: www.hama.com -> 00186314 -> Downloads.

Frequency band(s) 433,92 MHz
Maximum radio-frequency power transmitted 0.14 mW

Documents / Resources

hama 00186314 Touch Weather Station [pdf] Instruction Manual
00186314, Touch Weather Station

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