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Explanation of Warning Symbols and Notes
Warning symbol is used to indicate safety instructions or to draw your attention to specific hazards and risks.

This symbol is used to indicate additional information or important notes.

Package Contents

  • X-Pointer laser presenter.
  • 2AAA batteries.
  • Set with warning labels.
  • These operating instructions.

Safety Notes

  • The product is intended for private, non-commercial use only.
  • Protect the product from dirt, moisture and overheating, and only use it in a dry environment.
  • Do not drop the product and do not expose it to any major shocks.
  • Donot operate the product outside the power limits given in the specifications.
  • Do not continue to operate the device if it becomes visibly damaged.
  • Children are not permitted to play with the device.
  • Dispose of packaging material immediately according to locally applicable regulations.
  • Do not modify the product in any way.Doing so voids the warranty.



When inserting batteries, note the correct polarity (+ and -markings) and insert the batteries accordingly. Failure to do so could result in the batteries leaking or exploding. Only use batteries or rechargeable batteries that match the specified type. Always choose the battery size and grade that best suits the intended purpose. Replace all the batteries in a set at the same time.

  • Do not short circuit batteries
  • Do not charge batteries.
  • Do not throw batteries in a fire.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
  • Do not allow children to change batteries without supervision.
  • Remove the batteries from products that are not being used for an extended period.
  • Immediately remove and dispose of dead batteries from the product.
  • Before you insert the batteries, clean the battery contacts and the polar contacts.



  • Do not look directly at the laser beam.
  • Close your eyes and turn your head away if your eyes meet the laser beam
  • Do not shine light at persons using binoculars or telescopes
  • Do not look directly at the laser beam.
  • Do not look directly at the laser beam using optical instruments.
  • This product contains a class 1laser in accordance with EN60825-1:2014.


Inserting the battery
  • Use only AAA batteries (alkaline /zinc carbon).
  • To insert or change the battery/batteries, insert the AAA battery/batteries with the correct polarity into the battery compartment
  • Insert the USB receiver into an unused USB port on your PC.
  • Press the laser button to activate the built in laser.

Care and Maintenance

Only clean this product with as lightly damp, lint-free cloth and do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Make sure that water does not get into the product.

Warranty Disclaimer
Hama GmbH & Co KG assumes no liability and provides no warranty for damage resulting from improper installation/mounting, improper use of the product or from failure to observe the operating instructions and/or safety notes.

Technical Data

Connection 2.4 Ghz
Operating range < 12m
Laser output power < 0,39 mW
Connection USB Type-A
Power supply 2 AAA batteries
Size 120 x 30 x 22 mm
Weight Approx. 40g
System requirements Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/ Vista/XP, MAC OS, Linux

Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Hama GmbH &  Co KG declares that the radio equipment type 00139915 is in compliance with Directive. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address www.hama.com > 00139915 > Downloads.

Frequency bands 2403 2447 MHz
Maximum radio

frequency power transmitted


-3.88 dBm e.i.r.p

Service &Support www.hama.com

Documents / Resources

hama 00 139915 Wireless Laser Presenter [pdf] Instruction Manual
00 139915 Wireless Laser Presenter, 00 139915, Wireless Laser Presenter

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