Haier AD160S2SH5FA-SET 15.5kW High Static Ducted Systems


High Static Ducted systems offer total heating and cooling to every room, with an indoor unit hidden in the ceiling and discreet vents.

  • Precise temperature control, with an operational range from -20°C to 50°C
  • Designed to fit the standard truss spacings of Australian homes for simple installation
  • Remote control using the SmartHQ™ app when the optional Wi-Fi accessory is installed
  • Blue Fin coating on the outdoor condenser helps to prevent environmental corrosion


Comfort in all conditions
Control the humidity level inside using the Dry function. By removing excess moisture in the air, you can create a comfortable and healthy environment that feels cooler – all while using less energy than Cool mode.

Control from anywhere
Installing the optional Wi-Fi accessory lets you control your air conditioning from your phone with the SmartHQ™ app, or use voice control with a smart home device.

Efficient and effective
The DC fan motor is more energy efficient than a standard AC motor and it is also highly adjustable. This means you can adjust the static pressure and airflow for optimal performance to suit your layout.

Simple installation
Designed to fit the standard dimensions of Australian homes, the indoor unit easily fits between roof truss spacings of 600mm. Plus, the removable panels make for easy installation and servicing.

Peace of mind
Moisture from the air is collected during normal operation. The High Static Ducted indoor unit includes a second condensate draining tray to collect liquid overflow in case of a blockage, protecting your ceiling from damage.

Central controller
With an optional central controller, you can control individual or connected units from a simple-to-use display. Schedule your air conditioning to turn on to create the perfect environment just before you wake up, or switch off at the end of the workday.



  • Cooling capacity (kW) 15.5kW
  • Heating capacity (kW) 18.0kW


  • COP 3.75
  • EER 3.21
  • HSPF-RES (Hot/Average/Cold) 3.784 / 3.138 / 2.722
  • HSPFCOM (Hot/Average/Cold) 3.768 / 3.416 / 2.921
  • TCSPF-COM (Hot/Average/Cold) 4.518 / 4.597 / 4.899
  • TCSPF-RES (Hot/Average/Cold) 4.236 / 3.974 / 4.108


  • 24 Hour timer •
  • Auto restart •
  • Blue fin coils •
  • DC inverter •
  • DRED (Demand Response) ready •
  • Dry mode •
  • MEPS approved •
  • Refrigerant factory charge 2.9
  • Self diagnostics •
  • SmartAir2 WiFi adaptor Optional
  • SmartHQ WiFi control Optional
  • Standard controller Optional
  • Voice control via Google Home or •


  • Indoor unit model AD160S2SH5FA
  • Indoor unit weight 61kg
  • Liquid line Pipe size 9.52
  • Maximum pipe run 75
  • Outdoor unit model 1U160S2SP5FA
  • Outdoor unit weight 105kg
  • Suction line Pipe size 19.05


  • Airflow 1115L/S
  • DC inverter •
  • R32 Refrigerant •
  • Sound power SWL (outdoor) 73dBA
  • Sound pressure SPL (indoor) 51 / 47 / 44 / 40dBA
  • Sound pressure SPL (outdoor) 56dBA

Power Requirements

  • Power phase 1.0
  • Supply frequency 50Hz
  • Supply voltage 230V

Product dimensions

  • Indoor unit depth 490 mm
  • Indoor unit height 425 mm
  • Indoor unit width 1350 mm
  • Outdoor unit depth 370 mm
  • Outdoor unit height 1350 mm
  • Outdoor unit width 950 mm


  • Parts and labour 5 years
  • SKU 51581

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