TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds,in-Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth

TOZO-NC9-Hybrid-Active-Noise-Cancelling-Wireless-Earbuds-in-Ear-Headphones-IPX6-Waterproof-Bluetooth-imggbayani dalla-dalla

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    1 x 0.7 x 1 inci
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    1.73 oganci
  • batura 
    1 Lithium Metal batteries required
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    Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode,, Microphone, sports-and-exercise, Noise-Canceling, Wireless Earbuds
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The TOZO NC2 fully wireless headphones are well-made. They have a battery life of over 10 hours and come with a case that can contain three more charges. Because of its somewhat v-shaped sound profile, your music will have more rumble and punch, while instruments and vocalists will seem more present and brilliant. They don’t have an equaliser, thus you can’t change the sound. They have a dismal and inadequate active noise cancelling (ANC) feature, especially when it comes to blocking out bass-range noise like rumbling engines, unlike the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless.

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Matakai Na Sutura

  • Step 1: Ensure sounds hole downward, then place earbuds into the ear.
  • Step 2: Rotate earbud back to the auricle side to fit snugly.


Aiki na kunnen kunne

Howto pair

  1.  Take out the 2 earbuds from the charging case, they will power on automatically and will connect to each other automatically within 10 seconds.
  2.  The two earbuds flash red and blue alternately. ( Pairing Mode)
  3.  Search for the pairing name [ToZO- NC9] and select it.


 Wata hanyar Kunnawa & Kashewa
Tap and hold the TOuch Control on both earbuds tor over 3 seconds

Tun off

  1. TOuch the Control button 5 seconds will turn off when earbuds in playless status.
  2.  Kunnen kunnen zai kashe kai tsaye bayan an cire haɗin sama da minti 5

 Sake saita

If you accidentally get only one earbud work or fail to pair each other, please reset it

  1. Share duk bayanan TOZO-NC9 akan wayar, sannan kashe Bluetooth.
  2. Riƙe maɓallin belun kunne guda biyu na tsawon daƙiƙa 5 har sai sun kunna ja don kashe belun kunne.
  3. Holding the MFB Touch Panel on each of the earbuds for another 5 seconds till the blue light turns on and off, and then clicking the MFB Touch Panel on each of the earbuds twice quickly, the reset process will be done when the Purple light is on for 1 second, then two earbuds flash red and blue alternately.

In case there is a connection Unsuccessful in your devices, please consider deleting all historical records of ITOZO-NC9] and try the pairing process again.

 Canja tsakanin halaye-sarrafa halaye

Click the left earbud to switch the Active Noise Cancellation/Transparency mode. The Active Noise Cancellation function is not available when using single earth

Idan siginar kutse na electromagnetic yana da ƙarfi a yankin ku, yana iya shafar haɗin Bluetooth, kuma belun kunne zai yi shiru ko a katse, da fatan za a sake haɗa shi ko canza wurin amfani.

 Active Noise Cancellation Mode

With Active Noise Cancellation, an outward-facing microphone detects external sounds, which your TOZ0 NC9 earbuds then counter with anti-noise, canceling the external sounds before you hear them. An inward-facing microphone listens inside your ear tor unwanted internal sounds, which your TOzo NC9 earbuds also counter with ant-noise.


Yanayin Gaskiya
Yanayin nuna gaskiya zai iya haɓaka muryar mitar murya kuma ya inganta tsinkayen sauti kewaye, don haka kuna iya jin abin da ke gudana a kusa da ku ba tare da cire kunn kunnen ba. Sake Sauti mai Amfani da yanayin Transparency suna aiki mafi kyau yayin da TOZO NC9 ɗinku ya dace da kyau kuma ya saka daidai.


Active Noise Cancellation Mode
Active Noise Cancellation Off Mode is the default mode.

BOX Wireless Cajin
An ƙera don rayuwar zamani, ba za a maƙare ta igiyoyin kai ba.


Ji daɗin sauƙin cajin mara waya da na'urorin caji kyauta waɗanda filayen jirgin sama, otal -otal, da shagunan cafe ke bayarwa a duk duniya. (Ba a haɗa Pad ɗin caji mara waya)

Cikakken Jerin Aiki




Jerin Ayyuka

Kunnen Kunnen Hagu:



Goge lambobin hardware na na'urar kai da akwatin caji lokacin da na'urar kai ba ta caji.

Idan ba a amsa matsalarku a sama ba, da fatan za a tuntube mu ta imel, za mu amsa cikin awanni 24.

email: [email kariya]

Gargadin Baturi!
This product has a built-in lithium battery. Do not expose the product to strong sunlight, or fire, or throw it into the fire to avoid explosion.

Tambayoyin da

  • I want to be like the girl in the picture. If I wear these while crossing railroad tracks, will these block out the annoying sound of the train? 
    If you are in New York sitting listening to music and eating your lunch, then yes you want it blocked out. But when you are jogging and are about to cross the track, then you probably don’t want the train noise blocked out. I don’t think this tech exists except in AI. Realm.
  • Do you hear your jaw when eating? How do you minimize that? 
    Any noise you hear while eating or from your jaw joints is being conducted directly through your head. These will only filter acoustic noise.
  • Why does the earbud in case lose battery? If I just use the left one the right one will say low battery even though it hasn’t been used and had a full ch
    The same is happening to me. I just bought my Tozo earphones and when I put them in the case, the left earbud turns on and starts trying to pair. It seems like a hardware problem because if I move my charger the left earbud starts turning on and off.
  • Is there a way to switch anc mode off without turning the transparent mode on, or is a transparent mode just the absence of it? 
    When you take them out of the case, neither Transparency mode nor ANC mode is on, according to their user guide. Tap the left earpiece once to go to transparency mode, then again to go to ANC mode. After that, tapping switches between ANC and transparency mode. You can’t turn off both modes without returning the earbuds to the case.
  • How many hours will this play before having to recharge? 
    I’ve used them for 4-6 hours continuously then put them in their case which recharges the earbuds at least once or twice to full charge. I’ve used these at work for over a month now and never ran the battery out. But typically about every 3 to 4 hours my ears need a rest and I put them back in their charging case while on my breaks and lunch. I have once or twice forgotten to charge them overnight and they lasted the 2nd day at work. Summary. 1 month in and still great battery life.
  • Will this set connect to other devices than mobile phones?
    It is Bluetooth so I expect that any Bluetooth device will communicate.