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Fontastic 260803 PISA Two In One TWS Speaker

User Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Pisa wireless speaker.
Pisa consists of 2 TWS speaker units that can be placed together or separately, as desired, and will provide perfect surround sound. The exceptionally balanced sound of the Pisa, combined with a deep bass distinguishes the Fantastic speaker. Have fun using your Fontastic Pisa speaker.
Please read the user manual carefully and follow the safety instructions.
Kunshin abun ciki:

  • Speaker Pisa
  • Dual Micro-USB charging cable
  • Umurnin umarnin

Fontastic 260803 PISA Two In One TWS Speaker - overview

  1. Reno
  2. Micro kebul na tashar
  3. On/off button / multifunction button
  4. Matsayin LED

Getting started Charging the battery
Both Pisa units are equipped with an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Connect the Dual Micro-USB cable, which is included, to the Micro USB charging port of both Pisa units. Connect the USB-A connector to a USB charger. Any standard USB charger can be used, although we recommend chargers with 5V/2A or more than 2A. The speaker’s status LED will glow red during charging. When fully charged, the LED will turn off. The cable can now be disconnected from the speaker and the charger. Fully charge both units before using them for the first time.

Fontastic 260803 PISA Two In One TWS Speaker - charginglura: A low battery level is indicated by an acoustic signal. Please charge the speakers.
lura: To save power, the speaker will turn off after 10 minutes if there is no connection.
Kunna / kashe
To turn on the speaker, press and hold the ON/OFF button for about three seconds. The device switches on. The status LED flashes blue, the device is in pairing mode.
Don kashewa the speaker, press and hold the ON/OFF button for about three seconds. The device and the status LED switch off.
TWS aiki
Pisa consists of 2 separate speaker units. To enjoy full stereo music streaming, it is recommended to connect both Pisa units together (TWS).
Set up TWS connection The TWS function allows you to connect both Pisa units together. To connect the two units, turn on both Pisa speakers at the same time. The blue LED of both units will start blinking and the units will connect automatically. After both units are connected (approx. 4-6 seconds), a signal will sound and the LED of the TWS speakers will light up permanently.
Haɗawa tare da tushen Bluetooth®
Pisa must be paired with a Bluetooth device before it can be used. After a successful TWS connection, pairing with a Bluetooth device can take place.

  1.  Activate the Bluetooth® search function in your music source (e.g. smartphone).
  2. The searching Bluetooth® device indicates that it has found the speaker „Pisa”.
  3. Confirm the pairing with „Pisa”. Enter „0000″ if you are asked for a pairing code. A successful connection is indicated by an acoustic signal and the constant glow of the blue LED.
    When using a Bluetooth device without a display, switch it to pairing mode and wait a few seconds for the connection with the speaker to be established.
    lura: If the connection is lost or the transmitter is disconnected for a short time, Pisa will automatically try to reconnect. If the connection cannot be restored after 3 seconds, restart the pairing process.
    Sake kunnawa kiɗa
    Play music via Bluetooth. Start music playback on the Bluetooth® source paired with the Pisa. The music is transmitted to the Pisa speaker. Stop the music playback of the Bluetooths source to interrupt the music streaming.
    Ikon kiɗa
    To play or stop music, briefly press the multifunction button.

Daidaitawar murya
The volume must be adjusted via the audio source.
Aikin ba da hannu
The built-in microphone and intelligent noise cancellation make the speaker suitable to be used as a hands-free speaker for phone calls.
lura: Babban girma na iya haifar da martani tare da makirufo. Wannan zai haifar da amsawa a gefen wayar, ba a gefen lasifikar ba.
Accepting/ending/rejecting calls
To answer an incoming call, briefly press the multifunction button on one of the speakers once. To end an ongoing call, briefly press the multifunction button on one of the speakers once. To reject incoming calls, press the multifunction button twice briefly. To transfer an ongoing call to the smartphone, briefly press the multifunction button twice. Repeat the process to return the call to the speaker.
Separating/assembling loudspeaker units
To separate the units, take the device in both hands and turn the units against each other. To put them back together, proceed in reverse.
Fontastic 260803 PISA Two In One TWS Speaker - loudBayanin aminci:

  • Kada a buɗe na'urar.
  • Do not submerge the device in water and keep it away from moisture.
  • Kar a taɓa haɗa kebul na tilas.
  • Sanya na'urar a saman filaye kawai.
  • Cire na'urorin lantarki daga wutar lantarki idan ba za a yi amfani da su na dogon lokaci ba.
  • Do not use the device if it exhibits visible damage.

Technical Musammantawa:

  • BT: 5.0
  • Gaskiya Mara waya ta Wireless (TWS)
  • Yanayin watsawa: 10m
  • Speaker per unit: 53 mm diameter, 10 watts, 40
  • S / N rabo: 70dB
  • Cajin voltagku: 5V/0.8A
  • Protection class: IPX6 (splash-proof and suitable for outdoor use)
  • Battery capacity: 2 x 1500mAh
  • Reno na ciki
  • Lokacin aiki: 12-13 hours
  • Lokacin caji: 2-3 hours
  • Total dimensions: 204 x 74.5 x 74.5mm
  • Total weight: 792g ± 10

No liability is accepted for any damage which may occur through the improper operation.
Idan kuna buƙatar tallafin fasaha, da fatan za a tuntuɓi ƙungiyar tallafin mu ta imel a [email kariya].
Rijista da Takaddun Tsaro/Bayani Gabaɗaya
Alamar CEWe hereby declare that this device carries the CE mark in accordance with the regulations and standards. It conforms with the fundamental requirements of the RED 2014/53/EU, as well as the RoHS directive 2011/65/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:
Lura kan kariyar muhalli:
Alamar DustbinAfter the implementation of the European Directive 2012/19/EC in the national legal system, the following applies: Electrical and electronic devices may not be disposed of with domestic waste. Consumers are obliged by law to return electrical and electronic devices at the end of their service lives to the public collecting points set up for this purpose or point of sale. Details of this are defined by the national law of the respective country. This symbol on the product, the instruction manual, or the package indicates that a product is subject to these regulations. By recycling, reusing the materials, or other forms of utilizing old devices, you are making an important contribution to protecting our environment.

Alamar kalmar Bluetooth da tambura mallakar Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
and any use of such marks is under license.
Improvement and changes of the technical specifications and other data’s could
be made without prior notice.
Alamomin kasuwanci masu rijista mallakin masu su ne.
Fontastic, ta D-Parts GmbH
Birkenweiher Str. 16 • 63505 Langenselbold, Germany

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260803, PISA Two-In-One TWS Speaker

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