H-SPEED HSP0016 Herakles NEO AC/DC Dual Charger


Thank you for your purchase of H-SPEED HERAKLES NEO Dual Channel AC/DC Balance Charger.This product is a rapid charger with a high performance microprocessor and specialized operating software.

Please read this entire instruction manual completely and attentively before using this product, as it covers a wide range of information on operation and safety.



The following warnings and safety notes are for your protection, please refer to all aspects of this instruction manual to ensure proper operation. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS MAY CAUSE FIRE, PROPERTY DAMAGE AND/OR PERSONAL INJURY!

    To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or injury to persons or property:
    – For indoor use.
    – Disconnect the supply before making or breaking the connections to the battery.
    – Provide adequate ventilation during charging.
    – Against recharging of non-rechargeable batteries.
    – This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
    – Children shall not play with the appliance.
    – Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
    – The charger`s intended to charge the following battery types: LiPo, LiHV, LiIon, LiFe, NiMH, NiCd, Pb battery only.
    Number of batteries: Two Packs
    MAX Battery rated capacity: 50000mAh
  • NEVER leave the battery or charger unattended while in use. In case of any malfunction, immediately disconnect charger from electric supply and refer to this manual for troubleshooting ideas.
  • ALWAYS keep your charger away from dust, dirt, moisture, rain, and high temperature. Avoid leaving your charger or battery in direct sunlight or exposing them to intense vibration or shock.
  • ALWAYS make certain to observe proper input and output polarity. The HERAKLES NEO operates safely with input voltage between AC 100-120V or 220-240V, DC 9-32V.
  • ALWAYS place the charger on a heat-resistant, non-flammable surface when in use. Keep flammable materials away from charger when in use.
  • NEVER use the charger while placed on automobile seats, carpeting, or other flammable materials.
  • ALWAYS make sure that the vent holes on the bottom of the charger are unobstructed and the cooling fan is in operation.
  • ALWAYS fully read all warnings and instructions on both charger and battery prior to use. Be aware of battery safety warnings. Make sure that all charging parameters are correctly setup prior to charging any battery. INCORRECT SETTINGS MAY CAUSE FIRE, PROPERTY DAMAGE AND/OR PERSONAL INJURY!
  • ALWAYS press the roller wheel to terminate charge completely when battery is fully charged, and return to the standby screen on the LCD display.


  • Channel 1 Roller Wheel
    Short press:
    Enter Channel 1 task settings/confirm current settings
    Long press: Enter System setting/terminate current task
    Scroll up and down: Select the corresponding menu
  • Channel 2 Roller Wheel
    Short press:
    Enter Channel 2 task settings/confirm current settings
    Long press: Enter Motor/Servo testing setting.
    Scroll up and down: Select the corresponding menu
Input voltage: AC 100-120V or 220-240V, DC 9.0-32.0V
Output voltage: 0.1-30V
Charge current: 2x 0.1-16.0A
Discharge current: CH1: 0.1-3.0A/0.1-15.0A (External discharge mode)
CH2: 0.1-3.0A
Charge power: DC Input: 2x 300W
AC Input: Max. 300W
Support power distribution
Discharge power: CH1: 8W/200W (External discharge mode)
CH2: 8W
Support Battery Types: LiPo / LiHV / LiFe / Lilon (1-6S)
NiMH / NiCd (1-16S)
Lead Acid 2V-24V (1-12S)
Wireless charge power: Max. 10W
Balance current: Max. 1000mAh/cell
LCD Screen type: 3.5“ 480×320 LCD
Dimensions: 120x115x75mm
Weight: 810g




Pb LiFe Lilon LiPo


Rated Voltage

1.20V 2.0V 3.2V 3.6V 3.7V


Full Charge Voltage

1.4V 2.4V 3.6V 4.1V 4.2V 4.35V
Storage Voltage 3.3V 3.7V 3.8V


Discharge Voltage

0.5-1.10V 1.8-2.0V 2.6-2.9V 2.9-3.2V 3.0-3.30V 3.1-3.4V
Pre-charge Voltage 2.0V 2.9V 3.1V 3.2V


Balance Charge

Unbalanced Charge

Support Cells

1-16s 1-12s 1-6s 1-6s 1-6s 1-6s
Max Charge Current 16A 16A 16A 16A 16A


Be EXTREMELY careful to choose the correct voltage settings based on the cells and chemistry of the battery being charged. Failure to do so may result in battery damage, explosion, or fire!


It is critically important to understand the maximum charging current for the battery pack to be charged. Excessive charge current can significantly reduce the life of a battery, or in severe cases a fire or explosion.

The charge and discharge current of a lithium battery is determined by its “C” rating. Most batteries indicate the C rating of the pack on the main label. Multiply the C rating of the battery pack by the capacity to determine the safe and proper charge current. For example, a 1000mAh battery with a 5C rating means that the maximum charge rate should be 1000 (capacity in milliamps) X 5 (C rating) = 5,000mAh. Therefore, the maximum charge rate for a 1000mAh 5C lithium battery should be 5A (5,000mAh).

If it is not possible to determine the C rating, please assume that the pack is 1C and use that value to calculate a safe charge rate. Keep in mind that batteries vary, and therefore charging times will vary.


Power on the charger and connect a battery, the charger will enter into the standby page, then short press the roller wheel to activate the program setting menu. The items in the menu are as follows:

Battery Select battery chemistry
Cells Select number of battery pack cells
Mode Work mode: Charge / Discharge / Storage / Ext.DISC
Current Select desired charge current (0.1-16.0A), discharge current (0.1-3.0A)/Ext.discharge(0.1-15.0A)
TVC Terminal voltage control
Start Begin process
Back Return to previous screen or function

The default mode of the HERAKLES NEO is series charging, therefore you must connect the output wires to the battery pack that you wish to charge. For lithium packs, it is highly recommended to ALWAYS connect the balance leads and utilize balance charging. Although the HERAKLES NEO will charge without the balance function, a warning tone will sound to alert you that the balance connector is not in use.

  • Storage
    When selecting the storage function, the HERAKLES NEO will automatically begin charging if the battery pack voltage is below the ideal storage voltage. Likewise, the HERAKLES NEO will automatically enter the discharge mode if the battery pack voltage is higher than the ideal storage voltage.
  • Restoring an excessively discharged lithium battery pack
    If the HERAKLES NEO detects internal cell voltages that are too low to safely begin the charging process, it will automatically default to a 0.1A charge rate until the voltage has risen to a level that allows it to safely accept a fast charge rate.


  • Measuring Internal Resistance
    The HERAKLES NEO features the ability to monitor the internal resistance of each cell in a lithium battery pack. This feature is only operational when in the balance charging mode. Internal resistance can be use ful to determine the overall “health” and performance of a lithium battery, the closer the IR values are between the cells in the battery pack, the better that the battery will deliver its energy.
    NOTE: The process of charging a lithium battery is dynamic, therefore you will notice fluctuations in both charge current and IR during the charging process.


Rotating the roller wheel up or down during charging will switch the information displayed on the lower half of the LCD screen between cell voltage, cell IR and working parameters. Cell voltage and IR can only be displayed during the balance charging process.


Long press the CH1 roller wheel to activate the system default menu.

Language English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Trad. Chinese
MAX Input Power Adjustable from 100W-700W (if use DC input source)
MIN Input Voltage Adjustable from 9V-24V (if use DC input source)
Power Distribution Support power distribution
Capacity Cut Terminates charge process when reach this value Maximum capacity can be adjusted by user
Time Cut Terminates charge process when exceeding time set by user
Temperature Cut Battery temperature protection (external temperature cable is required)
Backlight Three options-High, Medium, Low
Volume Four options- High, Medium, Low and Off
Servo Pulse Period Servo PWM signal period
Servo Pulse Step Servo PWM signal pulse width increment
About Software version and information
Factory Reset Returns all settings to factory default values
Back Return to last program or menu

Max Input Power: When the input power can not reach the charger`s maximum working power requirement (700W), to ensure stable and safe operation of the HERAKLES NEO, this value should be adjusted according to the input power source used for the charger. For example, when using a 20V/20A DC power supply, this value should be set to 400W (P=U X I).

Min Input Power: When the user takes a battery as the input power source, this setting can protect the battery from being over-discharged. When the charger detects an input voltage lower than the setting value, then the charger will stop the current task and remind the user with showing” DC IN TOO LOW”. For example, when using a 6S LiPo as a power source, we can set this value at 21.0V to protect the battery from being overdischarged.


Volume: When setting the buzzer volume to OFF, the operation sound will be shielded, but the error sound will not be shielded.

Power distribution: The total AC input power is 300W, the default power for each channel is 150W. The user can adjust the power for CH1 and CH2, the total power CH1+CH2=300W.


HERAKLES NEO increases the function of external discharge to meet the users` demand for high-power discharging of batteries, HERAKLES NEO connected to an external discharger UP-D200 can achieve 200W discharge power, greatly improving the battery discharge speed and saving time.
Meanwhile, compared with the traditional discharger, the HERAKLES NEO has a balancing discharge function, which can effectively avoid single cell overdischarge, which will be safer safely and more reliable.


Motor Testing: Adjust the pulse width value of the ESC control signal, in order to adjust the Motor’s RPM value. According to RPM value and KV value to detect if the motor works well.


Servo testing: By adjusting and changing the pulse width, it can be detected if the servo’s direction and angle are normal.


Supporting Mobile Phones: iPhone X iPhone XS Samsung S8 Huawei P30 Pro Xiaomi 9 etc.


  • Error Message for Abnormal Battery Connection
    Unplug and re-connect all plugs to ensure proper connection and polarity. Check to make sure that all connectors are free of dirt, grease, or oxidation.
  • Error Message for Unstable Input Voltage
    Make certain that the battery socket is free from dirt or oxidation. Make sure that the Max Input Voltage is set correctly in the System menu.


HOECO Handels GmbH complies with the mandatory warranty laws. This limited warranty does not cover defects which are a result of normal wear, misuse or improper maintenance.
Because we are not able to control the correct installation or operation of this product, we can`t accept any liability for any damages resulting from using this product. Any operation of this product is at your own risk. By installing or operating this product the user accepts all resulting liability.


Hereby Ultrapower Technology Limited declares, that the charger H-SPEED HERAKLES NEO Model No. HSP0016 complies with directive 2014/35/EU as well as directive 2014/30/EU.
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