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What’s included?

GYMTASTIC Massage Gun - figure 1

1x GYMTASTIC® Massage Gun 1x charger
6x different massage 1x padded carrying bag
attachments 1x instruction manual

What does the GYMTASTIC® Massage Gun have to offer?

30 intensity levels = 1.200 up to 3.600 ppm + 6 hours battery life
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Areas of application

Recommended attachments for the Massage Gun.GYMTASTIC Massage Gun - figure 3

Important information

Please read carefully before first use.

Battery charging
Fully charge the battery up to six hours before first use.
To charge, connect the supplied 24 V adapter to the charging port of the Massage Gun battery and plug the power cord into a power outlet.
The LED band on the battery light will flash to indicate battery level and active charging when the battery is connected.
Full charge is indicated when all LED lights to stop flashing and are fully lit.
The battery can be recharged at any time and at any battery level.
It is not recommended to fully discharge the battery until the red LED light.
The average operating time is 6 hours, depending on the speed and pressure applied during use.

Commissioning, Cleaning & Storage
Align the battery and insert it into the base of the device. Make sure it is securely locked in place.
Turn on the device by setting the power switch on the bottom of the battery to the ONGYMTASTIC Massage Gun - icon 1 position. To turn off the device, set the power switch to the OFF position.GYMTASTIC Massage Gun - icon 2

With the power switch in the ON position, press the power buttonGYMTASTIC Massage Gun - icon 3 once to turn the unit on at level 1. Press the power switch again to turn the unit off. The blue LED lights indicate the corresponding power level.GYMTASTIC Massage Gun - icon 4

With the unit switched off, fully insert the applicator by pressing it in.
Remove it by pulling it out.
Massage the desired body part at the desired speed, applying the required pressure.
To remove the battery, press lightly on the battery release button with your thumb. On the other hand, pull down firmly on the battery or the handle. Please only remove the battery if really necessary!
Clean the device with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and dry it with another soft cloth.
For storage or travel, remove the battery and store it in the supplied box.

Warnings, Precautions & Safety Instructions

Do not immerse in water. Keep away from liquids and heat sources. Keep ventilation openings free of dust and debris.
Do not remove screws or attempt to disassemble the unit.
Do not use it for more than one hour continuously. Let the device rest for at least 30 minutes before using it again.
Disconnect the charger from the device battery after charging or before use.
Suitable for adults only. Do not use it if you are injured.
Consult your physician before using this product.
Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, and personal injury, do not use this product unless instructed to do so by the following instructions:
Suitable for adults only.
Use the massage gun only on the soft tissues of the body so as not to cause pain or discomfort. Do not use it on the head or other hard or bony parts of the body.
Use only the applicators that are suitable for the region of the body.
Regardless of the regulator setting or the pressure applied, bruising may occur. Check the treated areas frequently and stop the application immediately at the first sign of bleeding or discomfort.
Keep fingers, hair, or other body parts away from the shaft and back of the applicator as bruising may occur.
Do not insert any objects into the vents of the massage gun.
Do not immerse the applicator in water or allow water to enter the massage gun vents.
Charge the massage gun only with the supplied charger.
Carefully check the device and battery before each use.
Never leave the massager unattended while in use or charging.

Burgdorfer Straube
31c 31303 Burgdorf
GERMANY GYMTASTIC Massage Gun - ceCharging
110-240V 50/60 Hz – SA-26VDC-1A

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GYMTASTIC Massage Gun [pdf] User Manual
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