Google Headphones User Manual [GID5B]

S0012B30GGU0H Bluetooth and ANC headphone User Manual


Bluetooth and ANC Headphone Quick Start Guide

In The Box
What in the Box

Product Review
Product Review



ANC Indicator light :

ANC Indicator

Bluetooth Mode:
Connect with Bluetooth

1.Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device.
2.8wibh on power button, the Bluetooth indicabr flashes blue light.
3.Choose your headphones fro your connection list (Pairing name is GIDSB)
4. Under not connected mode, iong press MFB key for 5s to pair GIDSB with your device.

Phone Call:
Phone Call

Music :

Wired Mode:

Wired Mode

Headphones can be used in wired mode when the player do not support Bluetooth
or the battery runs out (the power button must be off position)
The Bluetooth will automatically him off along with its indicator light when the AUX cable is plugged in.



1.Please turn the power off when it is not used.

2.Reset the headphone,press the ANC button and the \blume + button together.
3.When rarely used, please regularly charge the headphones every 6 months to extend its battery lifespan.

4. For security reasons, is not recommended to use while charging.

S.When used in wired mode to connecting with external audio devices,for some Andrord phones, the control keys of audio cable may not work.

6.For CSR 64215 Bluetooth chi limitations, headset connection may not be
compatible with some Andro’ phones.

7.For CSR 64215 Bluetooth chip limitations, whenheadset simultaneous .
connection of twoplayback devices, any one devrce to play musrc,the musrc may occur intermittent.

8.You can change thebluetooth SSID name in our device,when use headset
connecting wrth And nod phones,ios versron p ones can not change SSID name.

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HGoogle Headphones User Manual [GID5B] Mnual [PDF]

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