Google Clips [G015A] Manual

Google Clips [G015A] Manual

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Get the app Download and open the app.
Get the app

Finish setup: Follow the on-screen steps to finish setting up your device. If your device needs to charge, plug in the charging cable and a compatible USB charger.
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Google Clips [G015A] Manual

The basics
1. Turn it on: Twist the lens clockwise to start capturing. Twist it back to stop.

Turn it on

2. Capture clips: Your camera automatically captures clips when it sees a person or pet up close. To capture a specific moment, press the shutter button.

Capture clips

3. View & save: Go to the app to see what your camera captured. Save clips to Google Photos or your phone’s gallery.

View & save

Regulatory information
Regulatory information, certification, and compliance marks can be found in the mobile app under Settings > About > Regulatory labels.

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Google Clips [G015A] Manual [PDF]

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