Potencia estéreo Bluetooth Ampmáis vivo
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  1. TF card and USB input mode only can be selected after you insert TF card and U-disk, or connect it to computer.
  2. 3.5mm AUX input is suitable for the audio device with low level output such as phone, tablet, MP3 etc. Connecting device with high level output like CD player to 3.5mm AUX input may result in some noise.
  3. If you buy the version with power supply(19V/4.74A Max Output 90W), enough to drive most home speakers. If you buy the version without power supply or want higher output, please prepare it (DC9V-24V 5.5mm/2.1-2.5mm) by yourself.
  4. There is a thin film on the front panel, you can tear it off to get more smooth and brighter panel or keep it to protect the panel from being scratched.


  1. Connect proper passive speakers to the output, and please connect the amp to power adapter firstly and then plug the power cord to the socket, avoiding electric sparks.
  2. PC-USB/RCA/AUX input:
    According to different audio source, choose proper audio input way and connect them with high-quality cable, press the Mode button to select correct input mode.
  3. Entrada Bluetooth:
    Long press the power button to turn it on, and press Mode button to select Bluetooth mode, and then search and click to connect successfully.
  4. TF card/U-disk input
    Insert U-disk or TF card, long press the knob to turn it on, then press Mode button to choose corresponding input mode, plug, and play. Previous & next song and play & pause buttons are only available under these modes.
  5. Then you can rotate the knob to adjust proper volume, just enjoy its HiFi sound.


marca Douk Audio
Entradas de audio RCA / 3.5mm AUX / Bluetooth / USB / TF card
Saída de Audio Banana Speaker Jacks
U-disk/TF card Supporting Format MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC
Max U-disk / TF Card Storage 128G
Potencia máxima de saída 50W*2 (24V/4Q load)
Impedancia do altofalante 4-160
Resposta de frecuencia 20Hz-20KHz
Vol. De traballotage DC 9V-24V
Potencia estéreo Bluetooth DOUK AUDIO GFJ782 Amplifier - Product Overview 1 Potencia estéreo Bluetooth DOUK AUDIO GFJ782 Amplifier - Product Overview 2


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Potencia estéreo Bluetooth DOUK AUDIO GFJ782 Ampmáis vivo [pdf] Manual de usuario
GFJ782, Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier, GFJ782 Bluetooth Stereo Power Ampmáis vivo

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