Genie S-65 XC Telescopic Boom Lift



Observe and Obey Normal Usage:

  • Do not exceed the normal usage of 3 hours a day for DEFA engine heaters.
  • Maximum usage of the heater under normal usage should not exceed 5 months a year.

Professional Usage:

  • Need to register for yearly function control, and if necessary install a new heater with extended service on emergency vehicles or power suppliers.
  • Heater under professional usage can be the connected whole day.
  • The yearly service cost will not be covered by DEFA AS.

Failure to obey the instructions and safety rules in this manual and in the operator’s manual for this machine will result in death or serious injury.

Contents of Kit 1310424
Item Part No. Decal Description

  1. 1258783 Cable, Connection, Mains
  2. 1258789 Cable, Extension, 3 meter
  3. 1261879 Cable, Extension, 1 meter
  4. 1294422 Charger, Battery (Multi-Charger)
  5. 1309694 Heater Element, Oil Pan, Deutz TD 2.2, 230V

Pre-operation Inspection

  • Verify the operator’s manual, safety manual, responsibilities manual, and any necessary supplements are complete, legible, and in the storage container located in the platform.
  • Verify all decals are legible and in place.

Check the Cold start installation for damage, improperly installed or missing parts, and unauthorized modifications.

  • Nuts, bolts, and other fasteners
  • Cables, caps, and plugs If the Deutz TD 2.2 Cold Start option is installed in an emergency vehicle or power supplies, where the heater is continuously connected or when the vehicle is not in use, the following annual service must be performed:
  • Check the engine heater for proper operation. Replace the heater if it is not functioning correctly or defective.

Read, understand and obey these safety rules and operating instructions before operating this machine. Only trained and authorized personnel shall be permitted to operate this machine. This manual should be considered a permanent part of your machine and should remain with the machine at all times. If you have any questions, contact us.

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Approved Model

  • S®-65 XC™ CE Models
  • S®-65 XC™ Trax™ CE Models

Copyright © 2021 by Terex Corporation

First Edition: First Printing, May 2021 Genie and “S” are registered trademarks of Terex South Dakota, Inc. in the U.S.A. and many other countries. “XC” and “TraX” are trademarks of Terex South Dakota, Inc. These machines comply with Complies with EC Directive 2006/42/EC See EC Declaration of Conformity


Do not install the Deutz TD 2.2 Cold Start on any Genie product other than the approved models.

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Genie S-65 XC Telescopic Boom Lift [pdf] Instruction Manual
S-65 XC Telescopic Boom Lift, S-65 XC, Telescopic Boom Lift, Boom Lift, Lift
Genie S -65 XC Telescopic Boom Lift [pdf] User Manual
S -65 XC, Telescopic Boom Lift, Boom Lift, Telescopic Lift, Lift, S -65 XC Boom Lift


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