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When it comes to installing garage door openers, The Home Depot has an unbeatable team of professionals dedicated to making sure your garage door opener installation runs smoothly from start to finish. One of our authorized garage door installers will call and prequalify the job site to ensure your garage door opener and accessories fit properly. They’ll also inspect your garage door before installation of your new garage door opener for any conditions that may affect the performance and reliability of the installation. Once the authorized installer receives your new garage door opener, they’ll work with you to set the appointment for your installation.

  • Take down and haul away of existing opener
  • Installation of new garage door opener for garage doors up to 7’ tall with new garage door opener in the same location
  • The standard installation of new opener-boxed components (as required by manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Includes minor adjustments to ensure the garage door is properly balanced
  • Install new opener up to 11’ from floor and 10’from door (using installer-provided angle iron)
  • Plug unit into existing code-approved, grounded outlet within 3’ of opener (If proper outlet not available, garage door opener may be setup and tested only on an extension cord.)
  • Set opener limits and program all applicable remote control devices (excluding Homelink and CAR2U)
  • Install light bulbs (provided by customer)
  • Install push button and safety beam system included with opener
  • Install wall control included with opener
  • Install wireless keypad when included
  • Final clean-up of all debris related to installation
  • Final inspection with the customer including instructions on care and/or test product to ensure proper operation
  • 1 year installation warranty (Product warranty provided by the product manufacturer)
  •  year parts replacement labor warranty from the manufacturer. (Troubleshooting must be completed by the homeowner, and upon results, labor for replacement of defective item will be provided upon request). Additional details can be found in the Limited 2-year parts replacement labor warranty documentation.
Additional info:
  • The installer will contact the customer within 24-48 business hours to confirm receipt of install order, provide contact information, and prequalify jobsite. (size of door, condition of door, electrical requirements, Jobsite conditions)
  • The customer must clear the garage floor of all debris 12’ back and 10’ wide from the opening to allow space for installation.
  • The Home Depot will only install garage door openers in residential buildings
  • An adult over 18 years of age with ability to make decisions about installation must be present during the complete installation process
  • Children and pets must be kept away from the work area
  • Dangerous weather conditions may cause the installation to be rescheduled.
  • Only the local installation company can schedule an installation date and time
  • It may be noisy during your installation
  • All breakables and/or valuable objects must be removed from work area prior to installation
  • All automobiles must be removed from the garage before work can begin
  • Refer to the product manual for specific product warranty and maintenance information
  • If unforeseen labor is needed to repair damage from water, termite, electrical or plumbing, additional charges may apply. Customers may need to hire their own contractor for repairs
  • Additional charges at Jobsite may be necessary to complete the job and/or bring installation into compliance with local/state codes.
  • The installation company may decline to install the job if in their professional opinion it seems unsafe, in violation of state or local codes or cannot be performed to industry standards.
  • No work to be done on weekends or holidays unless otherwise agreed upon by the installer and customer.
  • Request customer signature on job completion lien waiver

Installation Overview

Items NOT included with this installation purchase: 

  • Any electrical work (other than low voltage contents of packaged opener)
  • Installation of Remote light switch that comes with some openers (will need to be installed by licensed electrician)
  • Programming of devices permanently mounted in automobiles (Homelink and CAR2U)
  • Programming of Wi-Fi features on the garage door opener
  • Repair of garage door section on site
  • Structural modifications must be approved by regional services manager or install merchant
  • Complete track replacement
  • Additional labor and hardware (spring systems and pullies)
  • Provide and replace new garage door sections (replacement sections may not be available)

For the warranty:

  • 1-year Installation Warranty – the installation itself to be free from defects for a year
  • Product warranty is with the manufacturer and is dependent upon the model purchased. The customer does need to work with the manufacturer to troubleshoot.
  • 2-Year Limited Parts replacement labor warranty – Customer will need to work with the manufacturer to troubleshoot to determine part needed for replacement (this is not covered under warranty). Two (2) Years – Labor for repair or replacement of any Product defect covered by the applicable Product Warranty. This warranty does not extend the warranty period for any Product parts or components set forth in the Product Warranty.

Q & A

  1. Can I install a standard 7ft opener on an 8ft tall door? No. The 8ft opener bundles would need to be purchased. A garage door will need to open to full capacity.
  2. Can a garage door opener be installed on a door with broken springs? No, the installer will need to provide a custom quote to replace the springs.
  3. What is the maximum door height an opener can be installed on? The installation program will install openers on doors up to 7ft tall.
  4. Can I operate my garage door opener on an extension cord? No. There must be an approved grounded outlet within 3ft of the opener. If no outlet is in place, the installer can use an extension cord to test opener. The installer will not leave the extension cord plugged in. Continuing use with an extension cord may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. Can a garage door opener be installed with no one present? No. An adult 18 years or older will need to be present for the duration of the installation.
  6. Is haul away included with installation? yes, the installer will haul away and dispose of the existing opener

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