GEMBIRD BTSHS-001 Bluetooth Stereo Headset User Manual

GEMBIRD BTSHS-001 Bluetooth

Bluetooth stereo headset

GEMBIRD BTSHS-001 Bluetooth 2


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BTSHS-001 User manual


Thank you for buying our Bluetooth stereo headset! This manual will help you install it properly.


  • Enjoy high-quality stereo music
  • Voice dialling
  • Last number redial
  • Call answering and rejecting
  • Clip-on comfortable case


  •  Standard: Bluetooth v.1.2
  • Chipset: BlueCore3 Multimedia single chip
  • Compatibility: General headset and Bluetooth cell phones
  • Radio performance: Class 2
  • Carrier frequency: 2.4-2.480GHz
  • Sensitivity: <= -75dBm
  • Spread spectrum: 10 meters
  • Profiles supported: A2DP, headset, hands free
  • Charger: input 100-240VAC, output 5VDC
  • Battery: rechargeable Li-polymer 120mAh
  • Charging time: up to 3hrs
  • Talking time: up to 5hrs
  • Standby time: up to 150hrs
  • Weight: 17g (including battery)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 50x23x19mm

Package contents

  • Bluetooth stereo headset
  • Stereo earphones
  • Travel charger
  • USB charge cable
  • User manual

System requirements

Bluetooth enabled computer (with adapter and software driver installed) or mobile phone:

  • supporting “Headset” and “Hands free” Bluetooth profiles
  • supporting “A2DP” Bluetooth profile for stereo sound

Buttons Descriptions

GEMBIRD BTSHS-001 Bluetooth - Buttons Descriptions

Please, use your headset according to the following simple steps:

  • Charge headset’s battery
  • Connect the headset with Bluetooth enabled mobile phone

Charge headset

The headsets have a rechargeable battery inside it. Before using the headset for the first time, we suggest charging the device thoroughly first. Plug the charger into the headset’s electronic socket. The red indicator will flash while charging.

  • Charge headset’s battery
  • Connect the headset with Bluetooth function mobile phones

The standard charging time: To charge the battery for the first time it will generally take 3 hours. After recharging completely, the red indicator light will
turn off. Unplug the charger from the headset. Press down on the multi-function button for 4 seconds will start the headset. Please read the section of “Start and close headset”
Conversation, Idle and stereo broadcasts time: After recharging the battery thoroughly it can run up to 5 hours, stay standby for 150 hours and has a stereo playing time up to 5 hours. When the battery power is weak:
When the headset is turned on and the power is weak, a red indicator will flash and send out a beeping sound once every minute. Please refresh the battery according to the above mentioned step.

Start the headset

Press down multi-function button for 4 seconds. The blue lights gleam quickly three times and it sends out a beeping sound. A blue indicator will start flashing.
Attention: Start headset each time, please press the multi-function button again once. Restart connecting with the headset and mobile phone.

Close the headset

Press down multi-function button for 8 seconds. The blue light gleams quickly in two times, and there will be a beeping sound. Then the blue indicator will stop

Connecting headset and mobile phone

Before the first use you need to pair the headset with the Bluetooth function mobile phone:

  1. Put the headset and the mobile phone within the scope of one meter of each other.
  2. Assure the headset is already closed.
  3. Press down on the multi-function button for 5 seconds, a red/blue indicator of the headset will flash alternatively.
  4. Activate the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone according to its user manual.
  5. Roll over the menu and look for a screen showing Bluetooth equipment and choose the headset.
  6. Set the pairing key “0000” and press “OK”. After pairing successful, a blue indicator will flash quickly once. You will then hear a beeping sound.
  7. Press “Return” menu on the mobile phone. The mobile phone screen will show the headset diagram. You can use the headset to dial a telephone number or answer the phone call now.

Attention: When trying to pair the headset and the mobile phone can not be completed in 2 minutes, the blue indicator of the headset will flash and then go into idle mode, sending out three beeps. The headset will then turn off. Please repeat step 2-7.
Answer Calling
When you have an incoming call, the headset will send out a bell ring. Press the multi-function button: you will answer the phone call such as using the mobile phone. While listening to stereo music, and you have an incoming phone call, press the multifunction key once: you can answer the call immediately. After finishing the conversation, the headset will continue to play music.
Terminate Conversation
Press multi-function once to finish the conversation.
Call Rejecting
If you want to refuse the phone call, you just press down the volume button for several seconds until hearing 2 beeps.
Latest call re-dialing
Press multi-function button for 3 seconds, you can listen beep sound, at the same time your mobile phone will pop up the last phone number dialled, press the multi-function button again for 1 second to call out.
Voice dial
If your mobile phone has the voice dial function, you just need to press the multi-function button of the headset, a when you hear one beeping sound, you can then speak.
Attention: The above function is applicable to the mobile phone having the Bluetooth function. If you want to acquire more information, please read you’re the user manual of your mobile phone.
Adjust the headset volume
Taping the volume button, and find your volume.
Trouble shooting
If you can not connect the headset and mobile phone, please try the following steps:

  • Insure the headset has been started already and power has been charged enough
  • Insure the headset has been paired with the mobile phone already
  • The Bluetooth function in the mobile phone has been activated already
  • Insure the headset is used within the scope of 10 meters from the mobile phone, and there is no blockage such as a wall or other electronic equipment.


GEMBIRD BTSHS-001 Bluetooth Stereo Headset User Manual – Download [optimized]
GEMBIRD BTSHS-001 Bluetooth Stereo Headset User Manual – Download

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