RAD TORQUE B-RAD 275 Battery Series B-RAD Select BL Wrench

User manual for B-RAD SELECT:

  • B-RAD 275
  • B-RAD 2000-2
  • B-RAD 700
  • B-RAD 4000
  • B-RAD 1400
  • B-RAD 4000-2
  • B-RAD 1400-2
  • B-RAD 7000
  • B-RAD 2000


General instrucons

THOIR AN AIRE: Do not operate the tool before reading these instructions. If breakdown, malfunction or damage occurs, do not attempt to repair, please contact RAD Torque Systems B.V. immediately.

RAD battery torque wrenches are reversible, non-impacting, torque controlled tightening tools and must always be operated with the following:

  • Fully charged battery.
  • Impact sockets with locking pin and o-ring.
  • Gàirdean freagairt ceart le fàinne gleidhidh.
THOIR AN AIRE: Anns na wrenches torque seo tha co-phàirtean meatailt a dh’ fhaodadh a bhith cunnartach ann an àiteachan cunnartach.


  1. Dèan cinnteach gu bheil am bataraidh làn chìs.
  2. Sleamhnachadh a-steach don phasgan bataraidh gus an tèid e an sàs.
  3. Ceangail agus tèarainte a ’ghàirdean ath-bhualadh air taobh biorach a’ bhogsa gèar leis an fhàinne gleidhidh.
  4. Leudaich an fhàinne gleidhidh fosgailte le screwdriver agus cuir an taobh fosgailte anns an groove aig deireadh a ’bhogsa gèar.
  5. An uairsin brùth mean air mhean air an fhàinne gleidhidh gus am bi e dùinte gu tur.
  6. Gus an gàirdean ath-bhualadh a thoirt air falbh, cuir screwdriver aig toiseach an fhàinne gleidhidh agus spread an fhàinne gleidhidh fosgailte. An uairsin tarraing an fhàinne gleidhidh dheth agus cuir às don ghàirdean freagairt.

Setting torque

Setting direction of rotation

Only operate the rotational direction switch and transportation switch when the motor is at standstill, see Figure 3.

Right setting = Tightening
Left setting = Loosening
Central setting = Transportation position

THOIR AN AIRE: In case a higher accuracy, more precise torque settings and presets are required, we advise to select one of the Digital Battery Serie models.

When the tool is in operation the reaction arm rotates in the opposite direction to the output square drive and must be allowed to rest squarely against a solid object or surface adjacent to the bolt to be tightened.

Ag obrachadh an wrench torque
  1. Use only suitable and proper impact sockets.
  2. The handle can be rotated.
  3. Make sure that there is no movement between the tool and the reaction arm.
  4. The reaction arm placed against a solid reaction point before the trigger is pulled.
    This prevents movement of reaction arm.
  5. The trigger should be pressed until the torque wrench stops automatically.
Modal Taisbeanaidh LED

The LED Display and the Buttons are the interface for the B-RAD Select (See Figure 3). The LED Display has 4 digits that display torque values and menu options. The (plus, increase) and (minus, decrease) buttons are used to modify numbers and navigate the various menus in the module. The interface is described in detail in Section 3 ­ Interface and Settings.

To turn on the LED Display, attach the RAD Li-Ion Battery to the B-RAD Select handle and press the Trigger Switch momentarily. The Display will light a small LED indicator near each button when a button is being pushed or held down. The Display will dim after 15 seconds of inactivity. Lightly pull the trigger or press a button to brighten the display.
The display will turn off after 30 seconds. To turn it back on, lightly pull the trigger.

CÙIS! The LED Display Module may be damaged by mechanical shock, electrostatic discharge, excessive force, moisture, or extreme temperatures. Avoid such conditions and gently wipe clean or let dry before use.
Torc ag atharrachadh
RABHADH: Keep your hand and body parts clear of the reaction arm and barrel when the tool is in operation.

When the B-RAD Select is powered on, the LED Display will start in Torque Select Mode (Figure 3A). Note: If the tool has just been calibrated, the LED Display will show the tool’s rated minimum torque. When N·m (metric) units are used, the “N·m” indicator will light on the keypad. When ft·lb (imperial) units are used, the “ft·lb” indicator will light. (Refer to Section 3.7 ­ Change the Torque Units)

To change the torque value:
  1. Press and hold a button until a digit starts blinking. The – (minus) button starts the left-most digit blinking. If you press and hold the - button again, the selected digit moves to the right. The opposite happens with the + (plus) button.
  2. Brùth air + or - button quickly to change the digits by one unit at a time. Other digits may be selected (see Step 1) to fine-tune the torque setting.
  3. The selected torque value will be saved and ready after 5 seconds. Alternatively, press and hold a button until the digit stops flashing. The display will blink, indicating that the value is saved. The torque value will be saved even when the battery is removed.
Clàr-taice Fiosrachaidh

The Information Menu allows you to change torque units, view am bataraidh voltage, change LED brightness, enter an unlock code, and view the program version. The menu items are described below.

To enter the Information Menu:

  • While in Torque Select mode, press the + 'phutan - aig an aon àm.
  • To move to the next item, hold the + button and press the - button. To go to a previous menu item, hold the - button and press the + putan.
  • To exit the menu, hold both buttons until the Torque Value is displayed. If an unlock code was entered, the locked or unlock mode will be displayed on the LEDs before the menu exits.
Atharraich na h-aonadan Torque
  • Press a button to toggle between (foot-pounds) and n (newtonmetres) as shown in Figures 3C and 3D
  • To exit the Unit Select menu, press and hold both buttons.
Table Mode:

The torque may be set in discrete levels from 1 to 50 over the calibrated range instead of using torque units. Setting 1 is the minimum calibrated torque, setting 50 is the maximum calibrated torque, and the points in between are evenly spaced over the tool’s range. Contact RAD torque systems B.V. to activate this mode.

  • The N·m indicator lights when N·m units are used (Figure 3E), and the ft·lb indicator lights when ft·lb units are used (Figure 3F).

Note: When the units are changed, the torque setting will be converted into the new units.

View the Battery Voltage
  • Move to the next menu item: “batt.” The battery voltage is shown (Figures 3G and 3H).
  • Nuair a thig am bataraidh voltage gets too low, the message “Lo-b” will flash on any screen to warn you that the battery needs charging.
Cuir a-steach Còd Lock no Fuasgladh
  1. Move to the next menu item: “Lock.” The flashing line indicators on the screen keep track of the number of button presses used to enter a code (Figures 3I and 3J).
  2. Enter a code using the + agus - buttons. The desired code will depend on which features are needed.
  3. Navigate forward or press and hold both buttons to accept the code and close the menu. The new Unlock level will scroll across the screen.



Mus tèid a chleachdadh an toiseach, dèan cinnteach gu bheil an voltage agus an tricead a tha air a chomharrachadh air truinnsear rangachadh a’ charger a rèir nam figearan airson an t-solar dealain agad fhèin.


Unplug charger immediately if the cable or charger is damaged. Unplug immediately if any sign of smoke or flames.


To reduce risk of injury, charge only rechargeable RAD batteries, other types of batteries may burst causing personal injury and damage.


Do not submit the casing to impact or drill into the casing. Do not throw battery packs or charger in fire or immerse in water. Keep battery packs dry. Do not use any damaged or deformed battery packs.


Cha bu chòir cargairean RAD a bhith air an obrachadh ach eadar 0-49 ceum Celsius. Cùm air falbh bho taiseachd.


Slightly acidic, flammable fluid may leak from defective Li-ion battery packs. If battery fluid leaks out and comes into contact with your skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If battery fluid leaks and comes into contact with your eyes, wash them with clean water and seek medical treatment immediately.

Lithium-ion battery chargers are to be used exclusively for charging RAD 18V Lithium-ion battery packs with the maximum capacity of 5.2AH.

Note: To prevent the battery from draining, always remove battery from tool before storage.
Duilgheadasan pacaid bataraidh

Warning indicator stays on
Chan eil cosgais air a’ phasgan bataraidh. Tha an teòthachd ro àrd no ro ìosal. Ma tha teòthachd a’ phasgan bataraidh eadar 0 - 49 ceum Celsius, tòisichidh am pròiseas cosgais gu fèin-ghluasadach.

Tha comharra rabhaidh a’ lasadh air adhart
The battery pack is defective, remove from charger immediately.
The battery fails to charge, contacts may be dirty. Remove the battery pack, clean the contacts and replace the charger.

Note: In the case of prolongued activity of electromagnetic disturbances, the battery charger ends the charging process prematurely for safety reasons. Remove the plug and plug in again after 2 seconds.

Rabhadh beep
Ma tha cus teasachadh ann, bheir am bataraidh fuaim àrd beep. Bu chòir am bataraidh Lithium-ion a dhì-cheangal sa bhad gus fuarachadh. Faodar am bataraidh Lithium-ion a chleachdadh a-rithist aon uair ‘s gu bheil e air fhuarachadh sìos.

Charger bataraidh

Mus tèid a chleachdadh an toiseach, dèan cinnteach gu bheil an voltage and frequency stated on the rating plate match your own electrical supply and check that the ventilation slits are clear. Minimum clearance from other objects is 5 centimeters.

  1. Connect to electrical supply, the red and green indicator lights up for approximately 1 second.
  2. Once the self test is completed, the indicator lights are off.
  3. cuir a-steach am pasgan bataraidh a-steach don t-seilear cosgais; brùth air a’ chùl gus am bi e an sàs.
  4. Cuir cosgais air a’ phasgan bataraidh mus cleachd thu e. Is ann dìreach às deidh dha a bhith air a ghearradh agus air a chuir a-mach còig cearcallan cosgais a ruigeas am pasgan bataraidh a làn chomas cosgais. Faodaidh tu pacaidean bataraidh Lithium-ion le cosgais a stòradh agus an ath-lìonadh às deidh eadar-ama nach eil nas fhaide na sia mìosan.
A ’toirt air falbh agus a’ cuir a-steach am pasgan bataraidh

Gluasad air falbh: Press and hold the release button and remove the battery pack.
A ’cuir a-steach: Sleamhnachadh a-steach don phasgan bataraidh gus an tèid e an sàs.

Movement of the reacon arm

Stàladh a 'ghàirdean reaction

Dèan cinnteach gu bheil an gàirdean ath-bhualadh agus an fhàinne gleidhidh air an stàladh gu tèarainte gus an gàirdean ath-bhualadh a chumail na àite. Dèan cinnteach gu bheil an gàirdean ath-bhualadh ann an conaltradh le puing freagairt làidir mus obraich thu an inneal. Nuair a bhios an inneal ag obair bidh an gàirdean ath-bhualadh a’ tionndadh an taobh eile ris an draibh ceàrnagach toraidh agus feumar leigeil leotha fois gu ceàrnach an aghaidh rud cruaidh no uachdar ri taobh a’ bholt airson a theannachadh, faic Figear 6.

RABHADH: Fhad ‘s a thathar ga chleachdadh, feumar taic a thoirt don inneal seo an-còmhnaidh gus casg a chuir air sgaoileadh ris nach robh dùil ma dh’ fhàillig fastener no co-phàirt!
àirde gàirdean freagairt

Ensure the height of the socket is even with the height of the reaction arm as seen below in Figure 6A. The height of the socket cannot be shorter or higher than the height of the reaction arm as seen below in Figure 6B and Figure 6C.

THOIR AN AIRE: Improper reaction will void warranty and can cause premature tool failure.
Cois gàirdean freagairt

Ensure the foot of the reaction arm aligns with the length of the nut as seen in Figure 7A. The length of the foot cannot be shorter or longer than the nut as seen in Figure 7B and Figure 7C.

Puing freagairt

Dèan cinnteach gu bheil a’ ghàirdean ath-fhreagairt ag ath-fhreagairt far meadhan a’ chas mar a chithear ann am Figear 8A. Na gabh freagairt far sàil na cas freagairt mar a chithear ann am Figear 8B.
Feuch an cuir thu fios gu RAD Torque Systems BV no an neach-sgaoilidh ùghdarraichte RAD ionadail agad airson gàirdeanan freagairt àbhaisteach.

RABHADH: Cùm do làmh agus do phàirtean bodhaig an-còmhnaidh soilleir bhon ghàirdean ath-bhualadh agus a’ bharaille nuair a bhios an inneal ag obair, faic Figear 8C.

Note: AIRSON SÀBHAILTEACHD A BHARRACHD, tha sinn a’ comhairleachadh an inneal-brosnachaidh sàbhailteachd dùbailte roghnach òrdachadh le PÀIRT AON: 25949. Bidh SEO A’ Lùghdachadh Cunnartan Pionnaidh Meòir.


Tha innealan RAD air an leasachadh airson a bhith a 'teannachadh agus a' fuasgladh luchd-ceangail snàthaichte a 'cleachdadh feachdan fìor àrd. Airson do shàbhailteachd agus sàbhailteachd chàich, tha bileagan rabhaidh agus bileagan aire ceangailte gu follaiseach ris an inneal torque agus na goireasan aige.

THOIR AN AIRE: Dèan cinnteach gun cùm thu ris an stiùireadh air na bileagan rabhaidh an-còmhnaidh.

Chaidh innealan RAD a dhealbhadh le sàbhailteachd san amharc, ge-tà, mar a tha a h-uile inneal feumaidh tu cumail ri cleachdaidhean sàbhailteachd bùth-obrach coitcheann, agus gu sònraichte na leanas:

  • Mus cleachd thu an inneal ùr agad, faigh eòlas air a h-uile goireas agus mar a tha iad ag obair
  • Cleachd goggles sàbhailteachd an-còmhnaidh nuair a bhios an inneal ag obair
  • Dèan cinnteach gu bheil an gàirdean ath-bhualadh ann an conaltradh le àite conaltraidh làidir mus obraich thu an inneal
  • Cùm pàirtean den bhodhaig agad soilleir bhon ghàirdean freagairt agus bhon àite conaltraidh
  • Dèan cinnteach gu bheil an fhàinne gleidhidh gàirdean ath-bhualadh na àite gu tèarainte gus a’ ghàirdean freagairt no bàn a chumail na àite.

Tha innealan RAD sàbhailte agus earbsach. Mura lean thu an rabhadh agus an stiùireadh a tha air a mhìneachadh an seo faodaidh tu fhèin agus do cho-obraichean dochann a dhèanamh. Chan eil uallach air RAD Torque Systems BV a chaidh a thoirt a-steach airson dochann sam bith.


Barantas inneal ùr

(1) RAD B.V. guarantees the proper performance of the goods delivered for a period of twelve (12) months after delivery to the final customer and is limited to fifteen (15) months after the original RAD B.V. calibration date. (2) Excluded from this warranty are electric components of RAD B.V.’s digital tools (e.g. MB-RAD, MV-RAD, E-RAD, SmartSocketTM, RT and TV-RAD) which have a twelve (12) month warranty after date of delivery to the final customer with a maximum of nine (9) months after the original RAD B.V. calibration date. Mechanical components of these tools fall under the terms of paragraph 1.

Barantas inneal càraidh

(1) Once a tool is beyond its new tool warranty, RAD B.V., for a period of three (3) months from the date of repair, will replace or repair for the original purchaser, free of charge, any part or parts, found upon examination by RAD B.V., to be defective in material or workmanship or both. If any tool or part is replaced or repaired under the terms and conditions of this warranty, that tool or part will carry the remainder of the warranty from the date of original repair. To qualify for the above mentioned warranties, written notice to RAD B.V. must be given immediately upon discovery of such defect, at which time RAD B.V. will issue an authorization to return the tool. The defective tool must promptly be returned to RAD B.V., all freight charges prepaid. When returning a tool, the reaction arm(s) being used with the tool must also be returned.

Chan urrainn do neach-ceannach barantas a chuir a-steach ma tha

(1) the defect, wholly or partly, is due to unusual, inappropriate, improper or careless use of a delivery;
(2) the defect, wholly or partly, is due to normal wear and tear or lack of proper maintenance;
(3) the defect, wholly or partly, is due to installation, assembly, modification and/or repair by the Customer or by third parties;
(4) the delivery is altered, modified, used or processed;
(5) the delivery is transferred to a third party;
(6) RAD B.V. has obtained the tool, wholly or partly, from a third party, and RAD B.V. cannot claim compensation under warranty;
(7) RAD B.V. in manufacturing of the tool, has used raw materials, and suchlike on the instructions of the Customer;
(8) the tool has a small deviation in its quality, finishing, size, composition and suchlike, which is not unusual in the industry or if the defect was technically unavoidable;
(9) the Customer has not promptly and correctly fulfilled all obligations under the agreement towards RAD B.V.


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