Òrdugh ruigsinneachd “DL20” lùban dorais


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  1. Locate the centerline of the door loop on the underside of the Exit Device Housing 4” from the soffit of the frame and 1” from the face of the door
  2. Locate the centerline of the door loop for the face of frame 2” down from the edge of the Exit Device
  3. Drill pilot holes (#24 drill) to mount the base and a 5/8” hole for wire conduit.
  4. Mount base using #10 SMS.
  5. Thread electrical wires through the door loop.
  6. Install covers with #8 SMS screws

Maximum electrical wires: 7 ea. 18 awg, 10 ea. 22 awg Door Loop flexible conduit can be field cut


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Òrdugh ruigsinneachd “DL20” lùban dorais [pdf] Leabhar-làimhe stiùiridh
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