GARMIN Printing a Mounting Template


Printing Mounting Template


It is not recommended that you print a mounting template on your own. Use the template that came in the product box.
If you do print the template, you must follow these instructions for printing a mounting template precisely. To print large templates, you need large enough paper and printer. Failure to have the correct sized paper and printer, or a failure to follow these instructions, may result in an incorrectly sized template and therefore an incorrect cutout (too large or too small) on the mounting surface of your boat.

  1. Select File > Print.
  2. Enter 2 in Pages to Print ➊.
  3. Select Actual Size for Page Sizing & Handling.
  4. Drag the arrow to the right, to view page 2 in the window above .
  5. Verify that the paper size is larger than the template .
    In this example, the paper is not larger than the template.
  6. If the paper size is not large enough, select Properties and select a Paper Size that is larger than the template.
  7. After printing the template, measure at least one measurement to ensure the template printed to 100% scale.

Garmin is not responsible for any damages or expenses resulting from a miscut mounting surface arising from a failure to follow these instructions.



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GARMIN Printing a Mounting Template [pdf] Instructions
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