GARDENERS Tall Chicken Wire Critter Fence


Tall Chicken Wire Critter Fence

Parts List
  • (5) Poles
  • (5) Stakes
  • (6) Finials
  • (2) Pins
  • (1) Protective Metal Cap (used for installation only)
  • (4) Side Panels with loops on 2 sides
  • (1) Gate Panel with loop & barrel
  • (1) Gate Panel with loop, barrel & finial extension


Step 1: Thread the stakes to the poles.
Step 2: Match the loops on the sides & join seconds by inserting the poles. Make sure exposed horizontal bars in the panels face outside.
Metal Cap only used as a safety cap on the top open ended threads on the poles when hammering the poles into the so ground.
Step 3: Match the loops on the sides of both the gate panels to the side panels & join by inserting a pole.
Step 4: The free sides of gate panels with barrels is used as entrance & can be locked by matching the barrels together & inserting clips at 2 ends.
Step 5: Screw the finials on the top barrel of each connecting seconds.

GARDENERS-Tall-Chicken-Wire-Critter-02 GARDENERS-Tall-Chicken-Wire-Critter-03

Documents / Resources

GARDENERS Tall Chicken Wire Critter Fence [pdf] Instructions
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