GARDENERS 8609797 GrowEase Seed Starter Kit

Set-Up and Planting Instructions

  1. Lightly moisten seed-starting mix. It should have the moisture level of a well-wrung sponge.
  2. Moisten the CAPILLARY MAT, and then place it, reverse side up, on the SUPPORT PLATFORM. Extend one end of the mat extended over the platform.
  3. Place the SUPPORT PLATFORM and CAPILLARY MAT in the RESERVOIR TRAY, peg side down. Make sure the extended end of the mat is inside the RESERVOIR TRAY. Then place the GROWING TRAY on top of the CAPILLARY MAT.
  4. Fill the cells with seed-starting mix. Press down firmly on the growing mix in each cell so that it makes contact with the mat through the holes in the tray bottom.
  5. Plant seeds following the seed-packet instructions. Each cell is designed to hold one plant. Tip: group seeds with similar temperature, moisture or light level needs in the same GROWING TRAY.
  6. Gently water the growing mix from above to settle it. Fill the RESERVOIR TRAY with water to a level just below the SUPPORT PLATFORM. The extended end of the CAPILLARY MAT should be in the water. Place the CLEAR COVER on top of the GROWING TRAY. This will keep the growing mix moist and warm and help your seeds germinate quickly.
    Important: Remove the cover as soon as your plants emerge.

Growing Tips

  • Watering: Check the water level in the reservoir regularly and refill as required so the capillary mat is damp at all times. If the mat dries out, thoroughly moisten it and water from above to re establish the capillary flow. If the seed-starting mix is too wet, empty the reservoir tray and allow the mix to dry for a day or two.
  • Light: Seedlings grow best with 14-16 hours of bright light per day. Supplemental, full-spectrum light, such as that provided by our SunLite® Gardens, is ideal. Seedlings may become spindly in lower-light conditions.
  • Temperature: Most seeds germinate best between 68 and 75° F.
  • Fertilizing: We recommend adding a water-soluble fertilizer to the reservoir tray every week.
  • Transplanting: When it is time to transplant your seedlings, gently remove them from each cell using a spoon or our Lifetime Mini Trowel (sold separately).
  • Reuse and storage: Remove loose soil from all parts with warm water. The Growing Tray, Support Platform and Reservoir Tray are dishwasher-safe. Soak the Capillary Matting in a diluted bleach solution, rinse in clean water and dry before storing.

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GARDENERS 8609797 GrowEase Seed Starter Kit [pdf] Instructions
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