1071780 Handheld Yard N Garden Torch

1071780 Handheld Yard N Garden Torch

The Yard N Garden Torch is designed to operate with any standard 14 ounce disposable propane cylinder available at most hardware Stores. It is to be used outdoors only in well ventilated areas. The Yard N Garden Torch produces very high temperatures and care should always be taken around flammable materials such as dry grass, leaves, etc. as they easily catch on fire and could pose a fire hazard, Always be aware of where the flame is directed; Always keep the flame pointed down towards the ground. Never point the flame towards flammable materials, buildings, or people. Follow instructions on propane cylinder concerning its use: Do not store cylinders near fire or source of heat. Do not puncture or incinerate empty cylinders.
The nozzle of the Yard N Garden Torch remains hot even after use. Do not touch the nozzle or put the nozzle down where it could come into contact with flammable materials.


Turn the gas regulating valve all the way clockwise so that it is closed. Screw the propane cylinder onto the Yard N Garden Torch. A small amount of propane will escape while attaching the cylinder; the cylinder is properly seated in the Yard N Garden Torch when all hissing from the cylinder has stopped.
In case a tight connection can not be made, use the extra “O” ring to make the proper connection.
Open the regulating valve slowly and ignite the Yard N Garden Torch at the nozzle. Adjust the size of the flame by turning the regulating valve.
To kill weeds, direct flame at the weed for a few seconds until it wilts; there is no need to completely burn the weed. After several days, the weed will dry up and die and be ready for removal.
Make sure the propane canister remains in an upright vertical position to prevent flare-ups and possible malfunction during use.
Do not flame poison oak, ivy or other plant capable of causing a skin rash as smoke from these plants can cause allergic reactions on the skin or in the lungs.
Yard N Garden Torch can also be used for melting dangerous patches of ice during wintertime.
To turn the flame off, turn the regulating valve until fully closed. The remaining propane in the Yard N Garden Torch will burn off in a few seconds and the flame will be extinguished.
Remove the propane cylinder when Yard N Garden Torch is not in use.

Made in Taiwan for
Bandwagon, Inc.
Wilmington, MA 01887

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