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This product may be used under supervision, or if instruction regarding the safe use of the product has been provided and the resulting dangers have been understood, by children aged 8 and above, as well as by persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or a lack of experience and knowledge. Children must not be allowed to play with the product. Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision. The use of this product by young people under the age of 16 is not recommended.
Intended use:
The GARDENA Battery Lawnmower is used to cut lawns in private domestic gardens and allotments.
The product is not intended for long-term use.
WARNING! Risk of injury! Do not use the product to cut bushes, hedges, or shrubs, to cut of climbers or grass on roofs or balcony boxes, to chop up branches, and twigs, and to level irregularities in the soil. Do not use the product on a slope steeper than 20° maximum.


Symbols on the product
If not used properly this product can be dangerous. The warnings and safety instructions must be followed to ensure reasonable safety and efficiency in using this product. The operator is responsible for following the warnings and instructions in this manual and on the prod-uct. Never use the product unless the guards provided by the manufacturer are in the correct position.Careless or incorrect use of this product can result in injury to the user or others. Read and understand the content of the operator’s manual. Keep the manual for future reference.

  • Read the instructions.
  • Keep other persons away.
  • Beware of sharp blades. Blades continue to rotate after the engine is switched off. Remove safety key before you do maintenance or if the cable becomes damaged or cut.
  • Not valid for the battery mower.
  • Secure the working area before starting to work. Watch out for hidden cables.
  • Fire risk! Short-circuit! Do not connect the contacts of the battery with metal components.

General safety warnings Electrical safety

WARNING! Electric shock! Risk of injury due to electric shock. current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA.


  1. Read the instructions carefully. Be familiar with the controls and the correct use of the machine.
  2. Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the machine. Local regulations can restrict the age of the operator.
  3. Never operate the machine while people, especially children, or pets are nearby.
  4. Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property.


  1. ile operating the machine always wear substantial footwear and long trousers. Do not operate the machine when barefoot or wearing open sandals. Avoid wearing clothing that is loose fitting or that hanging cords or ties.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the area where the machine is to be used and remove all objects which can be thrown by the machine.
  3. Before using, always visually inspect to see that the blade, blade bolt and the blade assembly are not worn or damaged. Replace worn or damaged com-ponents in set to preserve balance. Replace dam-aged or unreadable labels.
  4. Before use check the supply and extension cord for signs of damage or aging. If the cord becomes dam-aged during use, disconnect the cord from the supply immediately. DO NOT TOUCH THE CORD BEFORE DISCONNECTING THE SUPPLY. Do not use the machine if the cord is damaged or worn.


  1. Operate the machine only in daylight or in good artifi-cial light.
  2. Avoid operating the machine in wet grass.
  3. Always be sure of your footing on slopes.
  4. Walk, never run.
  5. Mow across the face of slopes, never up and down.
  6. Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes.
  7. Do not mow excessively steep slopes.
  8. Use extreme caution when reversing or pulling the machine towards you.
  9. Stop the blade(s) if the machine has to be tilted for transportation when crossing surfaces other than grass, and when transporting the machine to and from area to be used.
  10. Never operate the machine with defective guards or shields, or without safety devices, for example deflec-tors and/or grass collector, in place.
  11. Switch on the motor carefully according to instruc-tions and with feet well away from the blade(s).
  12. Do not tilt the machine when switching on the motor, except if the machine has to be tilted for starting. In this case, do not tilt it more than absolutely necessary and lift only the part, which is away from the operator.
  13. Do not start the machine when standing in front of the discharge opening.
  14. Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Keep clear of the discharge opening at all times.
  15. Do not transport the machine while the power source is running.
  16. Stop the machine, and remove the disabling device. Make sure that all moving parts have come to a com-plete stop
    • whenever you leave the machine,
    • before clearing blockages or unclogging chute,
    • before checking, cleaning or working on the machine,
    • after striking a foreign object. Inspect the machine for damage and make repairs before restarting and operating the machine;

if the machine starts to vibrate abnormally (check immediately)

  • inspect for damage,
  • replace or repair any damaged parts,
  • check for and tighten any loose parts.

Maintenance and storage

  1. Keep all nuts, bolts, and screws tight to be sure the machine is in safe working condition.
  2. Check the grass collector frequently for wear or deterioration.
  3. On machines with multi-blade, take care as rotating one blade can cause other blades to rotate.
  4. Be careful during the adjustment of the machine to prevent entrapment of the fingers between moving blades and fixed parts of the machine.
  5. Always allow the machine to cool down before storing.
  6. When servicing the blades be aware that, even though the power source is switched off, the blades can still be moved.
  7. Replace worn or damaged parts for safety. Use only genuine replacement parts and accessories.

WARNING! Fire risk!
The battery to be charged must be placed on a non-flammable, heat-resistant, and non-conductive surface while charging. Keep corrosive, flammable and easily combustible objects clear of the battery charger and the battery. Do not cover the battery charger and the battery while charging. Disconnect the battery charger immediately in the event of smoke formation or fire. Only use the original GARDENA Charger to charge the battery. The use of other battery chargers may damage the batteries irreparably and even cause a fire. If you notice fire: Extinguish the flames with oxygen-reducing materials.
WARNING! Risk of explosion!
Protect batteries from heat and fire. Do not leave on radiators or exposed to strong sunshine for long periods. Do not operate in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust. Batteries may create sparks that could ignite dust or fumes. Check your replacement battery before each use. Visually check the battery before each use. A non-functioning battery must be disposed of correctly. Do not send by post. For further details, please contact your local disposal companies. For risks of injury do not use the battery as a power source for other products. Only use the battery for the GARDENA product intended. Only use and charge the battery in ambient temperatures of between 0 °C and 40 °C. Allow battery to cool down after long periods of use. Check the charging cable regularly for signs of damage or aging (brittleness). Only use it in perfect condition. Do not store the battery above 45 °C or in direct sunlight. Ideally, the battery should be stored below 25 °C so that self-discharge is low. Do not expose the battery to rain or wet conditions. Water entering a battery will increase the risk of electric shock. Keep the battery in order (clean) especially air vents. If usage of the battery is not planned for a certain time (winter period) reload the battery to avoid a deep discharge. Do not store while still attached to a tool, this prevents misuse and accidents. Do not store the battery in places where static electricity is present.
Electrical safety
WARNING! Cardiac arrest!
This product makes an electromagnetic field while it operates. This field may under some conditions interfere with active or passive medical implants. To decrease the risk of conditions that can possibly injure or kill, we recommend persons with medical implants to speak with their physician and the medical implant manufacturer before you operate the product. Before use, examine the cable for signs of damage or ageing. If the cable is found to be defective, take the product to an Authorised Service Centre and have the cable replaced. Do not use the product if the electric cables are damaged or worn. Immediately disconnect from the mains if the charger cable is cut, or the insulation is damaged. Do not touch the electric cable until the cable has been disconnected. Do not repair a cut or damaged cable. Replace it with a new one. Do not carry the product by the cable. Do not pull on the cable to disconnect any of the plugs. Use only on AC mains supply voltage shown on the prod-uct rating label. Our products are double insulated to EN60335. Do not connect an earth to any part of the product.

Personal safety
WARNING! Risk of suffocation!
Small parts can be easily swallowed. There is also a risk that the polybag can suffocate toddlers. Keep toddlers away when you assemble the product. Do not use in an explosive atmosphere. Never operate the product when you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine. Do not overload the mower. Use gloves, wear slip-resistant shoes, and wear eye protection. Do not use it under wet conditions. Do not disassemble the product further than the delivery status. Only start the mower with an upright stand handle. Do not use the start levers alternately. Use the handles carefully.
Safety Cut-Out
The engine is protected by a Safety Cut-Out which is activated when the blade becomes jammed or if the engine is overloaded. When this occurs, stop and disconnect the product from the mains. The Safety Cut-Out will only reset when you release the start/stop lever. Clear any obstruction and wait for a few minutes for the Safety Cut-Out to reset before you continue to use the product.


Before you do assembly:

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Cut injury when the blade turns or the product starts accidentally.

  • Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you do assembly.

To connect the lower handle: GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig1

  1. Put the lower handle 1 in the product. Make sure that the handles are fully in place and the handle hole is inline with the threaded hole.
  2. Put the washer 2 on the wing screw 3 .
  3. Put the wing screw 3 in the threaded hole in the product.
  4. Tighten the wing screw 3 .

To connect the upper handle:GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig2

  1. Put the upper handle 4 on the lower handle 1 . Make sure that the handles are fully in place and the handle holes are inline.
  2. Push the screw 5 through the hole.
  3. Put the washer 2 and the wing nut 6 on the screw 5 .
  4. Tighten the wing nut 6 .

To fix the cable to the handle: GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig3

  1. Fix the cable 7 to the handle with the clip 8 .
  2. Check that the cable 7 is not trapped between the lower and the upper handle

To assemble the grass box:GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig4GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig5

  1. Turn the cover 0 on the grass box. Make sure that the cover 0 aligns to the grass box.
  2. Push the cover 0 on the grass box until the connections click. Make sure that all connections are connected.
  3. Push the handle q into the cover 0 until it clicks.
  4. Push the chute 9 into the grass box and pull the chute 9 forward until it audibly engages.


Before you do operation:

WARNING! Risk of physical injury! Cut injury when the blade turns or the product starts accidentally.

  • Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you attach the battery or transport the product.

To charge the battery:

Damage to the battery or the battery charger!Overvoltage damages the battery and the battery charger.

  • Make sure that you use the correct mains voltage.

Before you use the battery the first time, the battery must be fully charged. The lithium-ion battery can be charged in any state of charge and the charging process can be disconnected at any time without to damage the battery (no memory effect). For GARDENA Electric Lawnmower Art. 5033-20: The GARDENA Battery BLi-40/100 Art. 9842 is in the scope of delivery. GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig6

  1. Connect the mains cable r to the battery charger ßC .
  2. Connect the mains cable r to a 230 V mainssocket.
  3. Connect the charger cable w to the battery e .
    When the charging control lamp t at the charger flashes green once per second the battery is being charged. When the charging control lamp t at the charger is lit green the battery is fully charged. For charging time, see 7. TECHNICAL DATA.
  4. Check the charge status regularly while you charge.
  5. When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the battery e from the battery charger ßC .
  6. Disconnect the mains cable r from the mains.

Battery charging indicator:GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig7

Battery charging indicator during charging: GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig8

Battery charging indicator during operation: 

GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig9GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig10

To start the mower:GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig11

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Risk of injury if the product does not stop when you release the start lever.

  • Do not bypass the safety devices or switches. For example do not attach the start lever u to the handle.

To start:
The product is fitted with a two-handed safety device (start lever u with safety interlock z ) to prevent the product from being turned on by accident. There are two start levers u fitted. Either one have to be used to start.

  • Open the lid i .
  • Put the battery e into the product.
  • Put the safety key o into the product and turn to position 1.
  • Push the safety interlock z with one hand and pull the start lever u with the other hand.
  • Release the safety interlock z . The product will start.

To adjust the cutting height: GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig12

To stop:

  1. Release the start lever u .
  2. Turn the safety key o to positon 0 and remove it.

The cutting height can be adjusted from 2 to 6 cm in 12 positions.

  1. Push and turn the adjust wheel p clockwise to lower the cutting height.
  2. Push and turn the adjust wheel p counterclockwise to increase the cutting height.

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Cut injury when the blade turns or the product starts accidentally.

  • Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you open the protective flap a .
  • Do not put your hands in the discharge opening

Tips to use the mower: 

  1. Lift the protective flap a .
  2. Put the grass box into the product by the handle q .
  3. Make sure that the grass box is securely connected.
  4. Start the product. The level indicator s opens the lid while you do mowing. When the level indicator s closes the lid, the grass box is filled.
  5. Stop the product.
  6. Lift the protective flap a .
  7. Remove the grass box of the product by the handle q .
  8. Empty the grass box.

If grass residue is left in the discharge opening, pull the mower backwards about 1 m so that the grass residue can drop out downwards. To produce a well-maintained lawn, we recommend to cut the lawn regularly once a week if possible. The lawn becomes thicker if you cut it frequently. After relatively long cutting intervals (holiday lawn), first of all cut in one direction with the highest cutting height and then cut in the crosswise direction with the required cutting height. If possible, only cut the grass when it is dry, if the grass is damp, the cutting pattern will be uneven.


Before you do maintenance:

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Cut injury when the blade turns or the product starts accidentally.

  • Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you do maintenance.

To clean the product: 

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Risk of injury and risk of damage to the product.

  • Do not clean the product with water or with a water jet (in particular high-pressure water jet).

To clean the underside of the product: GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig14

The underside is easiest to clean after you mowed.

Use gloves.

  1. Lay the product on its side carefully.
  2. Clean the underside, the blade and the airflow slots d with a brush (do not use sharp objects).

To clean the overside of the product and the grass box: 

Do not clean with chemicals including petrol or solvents.

  1. Clean the overside with a damp cloth.
  2. Clean the airflow slots and the grass box with a soft brush (do not use sharp objects).

To clean the battery and the battery charger: 

Make sure that the surface and the contacts of the battery always are clean and dry before you connect the battery charger.
Do not use running water.

  1. Clean the contacts with a soft and dry cloth.


To put into storage: GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig15

The product must be stowed away from children.

  1. Turn the safety key to position 0 and remove it.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Charge the battery.
  4. Clean the product, the battery and the battery charger (see 4. MAINTENANCE).
  5. To save space, release the wing nuts of the handles until the joints can be folded together easily. Make sure that the cable is stowed correctly to prevent damage.
  6. Stowe the product, the battery and the charger in a dry, enclosed and secure place and in a frost-free place before the first frost arrives.


The product must not be added to normal household waste. It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations.

Make sure that the product is discarded through or via your municipal recycling collection centre.

Disposal of batteries: 

The product must always be disposed of at your local recycling centre.

  1. Discharge the lithium-ion cells completely.
  2. Protect the contacts on the lithium-ion cells against short circuits.
  3. Dispose of lithium-ion cells properly.

TROUBLESHOOTINGGARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig16GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig17

Before you do troubleshooting: 

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Cut injury when the blade turns or the product starts accidentally.

  • Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you do troubleshooting.

To replace the blade: 

WARNING! Risk of physical injury!
Cut injury when the blade turns and it is damaged, bent, out of balance or has chipped edges.

  • Do not use the product when the blade is damaged, bent, out of balance or has chipped edges.
  • Do not regrind the blade.

The GARDENA spare parts are availible from your GARDENA dealer or from the GARDENA service. Only use an original GARDENA blade:

GARDENA replacement blade Art. 4100 [5822490-01].

Let the blade replace by the GARDENA Service or a specialist dealer authorized by GARDENA.

NOTE: For any other malfunctions please contact the GARDENA service department. Repairs must only be done by GARDENA service departments or specialist dealers approved by GARDENA.

TECHNICAL DATAGARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig18GARDENA PowerMax Li-40-32 Battery Lawn Mower-fig19

NOTE: The stated vibration emission value has been measured according to a standardized test procedure and can be used for comparison of one electric power tool with another. It can also be used for preliminary evaluation of exposure. The vibration emission value can vary during actual use of the electric power tool.


GARDENA Replacement Battery BLi-40/100 / BLi-40/160 Battery for additional duration or for replacement. Art.-Nr. 9842/9843
GARDENA smart Battery BLi-40/100 / BLi-40/160 Smart Battery for the smart System. Art.-Nr. 19090/19091
GARDENA smart Battery

BLi-40/100 Set / BLi-40/160 Set

Smart Battery with smart Gateway for the smart System. Art.-Nr. 19110/19111
GARDENA Battery Charger QC40 Battery Charger to charge the GARDENA Batteries and smart Batteries. Art.-Nr. 9845
GARDENA Replacement Blade As replacement for blunt blade. Art.-Nr. 4100



Please contact the address on the back page.
In the event of a warranty claim, no charge is levied to you for the services provided. GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH offers a two-year warranty (effective as of the date of purchase) forb this product. This warranty includes all significant defects of the product that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. The warranty will be fulfilled by the supply of a working replacement product provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The product was used for its intended purpose as per the recommendations in the operating instructions.
  • Neither the purchaser nor a third party has attempted to repair the product.

This manufacturer’s warranty does not affect warranty entitlements against the dealer/retailer.

For troubleshooting, please contact our Service department (contact details overleaf). It is not permitted to send a product to us without prior agreement.

Product liability
In accordance with the German Product Liability Act, we hereby expressly declare that we accept no liability for damage incurred from our products where said products have not been properly repaired by a GARDENAapproved service partner or where original GARDENA parts or parts authorized by GARDENA were not used.

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