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GARDENA aquaBloom Set

Translation of the original instructions.
SymbolThis product may be used under supervision, or if instruction regarding the safe use of the product has been provided and the resulting dangers have been understood, by children aged 8 and above, as well as by persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or a lack of experience and knowledge. Children must not be allowed to play with the product. Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children

without supervision. The use of this product by young people under the  age of 16 is not recommended.
Intended use:
The solar-powered GARDENA aquaBloom watering set is designed for the fully-automatic watering of up to 20 plants, without the need for connection to the water and / or electricity networks.
DANGER! The pump should not be used for the delivery of salt water, fertilizer, muddy water, cor rosive, easily inflammable or explo­ sive liquids (e. g. petrol, paraffin, thinners), oil, heating oil or foodstuffs.


Read the operator’s manual carefully before use and keep for future reference.
Symbols on the product:

Read operator’s manual.
General safety warnings
Electrical safety

The aquaBloom must not be allowed to fall into the water.
Safe operating practices
The water temperature should not exceed 35 °C.
Additional safety warnings Electrical safety

Symbol DANGER! Cardiac arrest!
This product makes an electromagnetic field while it operates. This field may under some conditions interfere with active or passive medical implants. To decrease the risk of conditions that can possibly injure or kill, we recommend persons with medical implants to speak with their physician and the medical implant manufacturer before you operatethe product.
Check the watering control housing for damages before usage. Don’t use a damaged watering control. Please regularly check the connecting line. A damaged watering control should not be used. In the event of damage, have the aquaBloom checked by GARDENA Service. For the watering system, use only rechargeable 1.2 V AA NiMH  batteries. Different types of batteries or new and used  batteries are not to be mixed.

Personal safety
SymbolDANGER! Risk of suffocation! Small parts can be easily swallowed. There is also a risk that the polybag can suffocate toddlers. Keep toddlers away when you assemble the product.

Only use Original GARDENA parts, as the function of the system cannot otherwise be guaranteed. Do not touch the watering control in strong sunshine. Only use the watering system outdoors. Do not use the product while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. The product must not be connected directly to the faucet.

If the required container exceeds 100 litres, you must observe the max. weight load of your balcony (according to DIN 1055).

2. INITIAL OPERATION v (Fig. 1 – 6)
A video of the setting processes is available here:


Fig. 3: Place the water control in a sunny place and avoid shaded areas. When using the aquaBloom for the first time, place it in the sun for 8 hours with the rotary knob turned to “OFF” or charge the rechargeable batteries separately.

3. FUNCTION v (Fig. 7)
After setting the watering duration and frequency, the LED will blink twice to confirm the desired program. The first watering operation will start.  This will be the future watering start time which will remain unchanged even if the watering duration / frequency are changed. The watering start time  can be reset by switching to “OFF”.

The LED colour indicates the current battery charge status:
– Green = Ready for watering.
– Orange= Ready for watering. Place the aquaBloom in a sunny spot or charge the batteries with an appropriate battery charger, if no sunshine is expected during your absence.
– Red = Watering not possible anymore. It is necessary to place the aquaBloom in direct sunlight or recharge the batteries separately.

To put into storage:
The product must be stored away from children.
1. Remove the batteries.
2. Before the onset of frosty weather, store the watering system in a place  that is protected from frost.
(in accordance with RL2012/19/EC)

The product must not be disposed of to normal household waste. It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations.

Dispose of the product through or via your municipal recycling collection centre.

Disposal of the battery:

The GARDENA battery contains NiMH cells that should not be disposed of with normal household waste at the end of its life.

Dispose of the batteries through or via your municipal recycling collection centre.

  1.  Discharge the NiMH cells completely  (contact the GARDENA Service).
  2.  Protect the contacts on the NiMH cells  against short circuits.
  3.  Dispose of the NiMH cells properly.

NOTE: For any other malfunctions please contact the GARDENA service department. Repairs must only be done by GARDENA service departments or specialist dealers approved by GARDENA.




Please contact the address on the back page.
Warranty statement:
In the event of a warranty claim, no charge is levied to you for the services provided.
GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH grants a warranty for all original GARDENA new products for two years from the date of original purchase from the retailer, provided that the devices have been for private use only. This manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to products acquired second hand. This warranty includes all significant defects of the product that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. This war ranty is fulfilled by supplying a fully functional  replacement product or by repairing the faulty product sent to us free of charge; we reserve the right to choose between these options. This service is subject to the following provisions:

  • The product has been used for its intended purpose as per the recommendations in the operating instructions.
  •  Neither the purchaser nor a third party has attempted to open or repair the product.
  • Only Original GARDENA replacement parts and wear parts have been used for operation.
  • Presentation of the receipt.

Normal wear and tear of parts and components (such as blades, blade fixing parts, turbines, light bulbs, V-belts / toothed belts, impellers, air filters, spark plugs), visual changes, wear parts and consumables are excluded from the warranty.
This manufacturer’s warranty is limited to replacement and repair of products in accordance with the abovementioned conditions. The manufacturer’s warranty does not constitute an entitlement to lodge other claims against us as a manufacturer, such as for damages. This manufacturer’s warranty does not, of course,  affect statutory and contractual warranty claims against the dealer / retailer.

The manufacturer’s warranty is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. In case of a warranty claim, please return the faulty product, together with a copy of the receipt and a description of the fault, with postage paid to the service address.

Product liability
In accordance with the German Product Liability Act, we hereby expressly declare that we accept no liability for damage incurred from our products where said products have not been properly repaired by a GARDENA-approved service partner or where original GARDENA parts or parts authorised by GARDENA were not used.

Gardena Solar-Powered Irrigation Aquabloom Set User Manual – Optimized PDF
Gardena Solar-Powered Irrigation Aquabloom Set User Manual – Original PDF

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  1. I wanted to know what the settings meant so I could program it
    Absolutely no help

    1. I had the same question but based on the example of the manual which indicates a consumption of 54L for 21 days and 15 min of pumping per day we find:
      315 min of walk, or 0.17L / min for 20 tips if you consume 54L, or 0.5L / h per tip, value that can be found on the Gardena site. The calculator indicated in the manual above does not seem to exist on the internet. Those who designed the marketing materials for the product don’t have a lot of practicality. The system limit is the volume of water to be stored for a long absence. It is also not said what happens in the event of a lack of water. The previous product which operated on mains did not support at all and the engine burned out.

      J’avais la même question mais basé sur l’exemple du manuel qui indique une consommation de 54L pour 21 jours et 15 min de pompage par jour on trouve:
      315 min de marche, soit 0,17L/min pour 20 embouts si l’on consomme 54L, soit les 0.5L/h par embout, valeur que l’on trouve sur le site Gardena. Le calculateur indiqué dans le manuel ci-dessus ne semble pas exister sur internet. Ceux qui ont conçu les documents marketing du produit n’ont pas beaucoup de sens pratique. La limite du système est le volume d’eau à stocker pour une absence longue. Il n’est pas non plus dit ce qui se passe en cas de manque d’eau. Le produit précédent qui fonctionnait sur secteur ne supportait pas du tout et le moteur grillait.

  2. Ich finde es super, dass es mittlerweile solarbetriebene Bewässerungssets gibt, die die vollautomatische Bewässerung von bis zu 20 Pflanzen sichern. Bis jetzt reicht es nur für den Garten, aber vielleicht geht das ja bald auch schon bei den Sportplatz Bewässerungsanlagen. Man sollte immer mehr auf die Natur achten.

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