GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam


What’s in the box

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  • Webcam with 5 ft (1 5 m) attached USB-A cable
  • User documentation

Knowing your product

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  • If your webcam is constantly flickering, it may be caused by the difference in power frequency.
  • Please change the webcam frequency from 50 to 60 via skype/available camera software.

Setting up the webcam

For placement on a monitor

GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam-FIG-5

  1. Place your webcam on a computer, laptop or monitor.
  2. Adjust the webcam to make sure the foot , on the universal mounting clip is flush with the back of your device.GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam-FIG-6
  3. Manually adjust the webcam up/down to the best , position to frame yourself.

For placement on a tripod

GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam-FIG-7

  1. Locate the ¼ inch tripod thread on the bottom, of the universal mounting clip.GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam-FIG-8
  2. Secure the webcam on your tripod by twisting it into the ¼ inch thread.GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam-FIG-9
  3. Place your webcam with the tripod anywhere you desire to the best position to frame yourself.

Connecting the webcam VIA USB-A

GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam-FIG-10

  • Plug the USB-A connector into the USB-A port onyour computer
  • Status indicator will light up when the webcam is in use by an application.


Including Fixed Mounting Clip

  • Height x Weight x Depth: 2.97 in (75.53 mm) x 2.23 in (56.56 mm) x 2.60 in (65.98 mm)
  • Cable Length: 5 ft (1.5m)
  • Weight: 4.32 oz (122.4 g)

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Documents / Resources

GAMDIAS IRIS M1 Streaming Webcam [pdf] Installation Guide
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