GAMDIAS ARES P2 Lite RGB 2 In 1 Gaming Combo Keyboard Installation Guide
GAMDIAS ARES P2 Lite RGB 2 In 1 Gaming Combo


Thank you for purchasing the GAMDIAS™ ARES P2 LITE. The GAMDIAS ARES P2 LITE gaming keyboard has a comfortable design and spill resistant structure. The GAMDIAS™ optical gaming mouse employs premium micro-processor complemented by 3,600 DPI precision-perfect optical sensor

System Requirements

  • Windows ® XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10/ 11
  • PC with USB ports

Package Contents

  • GAMDIAS™ ARES P2 LITE Gaming Keyboard
  • GAMDIAS™ ARES P2 LITE Optical Gaming Mouse

Introduction ARES P2 LITE keyboard Configuration
GAMDIAS ARES P2 LITE Keyboard Layout
Package Contents

  • A. Eight multimedia shortcut keys:
    My Computer, Email, Home, Calculator, Stop, Previous, Play/Pause, Next
    Keyboard Buttons
  • B. Swap between WASD and arrow key modes:
    Press [Fn + W] once to enable swap mode. Press again to disable
    Keyboard Buttons
  • C. Game mode:
    Press [Fn + Win] once to lock the Windows key so there will be no response when it is pressed. Press again to unlock the key
    Keyboard Buttons
  • D. Keyboard backlight brightness level adjustment:
    [Fn + Up] increases brightness, [Fn + Down] decreases brightness
    Keyboard Buttons
  • E. Speed adjustment of shortcut key:
    [Fn + Right] increases speed, [Fn + Left] decreases speed
    Keyboard Buttons
  • F. Switch keyboard lighting effects :
    Keyboard Buttons
  • G. Switch the keyboard light color (Breathing & Static mode Only):
    Keyboard Buttons
  • H. Increase / Decrease vo lume / silent mode:
    Turn left knob to decrease volume and turn right to increase volume. Press the knob to turn on silent mode
    Keyboard Buttons

Mouse Defauit Settings

Mouse Defauit Settings


Registering Your GAMDIAS™ ARES P2 LITE
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Documents / Resources

GAMDIAS ARES P2 Lite RGB 2 In 1 Gaming Combo Keyboard [pdf] Installation Guide
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