G3 FERRARI G90023 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner



The following are important notes on the installation, use, and maintenance; save this instruction manual for future reference; use the equipment only as specified in this guide; any other use is considered improper and dangerous; therefore, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible in the event of damages caused by improper, incorrect or unreasonable use. Before use, ensure the equipment is undamaged; if in doubt, do not attempt to use it and contact the authorized service center; do not leave packing materials (i.e. plastic bags, polystyrene foam, nails, staples, etc.) within the reach of children as they are potential sources of danger; always remember that they must be separately collected. Make sure that the rating information is given on the technical labels are compatible with those of the electricity grid; the installation must be performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions considering the maximum power of the appliance as shown on the label; an incorrect installation may cause damage to people, animals, or things, for which the manufacturer cannot be considered responsible thereof. If it is necessary to use adapters, multiple sockets, or electrical extensions, use only those that comply with current safety standards; in any case do not exceed the power consumption limits indicated on the electrical adapter and/or extensions, as well as the maximum power is shown on multiple adaptors. Do not leave the unit plugged; better to remove the plug from the mains when the device is not in use. Always disconnect from the power supply if you leave it unattended. Cleaning operations should be carried out after unplugging the unit. If the unit is out of order and you do not want to fix it, it must be made inoperable by cutting the power cord.

  • Do not allow the power cord to get closer to sharp objects or in contact with hot surfaces; do not pull it to disconnect the plug.
  • Do not use the appliance in the event of damage to the power cord, plug, or in case of short circuits; to repair the product only address an authorized service center.
  • Do not handle or touch the appliance with wet hands or bare feet.
  • Do not expose the appliance to harmful weather conditions such as rain, moisture, frost, etc. Always store it in a dry place.
  • This appliance can be used by children of 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they received supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved; children shall not play with the appliance; cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by
  • Children must not play with the appliance.
  • Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years.
  • If the power cord is damaged, or in case of failure and/or malfunction do not tamper with the unit. The reparation must be done by the manufacturer or by a service center authorized by the manufacturer in order to prevent any risk. Failure to comply with the above may compromise the unit’s safety and invalidate the warranty.
  • This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as staff kitchen areas in shops, offices, and other working environments; by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments; farm houses, bed and breakfast type environments.
  • The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system.
  • Before every use, unroll the power cord.
  • Use original spare parts and accessories only.
  • Do not subject the product to strong impacts, serious damages may result.
  • Do not use near or under flammable materials (like curtains), heat, cold spots, and steam.


Do not vacuum sharp or pointed objects, flammable or harmful, acids, or combustible materials such as cigarettes, burning embers, matches, and ashes. If you need to change a filter, make sure that the reassembly is properly made; ensure the new filters are not wet or damp. In this case, wait for it to dry completely. The unit is not suitable for suction of liquid or wet surfaces. Do not expose the appliance to high temperatures and do not bring it close to heat sources.

CAUTION: while the unit is operating, do not approach the air inlet to the ears, eyes, or to fragile items such as vases, tools, electronic equipment etc. Never leave the appliance unattended while it is running. Always use the operation button to turn on or turn off the vacuum cleaner. Do not obstruct the ventilation slots on the product. Regularly clean the filtering system Don’t use the appliance if the filtering system is not properly and completely mounted. Do not immerse the motor unit in water or other liquids: clean the appliance with a damp cloth. To change attachments or perform cleaning and maintenance operations, switch off the unit. In case of overheating, or if the unit produces smoke, smell, or unusual noises, turn it off immediately and check that the pipe is free from obstacles. If it is, contact the service center for checking the appliance. Regularly clean unit for better performance and long life. If the adapter is broken or got lost, contact an authorized service center for replacing it. For the warnings concerning the battery and the power supply, refer to the appropriate paragraph.


  1. Working button
  2. Charging input
  3. Filtering system
  4. Nozzle
  5. Multi-function brush
  6. Speed button
  7.  Charge indicator
  8. Suction port
  9. Container release button
  10. Wall mount
  11. Container open button
  12. Outlet filter
  13. Main body
  14. Dust container
  15. Aluminum tube
  16. Motorized brush
  17. Adaptor
  18. Air exit grid


The product includes several accessories that make it multi-function; after mounting the proper accessory, as explained in the following paragraphs, you will only have to switch on the appliance with the button (1). The vacuum cleaner features 2 speeds: pressing the button (16), it switches from low speed to high speed. Periodically check the condition of the HEPA filter and of the outlet filter (17), cleaning or changing it if needed; it is also very important to empty the dust container often (6). These measures will preserve the life of the unit and improve vacuum performance.


The brush (12) is suitable for vacuuming on every kind of floor and carpet. It has a 90° pivot, to give more freedom of movement and to clean under furniture and sofa. It also features an integrated motor, that moves the brush, to collect more dirt. – The brush (12) can be mounted directly to the main housing (3), inserting the connector of the brush in the suction port (5). To clean the floor and carpet we suggest attaching the brush (12) to the aluminum tube (9) and the tube to the port (5). To remove accessories press release buttons on the aluminum tube, and on the port (5).

The brush (13) is suitable for vacuuming on textiles and surfaces: sofa, car, bed, and pet hair. It also features an integrated motor, that moves the brush, to collect more dirt. We suggest attaching the brush (13) directly to the main housing (3) and inserting the connector of the brush in the suction port (5). In this way, you will have a powerful handy cleaner with a multi-function brush.
ACCESSORY NOZZLE The nozzle (10) is suitable for vacuuming in cracks, corners, tile joints, and narrow places. Includes a mobile brush and can be used with or without it. – The nozzle (10) can be mounted directly to the main housing (3) and inserted in the port (5). – Add the aluminum tube if you want to reach far surfaces like the ceiling. Mount nozzle to the tube (9),
and the tube to the port (5).



G3-FERRARI-G90023-Rechargeable-Vacuum-Cleaner-FIG-2 When dust reaches the maximum level inside the container (6), it is necessary to remove it. To empty the container (6), dismount it from the motor housing (3) by pressing the release button (8). Bring the container above a bin and press the release button (14). This button will open the door dropping all the dirt. It is recommended to do this outdoors to avoid soiling the house when the dust comes out of the trash. Close the lid and mount the container.


This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a metallic filter (a), 1 HEPA filter (b), and one outlet filter (17), capable of retaining particles and small organisms such as mites and pollens. In this way, the air re-emitted from the cleaner will be more healthy and clean. To maintain the performance of the vacuum cleaner is recommended to clean the filters regularly.


  • Release the container (6) from housing (3) by pressing the button (8).
  • Remove filter (b) and filtering system (a) pulling out of dust container.
  • a) Filtering system is dismountable in 3 parts rotating the upper part anti-clockwise. Take the piece with the metal mesh filter and wash it with running water. Dry it and mount the filtering system.
  • b) To clean the outlet filter (17), remove the grid (18) by pressing lateral pins. To clean the filter, just shake or blow it.
  • c) Take the HEPA filter and clean it as described below.
  • At least once a week, shake the HEPA filter in the bin to get the dirt out.
  • At least once every 2 months, carry out a more thorough cleaning: rinse HEPA filter, metal filter and container with a soft brush and/or with warm water and DRY THEM THOROUGHLY.
  • CAUTION: Do not use detergent to clean the filter or the cover. The HEPA filter must be completely dry before using the vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning:

  • Mount filtering system (a) in the container, matching the hole in the filtering system with the mark present inside the container. It is also needed that the final part of the filtering system is inserted in its place, a round mark placed inside the lid of the dust container.
  • – Mount HEPA filter (b) over the filtering system (a). – Mount the container to the motor housing (3).



  • It is recommended to periodically check the condition of the brush and if it is dirty it should be cleaned. – Take the motorized brush (12) and turn it upside down. – With a coin or a screwdriver rotate to the left the screw placed on the right side of the brush. Remove the lid blocking the rotating brush. – Move the blocking lever of the rotating brush to the left. – Extract the rotating brush and clean it; use a vacuum cleaner or wash it with tap water and then dry it. – Clean the internal part of the brush (12) and the suction tube. Mount the brush.


During use, the charging lights (2) indicate the charge level. When the battery is nearly discharged only one light is on. This indicates that is time to recharge. For charging, switch off the product with a power button (1), plug the adaptor into the power outlet, and connect the pin to the charging input (4) on the side of the appliance. The battery can also be removed (Push the clip under the base of the motor housing) to separate it from the housing and charge it easily. The charging lights (2) have the following behavior if the appliance is properly connected. During charge, the blue lights flash, while when the charge is full, the blue lights stay on without flashing.


  • The following measures will preserve the battery life.
  • When you first use the unit, and for the following uses, the complete charge is of 5 hours.
  • ALWAYS charge and discharge completely the battery.
  • NEVER leave the battery uncharged: if the appliance is exhausted immediately proceed to charge.
  • Do at least one charge every month.
  • NEVER leave the appliance in charge for more than 8 hours.
  • When the charging operation is finished, unplug the power adapter and keep it in a dry place, taking care not to damage the power cord.

WARNING: if you store the appliance on its support, connect the adaptor to the electric socket ONLY when you want to charge the appliance. When charging is finished unplug the adaptor. The battery has a limited duration. When the battery duration is shorter the charging time gets longer. If the battery is weak even after a complete recharge, it means that its lifetime is nearly finished and that replacing it is needed. In this case, contact an authorized after-sales service. The battery can be removed, by pulling the lever on the back of the housing and pulling out the battery, as shown in the figure.

CAUTION: to recharge the unit, use only the supplied original adapter. If the power adapter is damaged or gets lost, contact an authorized service center; it is recommended not to use other adapters which may damage the battery and impair the functionality of the appliance.

  • Do not give fire to the battery, the danger of explosion.
  • In case you have to install batteries, do not force or press them, this may cause battery leakage, overheating, breaking, or fire.
  • Do not use wires, needles, or other metallic objects to short-circuit the battery. Moreover, don’t put batteries near metallic objects as this may cause battery leakage, overheating, breaking, or fire.
  • Don’t solder the contacts of the battery, as this may cause battery leakage, overheating, or breaking fire.
  • If the battery liquid comes into contact with the eyes, there is a blindness risk. Do not eyes, but rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and go to the hospital for treatment.
  • In case of overheating, the battery changes color or gets deformed, replace it immediately.
  • Replace the battery only with the same or equivalent battery.
  • Do not waste batteries and appliances as a normal waste. Bring the product to the appropriate “collection centers” of the municipal administrations.


  • Power adaptor: IN – AC 100-240V~50-60Hz, OUT – DC 26.5V ­ 0.5A
  • Lithium battery: 22.2V, 2000mAh
  • Suction power 9kPa – 120W
  • SPARE FILTERS: ask to your reseller for the spare filter set, model G3FERRARI G90024


Information Value Unit
Input voltage 100-240 V
Input AC frequency 50-60 Hz
Output voltage 26.5 a.C. V
Output current 0,5 A
Output power 13.25 W
Average active efficiency 84.4 %
Efficiency at low load (10 %) 71.43 %
No-load power consumption 0.09 W


The product is made of non-biodegradable and potentially polluting substances if not properly disposed of; other parts can be recycled. It’s our duty to contribute to the ecological health of the environment by following the correct procedures for disposal. The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol indicates the product complies with the requirements of the new directives introduced to protect the environment (2002/96/EC, 2003/108/EC, 2002/95/EC, 2012/19/EC) and must be properly disposed at the end of its lifetime. If you need further information, ask for the dedicated waste disposal areas at your place of residence. Who does not dispose of the product as specified in this section shall be liable according to the law

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