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User’s Manual

G force-iconWARNING
Please read the user manual carefully before using your new scooter. This version is for private use only and should not be distributed.

Welcome to use
Thank you for purchasing S5 Electric Scooter (Abbreviated as a scooter)!
This scooter is an easy-to-carry short-distance transportation product. It is a sports and recreational vehicle with style.

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-

G force-iconWhen riding a scooter, please wear helmets, knee pads, wrist pads, and other protective gear to reduce the risk of injury

All pictures in this user manual are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

Package Contents

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Package


Accessories Box :     Screw × 5    Tool Kits × 1    Inner Tube × 1 Valve Core Wrench ×1
G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Accessories1 G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Accessories2 G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Accessories3 G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Accessories4 G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Accessories5

G force-iconCarefully check package contents, if anything is missing or damaged, please contact the customer service in time.

DiagramG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Diagram

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Diagram1

G force-icon[1]: G force-icon1 Different control panels may display different indicator ICONS, please refer to the actual display

Battery Level Display
The power level is indicated by five segments on the control panel. Each segment represents about 20 % of the power.
Power Button
Hold G force-icon2button for 3s to turn on or off the scooter. When the scooter is on, press G force-icon2the button to turn on or off the headlight and taillight. (If your scooter is not used for more than 10 minutes, the power will be automatically turned off.)
Mode Button
Keep holding“ M ”button to enter push assistance mode.
Press“ M ”button to switch riding mode.
Mode Display
Mode “1”: ECO mode. (Lower power)
Mode “2”: Normal mode. (Normal power)
Mode “3”: Sport mode. (Higher power)
Mode “Cruise”: When the driving speed remains unchanged for 7s, the cruise control will be automatically activated, and then the “warning light” is flashing on the control panel. The scooter will maintain that speed even if the throttle is not pressed. Cruise control can be deactivated by pulling the brakes or pressing the throttle again.
Odograph Display
The Odograph position is displayed as ODO (Total mileage)3 seconds after the instrument is started, and then it is switched to trip 3 seconds later.
Error Code Display
If the speed area of the display shows or flashes « OX », it indicates a malfunction of the scooter. Error code meanings can be found below.
System Settings
In the power-on state, when the display shows the speed of 0

  1. Hold G force-icon2button and“ M ”button at the same for 3s to enter the setting interface.
  2. Press“ M ”button to select P1-Speed Limit Setting or P2-Unit Setting.
  3. Press G force-icon2the button to enter the parameter modification state.
  4. Press the “ M ”button for parameter selection.
  5. Hold G force-icon2the button for 3s to save the parameter and return to the first setting interface.
  6. Hold G force-icon2the button for 3s to exit the setting interface.
    P1: Speed Limit Setting
    By modifying this value, you can set the maximum riding speed of your scooter. The selectable range of the maximum speed setting value is 25km/h-32km/h(15MPH-20MPH).
    P2: Speed Unit Setting
    By modifying this value, you can set the unit of your scooter. 00 represents the metric system, and 01 represents the imperial system.

Error Code



Controller failure


Communication failure


Hall element failure


Throttle failure


Brake failure


Motor failure


  1. Put the kickstand down to support the scooter, then unfold the handlebar stem and fix it by folding mechanism.
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Assembly1
  2. Firmly connect the wires inside the handle and the stem. Slide the handle onto the stem. Be aware of the correct orientation
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Assembly2
  3. Install four screws (two on each side) with the included hex wrench.
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Assembly3
  4. Ensure that your scooter can be powered on and off.
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Assembly4


Charging condition description: The scooter is fully charged when the LED on the charger changes from red (charging) to green(trickle charge).

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Charge

How To RideG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Ride

Warning: Wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Please read the instruction carefully before using them. Do not touch the power system. Refer to the instruction for more informationG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Ride1

  1. Long press G force-icon3to power on the scooter.
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-2
  2. Step on the deck with one foot, and slowly kick off the other on the ground.
    G force-iconWhen the scooter is at a full stop, the accelerator automatically turns off. To restart the scooter, it is necessary to repeat step 2.
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-3
  3. When the scooter starts to coast, put both feet on the deck and press the accelerator (the accelerator initiates once the coasting speed exceeds 2.4 MPH).
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-ride44
  4. Release the accelerator and the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) initiates automatically to brake slowly, And squeeze the brake lever for a sudden brake
    G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Ride5
  5. Tilt your body to the steering direction as you turn, and slowly turn the handlebar

Safety InstructionsG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Safety

G force-iconDo not ride in the rainG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-risks1

G force-iconLook out for doors, elevators, and other overhead obstacles

G force-iconWatch out for safety risksG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-risks

G force-iconAlways steer clear of obstacles

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-risks2G force-iconKeep both feet on the deck all time.

G force-iconTo prevent inappropriate use of the scooter, the rear wheel of the machine must be locked with a padlock when parked.

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-risks3G force-iconDo not accelerate when you go downhillG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-scooter

G force-iconDo not press the accelerator when you’re walking alongside the scooter

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-risks4

G force-iconDo not hang bags or other heavy stuff on the handlebar

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-slowly

G force-iconPlease slow down and pass slowly when you ride through speed bumps

Do not try following dangerous actions

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-r residential

G force-icon4Do not ride in traffic lanes or residential areas where vehicles and pedestrians are both allowed

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-bypass

G force-icon4Do not ride through puddles or any other (water) obstacle. In such a case please lower your speed and bypass the obstacle.

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-speed

G force-icon4Do not turn the handlebar violently during high-speed riding

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-children

G force-icon4Do not ride with anyone else, including childrenG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-handlebar

G force-icon4Do not keep your hands away from the handlebar

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-while

G force-icon4Stay alert and do not perform any other activities while riding.

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-while1

G force-icon4Do not try riding up or downstairs, and jumping over obstacles

G force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-outdoors

G force-icon4Do not park the scooter outdoors or in the open air for a long time

Safety Reminder

  • The scooter is intended for riders older than 16 years. Riders with a lack of experience or knowledge should drive carefully. Children should not play with the scooter or parts of it nor should cleaning or maintenance be done by children. The use of the machine results in the transmission of vibrations throughout the driver’s body.
  • This electric scooter is a leisure device. But once they’re in a public area, they’ll be seen as vehicles, subjecting to any risks faced by vehicles. For your safety, please follow instructions in the manual and traffic laws and regulations set forth by the government and regulatory agencies.

  • At the same time, you should understand that risks cannot be entirely avoided as others may violate traffic regulations and drive incautiously, and you’re exposed to road accidents just as when you’re walking or biking. The faster the scooter is, the longer it takes to stop. On a smooth surface, the scooter may slip, lose balance, and even result in a fall. Thus it is crucial that you use caution, keep proper speed and distance, especially so when you’re unfamiliar with the place.

  • Respect pedestrians’ right of way. Try not to startle them while driving, especially children. When you ride from behind pedestrians, ring your bell to give them a heads-up and slow your scooter to pass from their left (applicable to countries where vehicles drive on the right). When you ride across pedestrians, keep to the right at a low speed. When you drive across pedestrians, keep the lowest speed or get off the vehicle.

  • Closely follow the safety instructions in the manual especially in China and countries that lack relevant laws and regulations regarding electric scooters. G-Force shall not be liable for any financial losses, physical injuries, accidents, legal disputes, and other interest conflicts resulting from actions that violate user instructions.

  • Riding at high speed or a speed that is not appropriate or adequate for the situation (bad weather conditions, bad surface conditions, or the like) may lead to a potential loss of stability or loss of control. To reduce any risk, you must follow all instructions in this user manual. Be careful when mounting and dismantling the product, it may fall and cause injury.

  • Do not lend your scooter to whoever knows not the operations. And when you do lend it to your friends, please take the responsibility to ensure he/she knows the operation and wear the safety gear.

  • Check the scooter before every use. When you note loosen parts, low battery alerts, flat tires, excessive wear, strange sounds, malfunctions, and other abnormal conditions, stop riding immediately and call for professional support.

  • When riding a scooter, you need to hold the handle with both hands to avoid shaking and falling down.
  • Always place the scooter on its stand on a flat and stable surface. The scooter must be placed with the stand against the slope to prevent it from tipping over. Never place the scooter with the front facing down the slope, as the stand may close and tip the machine. Once the scooter is on its stand, check its stability to avoid any risk of falling (by slip, wind, or slight jolt). Do not park the scooter in a busy area, but rather along a wall. If possible, always choose to park your scooter on flat ground

  • Do not touch the brake system, it could cause safety injuries.
  • To avoid inappropriate use, it is necessary to start coasting the scooter to activate the motor and the accelerator. When the scooter is stopped, the accelerator does not work.
  • Wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads to avoid injury. Poor driving can lead to falls or serious accidents. Store the electric scooter indoors when not in use. Read the instruction manual and drive the electric scooter carefully. You should only operate the electric scooter after you have understood and applied all the safety rules. The scooter operator will be responsible for any damage or injury caused by failure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. For a better driving experience, it is recommended to conduct regular maintenance of the product. Refer to the user manual for more information. Please read the user manual before charging the battery. Do Not drive in rain or puddles. Required age of driver: 14 to 50 years. Not
    allowed for children.

Folding and CarryingG force GF S5 G US S5 Electric Scooter-Carrying

Put the kickstand down to support the scooter, the scooter needs to be turned off before folding. Hold the handlebar stem, toggle upward the safety hook of the folding mechanism, in this state, open the quick-release lever. Fold the vertical bar over the pedals, while connecting the handlebar hook to the buckle. Hold the handlebar stem with either one hand or both hands to carry.

Daily Care and Maintenance

Notes: do not clean the scooter with alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, or other corrosive and volatile chemical solvents to prevent dire damage. Do not wash the scooter with a high-pressure water spray. During cleaning, make sure that the scooter’s turned off, the charging cable is unplugged, and the rubber flap is closed as water leakage may result in electric shock or other major problems. When the scooter’s not in use, keep it indoors where it is dry and cool. Do not put it outdoors for a long time. Excessive sunlight, overheating and overcooling accelerate tire aging and compromise the scooter and the battery pack’s lifespan.

Maintenance and removal of the battery

Do not remove the battery. Removing the battery is complicated and can alter the operation of the scooter: You can contact us if the product is still under warranty. Spare tires supplied with the product are to be mounted on the wheel by a professional repairer. Removing the wheels is complicated and incorrect assembly can lead to instability and malfunctions:

  1. Use original battery packs, use other models or brands that may cause safety issues;
  2. Do not touch the contacts. Do not dismantle or puncture the casing. Keep the contacts away from metal objects to prevent short circuits which may result in battery damage or even injuries and deaths;
  3. Use original power adapter to avoid potential damage or fire;
  4. Mishandling of used batteries may do tremendous harm to the environment. To protect the natural environment, please follow local regulations to properly dispose of used batteries.
  5. After every use, fully charge the battery to prolong its lifespan. Do not place the battery in an environment where the ambient temperature is higher than 50°C or lower than -20°C (e.g., do not leave the scooter or the battery pack in a car under direct sunlight for an extended time). Do not throw the battery pack into fire as it may lead to battery failure, battery overheating, and even another fire. If the scooter is expected to be left idle for more than 30 days, please fully charge the battery and place it in a dry and cool place. Keep in mind to recharge it every 60 days to protect the battery from potential damage which is beyond a limited warranty. Scooter shall be only be used with original batteries and charging of the scooter shall only be done by the original charging adapter supplied with the scooter (or any battery model or charging adapter model approved by the manufacturer as compatible). Always charge before exhausting the battery to prolong the battery’s lifespan. The battery pack performs better at normal temperature and is poor when it is below 0°C. For instance, when it is below -20°C, the riding range is only half or less at normal state. When the temperature rises, the riding range restores. For detailed information The external flexible cable of this transformer can not be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the transformer must be discarded and replaced by a new one.

Note: The damage caused by prolonged no charge is irreversible and is beyond a limited warranty. Once the damage is done, the battery can not be recharged (non-professionals are forbidden to dismantle the battery pack, as it may cause electric shock, short circuit, or even major safety accidents). In case of accident or breakdown: please contact an authorized repairer if the product is still under guarantee.

Contact us
E-mail: [email protected]


Performance index Unfold: Length x Width x Height Approx. 45 x 18 x 55 Inches
Dimensions Fold: Length x Width x Height Approx. 45 x 18 x 23 Inches
Weight Net Approx. 45 Pounds
Rider Payload 220 Pounds
Recommended Age 16+ years
Required Height 47 – 78 Inches
Machine Parameters Max. Speed Approx. 20 mph
Typical Range 30 miles
Max. Slope Approx. 15%
Traversable Terrain asphalt/flat pavement

obstacles <0.3 Inches; gaps <1.1 Inches

Operating Temperature -4 —104°F
Storage Temperature 14-122°F
IP Rating IPXS
Battery Duration of Charging 6 – 7 hours
Nominal Voltage 48V
Max. Charging voltage 54V
Charging Temperature 32 —104°F
Nominal Capacity 12Ah
Battery Management System BMS
Number of Batteries 1
Motor Nominal Power 250W
Max. Power 500W
Charger Output Power 100W
Input Voltage 100 — 240V∼ 50/60Hz
Output voltage 54V
Output Current 2A
Features LED Rear Light Taillight
Riding Modes Model, Model, Mode3
Tire Tire 10 Inches

Limited Guarantee Period

(except artificial)

This Limited Guarantee covers all defects in material and workmanship of the Product arising or occurring as a result of your normal and ordinary use of the Product. In the event a defect covered by this Limited Guarantee occurs, G-Force will repair or replace your Product in accordance with the terms of this Limited Guaranty. (This Limited Guarantee is only applicable to product problems caused by non-human or force majeure factors)The original purchase date of the Product, Applies to the Product in the following ways:

Vehicle Body 1 year
  • Controler
  • Hub Motor
  • Frame Assembly
  • Handl
Batteries and Charger 180 days
  • Batteries
  • Charger
Components Subject to Wear 90 days
  • Tire
  • Inner Tube
  • deck
  • Taillight & Headlight

Note: The damage caused by man-made is not covered by the warran(The battery capacity decay is subject to the test capacity of the machine, not the decay of the riding kilometers)

Service E-mail: [email protected]

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Note: If you need repair or replacement, please provide the information required in the table above

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