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Thank you for purchasing S41, this is an electric bicycle for riding without chains.

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Assemble the electric bicycle
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Please check the items in the package carefully. If any items are missing or damaged, please contact customer service for support.

Product Overview

Product Overview


Battery level display

The battery power is indicated by the four power indicators on the control panel. As the power is The battery power is indicated by the four power indicators on the control panel. As the power is consumed, the indicator will change from steady to blinking, and finally from off to off. When all four power indicator lights are on, the battery charge is between 100% and 76%; when the three lights are on and one light is blinking, the battery charge is between 75%6 and 51%, and so on. When the bottom power indicator flashes, it indicates that the power supply is insufficient. Please charge as soon as possible for future use. After the battery is exhausted, all the lights will go out and the electric bike will coast until it stops completely.

Gear display

1-3 represents three gears. The first gear is the slowest and the third gear is the fastest.

Power button

Press and hold the key to turn on / off the power.
With the power on, short press the key once to turn the lights on / off.
The first button on the instrument is the start/stop button, and the second button is:
The “M” key is the speed button, The riding speed is different with each press, 0-1-2-3 gear, 0 gear is no power, turning the throttle electric bike is not power. Switch the speed gear according to the riding-

Assembly and setting

  1. Lock the body folding buckle
    Assembly and setting Figure 1
  2. Adjust the seat tube to a suitable height, and then tighten the caliper. When the seat tube still sways or slides down when the locking clamp is  encountered, you can hold the screw end of the clamp with one hand and turn the handle of the clamp to adjust the tightness with the other hand.
    Assembly and setting Figure 2
  3. Whether the group is installed or not, often press the industrial power source button to check
    Assembly and setting Figure 3

Charge the bicycle

Charge the bicycle

How to ride

  1. Turn on the electric car, and then check the remaining power
    How to ride Figure 1
  2. Step on one foot with one foot and keep the other foot on the ground
    How to ride Figure 2
  3. After releasing the accelerator or active brake, the motor will suspend to provide power
    How to ride Figure 3
  4. When turning, tilt your body to the steering direction, then slowly turn the handlebar
    How to ride Figure 4

Safety Instructions

Beware of potential safety hazards

Safety Instructions Figure 1

WarningDon’t ride in the rain

Safety Instructions Figure 2

When crossing speed bumps, elevator thresholds, and other uneven surfaces, keep the speed between 3.1 and 6.2 km. Bend your knees slightly, keeping your body as close to the rear wheel as possible to better adjust the mentioned surface

Safety Instructions Figure 3

WarningPay attention to doors, elevators and other obstacles

Safety Instructions Figure 4


Don’t accelerate when going downhill

Safety Instructions Figure 5


Do not press the accelerator under the following circumstances: you are pushing the scooter to walk

Safety Instructions Figure 6


Always avoid obstacles

Safety Instructions Figure 7


Do not hang bags or other heavy objects on the handlebars

Safety Instructions Figure 8


Always put your feet on the foo

Do not try to perform dangerous actions

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 1

Do Not IconPlease do not allow the pedestrian lane or the residential area where the vehicle is located and pedestrians are allowed

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 2

Do Not IconDo not turn the handlebar violently while riding at high speed

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 3

Do Not IconDon’t ride in a pond higher than 0.78 inches

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 4

Do Not IconDo not ride with other people, including children

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 5

Do Not IconDo not put your feet on the chain

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 6
Do Not IconDo not touch the disc brake

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 7

Do Not IconDon’t put your hand on the handlebar

Do not try to perform dangerous actions Figure 8

Do Not IconDo not try to climb stairs or jump over obstacles

safety warning

  1. This electric bicycle is a short-distance transportation with electric power assistance. For the sake of safety, please follow the regulations in the  manual and traffic regulations that instruct the government and regulatory agencies. (Instructions or instruction manuals, catalogs, manuals and  manuals, weekly, weekly, organisms, weekly).
  2. At the same time, you should understand that the risk cannot be completely avoided because other people may violate traffic laws and drive carelessly, and just like when walking or riding a bicycle, you are vulnerable to road traffic accidents. On a slippery surface, it may slip, lose balance, or even cause a fall. Therefore, it is important to proceed with caution and maintain proper speed and distance, especially when you are not familiar  with it. This is crucial to this place.
    • Respect pedestrians’ right of way. When driving, especially children, don’t scare them. When you ride from behind a pedestrian, please ring the  bell to remind others, and let your scooter pass from the left (applicable to countries with vehicles) When you cross the pedestrian, you should  keep the right speed at a low speed
    • When you cross pedestrians, please keep the minimum speed or get off. Do not rent electric bicycles to people who do not understand their  operation. When you rent it to your friend, you are responsible for making sure that he / she knows its operation and wears safety equipment.
    • Please check the scooter before each use. When it is found that the parts are loose, the battery is low, the tire is leaking, excessive wear, strange sounds, malfunctions and other abnormal conditions, please immediately stop riding and seek professional support.a

Warning-fire risk-users are prohibited from servicing parts.

Fold and carry


Make sure the electric car is turned off. To fold, unlock the folding mechanism, 1. Open the folding buckle of the riser before bending the handlebar; 2.  Open the seat tube lock; remove it from the buckle, erect the handlebars and lock the folding structure


Can be placed in the car’s rear box, small size, easy to carry

Hold the handle with one or two hands

Daily maintenance

About charging

  1. When the input and output terminals of the charger are connected, the red indicator of the charger lights up to indicate normal charging.
  2. Standard charging time: charge according to the specified time of the special matching charger. The ambient temperature is about 25 °C, and the charging time of the lithium battery is 3-8 hours, the green indicator light indicates that the battery is fully charged, you should immediately unplug  the charger to stop charging.
    The larger the battery capacity, the longer the charging time.
  3. If the battery temperature exceeds 40 ° C in summer, you need to suspend charging, and continue charging after the temperature drops. To charge in winter, the battery should be charged one hour after being built in the room. The charging time is 5-10 hours.
  4. Although this charger has an overcurrent protection device, it should not be charged for a long time due to the chemical nature of the lithium battery. Otherwise, it may cause the battery performance to decay too fast, or even cause a fire.

Charging considerations

  1. When charging, please put it in a safe place out of reach of children.
  2. Warning, users must follow the instructions when charging, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk.
  3. Prompt that the original charger must be used.
  4. Pay attention to the type and applicable voltage of the battery that the charger can charge, and it is strictly forbidden to mix.
  5. When charging, it should be placed in a ventilated environment. It is strictly forbidden to charge in confined spaces or in the hot sun and high temperature environment. Do not place the charger in the saddle or the tail box for charging.
  6. When charging, insert the battery first, and then connect the power supply; when sufficient, cut off the power supply first, and then pull out the battery connector.
  7. When the green light is on, the power supply should be cut off in time. It is forbidden to connect the charger to the AC power supply without load for a long time without charging.
  8. During the charging process, if the indicator is abnormal, there is an odor or the charger shell is overheated, the charging should be stopped immediately, and the charger should be repaired or replaced.
  9. During the use and storage of the charger, pay attention to avoid the entry of foreign objects, especially to avoid the inflow of water or other liquids, so as not to cause a short circuit inside the charger. The charger should not be carried with the vehicle as much as possible. If it is really necessary, it  should be placed in the tool box after shock absorption.
  10. Do not disassemble or replace the components in the charger by yourself.

Adjust the brake cable and disc brake

If the brake is too tight, use a hex wrench to loosen the screw on the caliper, then send the brake cable back slightly to shorten the bare length, and then tighten the screw. If the brake is too loose, loosen the screw, then gently pull out the brake cable to extend the bare length, and then tighten the screw.

Adjust the seat and handlebars

If the bicycle handlebar and handlebar stem swing during riding, use an M5 hex wrench to tighten the screws on the folding device.

How to use the extended nozzle adapter

How to use the extended nozzle adapter

If the tire leaks, remove the screw cap from the valve, and then connect the extended nozzle adapter to the valve to inflate.

Check before riding

In order to ensure your driving safety, please make sure to check before riding:

  1. Check whether the air in the tire is sufficient, and the tightening torque of the rear wheel nut is not less than 30Nm.
  2. The tightening torque between the crossbar and the stem, the saddle and the saddle tube is not less than 19.6Nm, and the depth of insertion of the riser tube is not less than 2.5 times the diameter of the riser tube (the insertion attempt cannot exceed the safety of the stem tube or saddle tube) line).
  3. Chain terms: The tightening of the chain should be adapted to the distance between the free sag and tension of the chain should be between 5-10mm. Shaft transmission: (The shaft transmission is designed without a chain, check the thin oil lubrication of the transmission shaft)
  4. The brake adjustment should be reliable and flexible. (Note: Rainy and snowy days will increase the braking distance)
  5. For models with folding function, the quick release device must be locked before riding!
    Tip: The torque of 19.6Nm is about to be tightened with a wrench to the point that the hand can no longer be tightened. The torque of 30Nm is to be tightened with the wrench to the point where the hand can no longer be tightened, and then the foot is pressed hard to make it unable to move.

Start method

How to start an electric bicycle is started by the start button on the dashboard, no key is needed, The function of the key is to take the battery and install the battery.

Notes on parking

  1. When you get off the vehicle, you should turn off the power switch to prevent accidents caused by the start of the assist mode when the acceleration lever or the wheel is turned during the promotion.
  2. Turn off the power and remove the key when parking.
  3. For your driving safety, but also to keep your bike in the best condition, please perform regular maintenance and cleaning.

Precautions during riding

  1. When the vehicle is just started, it should be slowly accelerated to avoid excessive rapid starting current causing excessive starting current and  wasting electrical energy, and auxiliary pedal starting is better.
  2. In order to protect the battery and motor, please use the foot to assist when the vehicle starts or climbs the hill.
  3. Under the premise of ensuring safety, you should drive at economic speed as much as possible. And try to avoid frequent braking or frequent start to save energy.
  4. During driving, the phenomenon that the speed control lever is still tightened after braking should be avoided to avoid overloading the motor and damaging other mechanical parts.
  5. The controller of this car is equipped with overload protection function. The power supply will be cut off automatically when overloaded, and the power supply will be automatically switched on when it returns to normal.
  6. The maximum load capacity of this vehicle is 150Kg (including the weight of the rider). Do not overload.
  7. When driving on muddy or uneven roads, try to use human power as much as possible.
  8. When it is found that there is electricity and can not drive, the power should be turned off to ride, so as not to damage the electrical components.
    The order of front and rear brakes: brake first, then brake, then brake first or front brake only.
    It is forbidden to lubricate the brake parts, so as not to cause brake failure and bring danger.
  9. Before riding, you must confirm the safety and reliability of brakes, seat cushions, frame, handebars, wheels, etc. to avoid accidents.
  10. Avoid driving on bumpy, muddy, gravel roads, stairs, or the use of explosion-proof tires and rims to deform, damage your car or cause danger.
  11. Do not drive on the handlebar to avoid accidents caused by uncontrolled operation.
  12. The battery is strictly forbidden to be close to the fire source, and avoid being close to flammable and explosive corrosive gas.
  13. Do not disassemble the battery box without authorization to avoid damage to internal parts. Do not damage the labels on the battery and the battery compartment cover, otherwise you will lose your warranty commitment.
  14. The electric bicycle is suitable for riding by one person. In order not to shift the center of gravity, the operation is unstable, and it should not carry  people.
  15. It is strictly prohibited to short-circuit the positive and negative poles of the battery with wires or conductors to avoid danger and damage to the battery.
  16. The battery should be handled lightly to avoid collision, fall and fall to prevent damage to the casing and accidents.
  17. Please note that electric vehicles should not be driven for long distances.
  18. Electric bicycles should be driven in non-motorized lanes.
  19. It is recommended to wear a helmet when riding;
  20. Do not park electric bicycles in building halls, evacuation stairs, walkways and safety exits;

After-sales policy (except artificial)

All out-of-the-box electric vehicles will be shipped after passing the inspection by our professional masters. The biggest feature of this product is maintenance-free. In addition to the battery motor controller, the rest are universal parts of the bicycle, and our battery motor controller warranty time It’s extra long, so don’t worry.

Note: Warranty time is calculated from the factory date

After-sales policy

Note: The damage caused by man-made is not covered by the warranty. (The battery capacity decay is subject to the test capacity of the machine, not the decay of the riding kilometers.)

Watch the video channel dealing with common problems of G-FORCE after-sales: G-force official video website: Youtube
If you have any questions, please send an email to: [email protected]


We must read all precautions carefully before riding, such as all accidents, traffic accidents caused by improper use, and economic problems and legal liabilities caused by illegal modification or illegal use. Our company is not responsible.

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