FURRION F2AA003ABBK Ceiling Mount User Guide
FURRION F2AA003ABBK Ceiling Mount

Thank you and congratulations for purchasing this Furrion product. Before operating your new product, please read these instructions carefully. This user manual contains information for safe use, installation and maintenance of the product.

Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. This will ensure safe use and reduce the risk of injury.
Be sure to pass on this manual to new owners of this product.
De fabrikant akseptearret gjin ferantwurdlikens foar skea troch it net folgjen fan dizze ynstruksjes.


Warskôgingspiktogram  WARSKÔGING
This product is designed to be installed on wood stud or solid concrete ceilings. Before installing make sure the ceiling or mounting surface will safely support four times the combined weight of the mounted equipment, including its accessories. This product is designed to mount televisions and any accessories weighing up to 121 lbs (55 kg) to a properly rated ceiling structure.

Warskôgingspiktogram FOARSICHTIGENS

  • Never exceed the maximum load capacity of 121 lbs (55 kg). Serious injury or property damage may occur.
  • Improper installation may cause serious personal injury or damage to the product, which will void the warranty. It is recommended that a qualified person should install the ceiling mount.

Safety measures must be practiced at all times during the assembly of this product. Use proper safety equipment and tools for the assembly procedure to prevent personal injury.

  • At least two qualified people should perform the assembly procedure. Proper installation must be followed as outlined in these installation instructions. Personal injury and/or property damage can result from dropping or mishandling the TV.
  • Ensure that there are no missing or defective parts upon receipt. Never use defective parts.
  • This product contains small parts that could be a choking hazard.
  • The ceiling you affix the ceiling mount to must be capable of supporting four times the weight of the
    television and the mount combined. A professional installer or structural engineer should inspect or verify the requirements of the structure it is mounted to.
  • Do not use this product for any purpose other than to mount a VESA compliant TV on a vertical surface as outlined in this manual.
  • When mounting to metal structures or concrete ceilings, it is recommended to add an anchor (not included) to the TV, especially for areas where a lot of wind shear is expected.
  • Use an anchor (not included) in case you live in an area where inclement weather occurs regularly.
  • Always inspect mounting location for electrical wires, water, and natural gas lines prior to installation. Cutting or drilling into these utility lines may cause serious personal injury or property damage.
  • Do not install near sources of high heat.
  • Do not install on a structure that is prone to vibration, movement or likelihood of being stricken by other objects nearby.

NOAT: The included hardware is for mounting to flat concrete surfaces concrete surfaces or wood trusses and ceiling structures. If you are uncertain about the nature of your wall, please consult your hardware or installation professional for proper mounting to types of walls.

Foarsoarch foar feiligens

  • Ensure these instructions are thoroughly understood before attempting installation. If unsure of any part of the installation process, contact a professional installer for assistance.
  • Dit produkt is allinich foar privee húshâldlik gebrûk en kin dêrom net wurde brûkt yn iepenbiere plakken lykas restaurants as hotels.
  • Hâld bern en húsdieren fuort by it gearstallen fan it produkt.
  • Lit bern net boartsje mei it produkt.
  • Brûk dit produkt net as ûnderdielen ûntbrekke, beskeadige of fersliten binne.
  • Brûk gjin elektryske ark om it produkt te sammeljen. Elektryske ark kinne de dielen stripe of beskeadigje.
  • Om foarkommen fan 'e flier te foarkommen, montearje it produkt op in sêft oerflak, lykas in tapyt.
  • Be careful not to pinch fingers during installation.
  • Fasteners (hardware) must be tightly secured, but do not overtighten screws. Over tightening can damage the items, greatly reducing their holding power.
  • Brûk altyd in assistint as meganyske hefapparatuer om apparatuer feilich op te heffen en te pleatsen.
  • Safety gear and proper tools must be used. Failure to do so can result in property damage and/or serious injury.
  • Furrion recommends checking knobs, screws, and bolts every 2-6 months and after inclement weather conditions.



Box Ynhâld

Ceiling Plate Paper Template x 1

Box Ynhâld

x 1

Box Ynhâld

x 1

Box Ynhâld

x 1

Box Ynhâld

x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M8 x 63mm) x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M9) x 4

Box Ynhâld

Metal Anchor (M8 x 40) x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M6 x 16mm) x 4

Box Ynhâld

 (M6 x 18mm) x 4

Box Ynhâld

 (M6 x 25mm) x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M8 x 10mm) x 8

Box Ynhâld

(M8 x 18mm) x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M8 x 25mm) x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M6/M8) x 4

Box Ynhâld

(M6/M8) x 8

Box Ynhâld

(M8 x 55mm) x 2

Box Ynhâld

(M8)  x 2

Box Ynhâld

(S10) x 1

Box Ynhâld

(S6) x 1

Box Ynhâld

(S13) x 1

Box Ynhâld

(M6 x 8mm) x 2

Box Ynhâld

Fluchstartgids x 1
Garânsjemanual x 1


  • Phillips Skroevedraaier
    tools Needed
  • Screwdriver
    tools Needed
  • Stud Finder
    tools Needed
  • Poatlead
    tools Needed
  • Power Dril
    tools Needed
  • Boar
    15/32″ (12 mm) for Concrete 1/4″ (6 mm) for wood stud
    tools Needed
  • tape
    tools Needed
  • Mjitlint
    tools Needed
  • Peil
    tools Needed


  1. Choose one kind of configuration from below A, B, C, D based on your TV and assemble the TV bracket.
    Assembly ynstruksje
  2. TV bracket expands to fit TV hole patterns from 315∕16″ x 315∕16″ (100 x 100mm) to 1515∕16″ x 1515∕16″ (400 x 400mm).
    Assembly ynstruksje
  3. Measure the width and height of your TV hole  pattern with a tape measure.
    Assembly ynstruksje
  4. Assemble the TV bracket with 4 adaptor bars  and 8 M8x10 screws (G) for below B, C or D
    configuration and keep the screws untightened, slight adjust the 4 adaptor bars to make the mounting holes aligned with the ones on the TV back, tighten the screws to fix the 4 adaptor bars.
    Assembly ynstruksje

Furrion Aurora™ TV VESA Mounting Pattern (W x H mm)

Size/ Mode FDU***CBS FDU***CBR FDU***CSA
43 " 200 x 200mm 200 x 200mm
49 " 200 x 400mm /
50 " / 200 x 400mm
55 " 400 x 400mm 400 x 200mm
65 " 400 x 400mm 400 x 200mm


Warskôgingspiktogram WARSKÔGING
When installing ceiling plate on cinder block, verify first that you have a minimum of 13/8″ of concrete thickness to be used for the concrete wall anchors (not included). Do not drill into mortar joints! Be sure to mount in a solid part of the block, generally 1″ minimum from the side of the block. Cinder block must meet ASTM C-90 specifications. It is suggested that a standard electric drill on slow setting is used to drill the hole instead of a hammer drill to avoid breaking out the back of the hole when entering a void or cavity. Concrete must be 2000 psi density minimum. Lighter density concrete may not hold anchor.

Warskôgingspiktogram FOARSICHTIGENS
Never try to hang a TV by yourself. Always use at least two people to lift the TV into place.


  • Handle the TV in a vertical position to avoid damage to the screen. If placing the TV screen-side down or leaning against a wall during installation, cover the screen with a protective cloth or blanket.
  • Check your TV manual before attaching brackets to TV. Some models require attaching soundbar brackets in tandem with attaching TV brackets.

Determine the correct length and diameter of screws based on your TV hole patterns

  • If your TV back is flat, use the shorter screws with washers.
  • If your TV back is irregular or curved, use the longer screws with washers and spacers (K).
    For Furrion Aurora™ TV, please use the screw size M6x16 (D) and washers (J) to attach the TV bracket to TV back.

Assemble the configured TV bracket on the back of Furrion Aurora™ TV by using 4 x M6x16 screws (D) and washers (J). Ensure the bracket is vertically centered and leveled. Tighten the screws (D) to ensure the TV bracket securely attached on TV back.
Screw And Washer

Warskôgingspiktogram WARSKÔGING
Make sure to use the correct length screw for your TV. A screw that is too long might damage your TV.

Warskôgingspiktogram WARSKÔGING
Do not drill into mortar joints. Be sure to drill holes centered within studs or bricks.
Ynstallaasje ynstruksje

  1. Use the ceiling plater paper template to mark below:
    • For wooden roof installation, mark A, B, C and D in the ceiling.
    • For concrete roof installation, mark a, b, c and d on the ceiling.
  2. Drill pilot holes into the circle marks (A, B, C, D or a, b, c, d).
    • For wooden roof installation, using a 1/4″ (6 mm) drill bit to drill 4 pilot holes (A, B, C and D). Then remove the wall mount paper template from wall.
      Pilot holes must be drilled to a depth of 3″ (75mm)
    • For concrete roof installation, using a 3/8″ (10 mm) drill bit to drill 4 pilot holes (a, b, c and d) into solid concrete. Pilot holes must be drilled to a depth of 19/16″ (40mm).
  3. Installation continued:
    • For wooden roof installation,, attach and fix the bracket to ceiling using screws (M8 x 63mm) and washers (M9).
    • For concrete roof installation, attach and fix the bracket to ceiling using metal anchor (M8 x 40).
      NOAT: Use allen key and wrench to lock the rod by turning counterclockwise, otherwise to unlock. Ensure the rod is perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Attach TV mount bracket to the rod.
  5. Use 2 screws M8 x 55 mm (L) with M8 nuts (M) to fix the joint

    Warskôgingspiktogram FOARSICHTIGENS
    It is possible to dislodge your TV while you level it. Use extreme caution until you tighten the leveling and locking screws.
  6. Hook the top support of the TV mount onto the arm of the ceiling mount.
  7. Secure the TV to the ceiling mount using two screws (M6 x 8mm).
    NOAT: You could turn the screws by hand to adjust the leveling of your TV. Once adjustment is finished, tighten the screws firmly in place, but do not over tighten. Over-tightening can damage the screws, greatly reducing their holding strength.
  8. This mount allows a rotation of the TV of 360°
    • rotate the TV to the desired location and then tighten all screws.

NOAT: It is recommended to be protected between with the area near the wall and TV in case of damage from strong winds or some other collision.


Display Grutte: 43 – 65″ (1090 – 1650 mm)
Maks lading: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Montagepatroan: 100 x 100 mm
200 x 100 mm
200 x 200 mm
300 x 200 mm
300 x 300 mm
400 x 200 mm
400 x 300 mm
400 x 400 mm
Kantelbereik: Up to 15° downwards
Pan/draaibereik: Oant 360 °
Distance From Ceiling: 243/16 – 34″ (614 – 864 mm)


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