FUNSNAP D10273 Foldable Gimbal Stabilizer


Introducing Capture Tt

Designed for smartphones, Capture Tt, the 3-axis gimbal has by far the best stabilization in the Capture Series. With Capture Tt, you can take smoother shots on your smartphone. Stabilization on Capture Tt is enhanced with high-precision motors and the arms are made from aerospace-grade aluminum. Besides, the gimbal is highly portable with a foldable design. Capture t adopts a non-orthogonal structural design to facilitate a smooth transition between portrait and landscape modes during filming. Additionally, the live tracking feature also makes lifestreaming a better experience.



  • Smartphone Clamp
  • Yaw Motor
  • Mode Indicator
  • Joystick
  • Power/Mode Button 10 Roll Motor
  • Shutter Button
  • Charging Port (USB Type-C) Lanyard Mount
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Pitch Motor
  • Trigger Button
  • 1/4 Inch Threaded Hole
  • Zoom Slider

Getting Started


Hold the handle with one hand as shown in the illustration below. Rotate the gimbal arm 180 degrees in the direction indicated in the diagram. The gimbal is completely unfolded when a click is heard.


To fold the gimbal back, rotate the gimbal arm by 180 degrees in the direction indicated until a click is heard. Adjust the smartphone clamp as necessary.


Make sure the stabilizer’s off when you fold or unfold it.


Charge the Capture T via the USB Type-C port. The battery level indicator will display white colored lights Charging time: 3-4 hours(with 5V 2A power adapter) Operating time: 12 hours (tested from ideal lab conditions, for reference only)


Startup Procedure

Unfold the Capture Tt

  1. Please follow the indication paper on the gimbal Secure the phone to the clamp. Note: The position of the clamp is around 5mm off to the center of the phone to be in balance. Make sure the lens of the phone camera is on the left side of the clamp
  2. Please make sure to balance your phone.
  3. If your phone tilts to the right, push your phone to the left if it tilts to the left, pull your phone out to the right.
  4. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to boot up


Using The Capture Tt

The Capture n is in Follow Mode (the mode indicator showing green) by default. The camera will follow the pitch and yaw movement of the gimbal with smoothness. The user can also control the pitch and yaw smoothly by using the joystick.

Controls and Operations

Power Button/Manual Button

  • Press and hold for 3 seconds: power on/off
  • When power ot
  • Single tap: check battery level
  • When power on:
  • Single tap: switch between portrait/ landscape mode
  • Double-tap: switch to FPV mode
  • Triple tap: switch between Inception Mode

Camera Shutter Button

  • Single tap: take a photo under photo mode or start/ stop recording under video mode
  • Double-tap: switch between front/ rear camera (when using the app)
  • Press and hold: in the video mode. press and hold you could switch to photo mode, press and hold again we will go back to video mode (when using the app)


  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Indicate the battery level
  • Mode Indicator
  • Indicate the gimbal mode (refer to the table below)




Move up and down to control the gimbal pitch. Move left and right to control the gimbal yaw.


Zoom/Focus Slider

Zoom/Focus Slider The user can change the function of the slider between zoom and focus by using the app. When in zoom control mode, push towards T to zoom in or push towards W to zoom out. When in focus mode, slide the slider up and down to control the focus. The user can also use auto-tracking focus in the app. Refer to the App Section for more details.

Trigger Button

Press and hold: enter Lock Mode. Release the trigger to return to Follow Mode (default). Double pres : return the gimbal to the neutral position. Double press and hold: enter PhoneGo Mode. Release the trigger to return to Follow Mode (default).


  • Lanyard Hole
  • The holes used to tie the lanyard 1/4 Inch Threaded Hole
  • The 1/4 Inch threaded hole
  • is used to mount a tripod, extension rod, or other accessories. Accessories are to be purchased separately.


Operation Modes

Several operation modes are provided to meet different scenarios


Capture t is used in the upright position.



The Capture t will enter the underslung mode by holding it upside down. This mode is used for shots in proximity to the ground



The inception mode is triggered by triple tapping the power button. Move the joystick left and right to control the roll in this mode.


Gimbal Modes


Introducing Capture 2 App

Scan the QR code on the left side or search for “Capture2” on Google Play App Store then download and install it.


Capture2 App requires ios 10.0 and above on iPhone, or Android 5.0 or above on Android devices.

Capture2 App Main User Interface


  • Home
  • Press to go back to the home page
  • Bluetooth Connection Status
  • Indicates the status of the Bluetooth oconnection
  • Gimbal Operating Mode
  • Indicates the current operation mode of the gimbal
  • Gimbal Battery Level
  • Smart Tracking Indicator
  • The smart tracking has two modes face tracking and object tracking. In the face tracking mode, the forward most face on the screen will be tracked automatically. In the object tracking mode, the tracked object needs to be selected manually by drawing a rectangle over the object on the screen.
  • “Note: A green rectangle frame will appear on the screen after the face/ object has been identified. If the face / object has been lost the color of the rectangle will become red. If the user wants to stop tracking, press the cross icon on the right top corner of the rectangle.
  • Gesture Control Mode
  • In this mode, when a scissor gesture has been identified, the camera takes a photo after a 3-second countdown. When a palm gesture has been identified, the camera switches between photo and video mode.
  • Shooting Modes
  • Slide to choose different shooting modes.
  • Panorama: There are three sub modes- 180, 320 and 3X3 modes. In 180 mode, 3 photos are taken and fused. In 320 mode, 8 photos are taken and fused. In 3X3 mode, 9 photos are taken and fused. Photo: Take a single photo or use a timer for countdown.
  • Video: Take a video Slow-motion: Shoot 8 times slow-motion videos (limited for Huawei and Iphones)
  • Timelapse: There are 2 sub modes – static timelapse and waypoint timelapse When in static Timelapse mode, select the interval and time length on the top of the screen and press the record icon. In this mode, the use can use object tracking feature to track the object while shooting time-lapse videos simultaneously.
  • When in waypoint timelapse mode, besides the interval and time length, the user can also set up to 5 waypoints by using the joystick. The gimbal will move to the pre-selected waypoints in sequence after shooting starts.
  • Shutter
  • Switch Between Front And Rear Cameraa
  • Album
  • Switch Between Zoom Mode Or Focus Mode
  • Z stands for zoom. In this mode, the slider on the gimbal controls the zoom of the image. ‘F stands for focus’. In this mode, the slider on the gimbal controls the focus of the image.
  • Settings
  • Camera settings: set flashlights, grids and image aspect ratios.
  • Default mode: set the mode the gimbal is on by default. There are Follow and  Semi-follow modes.
  • Joystick sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of the joystick, The user can also reverse the up/down and left/ right control of the joystick.
  • App parameters and version information
  • The image resolution for panorama: There has 3 grades – low, medium and high.
  • If the phone is not powerful enough, lower resolution is recommended for better image fusion
  • Calibrating sensors: If the gimbal starts to drift slowly. press this icon to calibrate the sensors. Wait for the gimbal tum off automatically. Reboot the gimbal after the calibration.
  • Horizontal adjustment: Calibrate the horizon of the gimbal
  • Live Face tracking: Enable live face tracking while using other streaming apps
  • Firmware upgrade: Press to upgrade the firmware of the gimbal. When there is a blue dot on this icon, firmware upgrade to the latest version is required.
  • When Upgrating the firmware, you should connect Internet.
  • The gimbal firmware version number and the app version number.
  • Gimbal Operation Parameters
  • Set the parameters of different shooting modes

Connecting To Capture 2 App:

  1. Install the phone on the Capture t gimbal, Power up the Capture t gimbal
  2. Turn Bluetooth on the phone and run Capture 2 App. Connect to the device called Capture Pi.
  3. When using Capture 2 App for the first time, the user is required to sign up for an account, Internet connection is needed for this step.
  4. After logging in successfully, the user can enter the main interface.

Controlling Original Phone Camera

Steps to connect to the original phone camera:

  1. Install the phone on the Capture n gimbal. Power up the Capture t gimbal,
  2. Turn Bluetooth on the phone and connect to the device called ‘Capture Pi’ (as shown in the figure below). Note: The gimbal will auto-connect by Bluetooth from the second time use onwards.


The original phone camera is enabled after the Bluetooth connection, The commands are as follows:


Double-tap: Switch between front and rear cameras Only for the Android system

Firmware Upgrade

The firmware of the Capture t can be upgraded via the Capture 2 App. The upgrade process takes-3 minutes

How to upgrade

Check the battery level and make sure that the battery level is indicating at least 2 lights before the upgrade. After connecting to the Bluetooth, select firmware upgrade from the menu at the left side of the app interface to start firmware upgrade. The progress bar indicates the overall progress. During the upgrade, the user should not quit the app or minimize it to the background. After a successful upgrade, the Capture T will power off automatically. The user needs to power on manually. If the upgrade fails, the user needs to reboot the Capture n and reopen the Capture 2 App and try again.



Disclaimer and Safety Precautions

Thank you for shopping Funsnap Capture t Stabilizer. Before using Capture n, please carefully read this manual, the content of which concerns your safety, as well as your legal rights and responsibilities, We strongly suggest you strictly follow the settings and guidelines in this document. Failure to do so may result in injury to yourself and/or others, and damage to your Capture n and/or other objects in the vicinity.

The fact that you use this product is deemed that you have carefully read the user manual, especially the disclaimer and safety instructions, and understand, accept and approve all terms thereof. Funsnap Technology is not responsible for any damages injuries or legal liabilities caused by you directly or indirectly using this product in discordance with the requirements of the user manual. Users should follow all safety guidelines including but not limited to those set forth in this document. Funsnap Technology reserves the right of final interpretation of the document, All contents are subject to change without further notice. Please visit the for latest product information.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Capture n Gimbal is not water-resistant. DO NOT allow the product to come into contact with any kind of liquid.DO NOT leave the product out in the rain or near a source of moisture.DO NOT drop the product into water. If the inside of the battery comes into contact with water, chemical decomposition may occur, potentially resulting in the battery catching on fire, and may even leading to an explosion,
  2. Put out any product immediately so as not to cause serious damage.
  3. The product should be used in temperatures from 0C to 40C. DO NOT heat the product. Too high or too low temperature may shorten the service life of the product.
  4. Please pay attention to the safety of the product,DO NOT crash,strike or drop the product. DO NOT place heavy objects on the product.
  5. Never disassemble the product in any way or the battery may leak.catch fire.or explode.
  6. Discharge the battery to 40%-65% if it will NOT be used for long periods of time. DO NOT store the product fully discharged for long periods of time,otherwise, it will over-discharge and lead to permanent damage. Discharge every 3 months or so to maintain battery activity.

The Following Conditions Are Not Covered By The Warranty:

  1. Any alterations, disassembly, repairs, or repairs not autorized by the manufacturer.
  2. Failure or damage to the product caused by a failure to install, use, maintain or store the product in accordance with the instructions.
  3. Failure to provide valid proof of purchase or documents that have been forged or altered.
  4. Due to irresistible factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood etc.) causing failure or damage.
  5. Other failures caused by non-product quality related events.
  6. In the event of damaged, obliterated or on recognizable labels, serial numbers, waterproof marks, dissembling proof marks.

Documents / Resources

FUNSNAP D10273 Foldable Gimbal Stabilizer [pdf] User Manual
D10273 Foldable Gimbal Stabilizer, D10273, Foldable Gimbal Stabilizer

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