FUNAVO HB-2068A4 Immersion Hand Blender

FUNAVO hand blender


  • COLOR: Black
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • WATTAGE: 800 watts
  • VOLTAGE: 110 Volts
  • MOTOR: 800W high-torque pure copper motor
  • BEAKER: 600ml mixing beaker
  • POWER CORD: 5ft
  • FREQUENCY: 50/60Hz
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 9.84 x 9.53 x 5.63 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 3.27 pounds


Using a high-sided container like a Mason jar or tall pitcher and keeping the blade completely covered while blending are the best ways to prevent messy food splatters.


  • Get your blender set up. Place your mixer on a level, cool surface.
  • Your Ingredients, Add. Liquids, softer components or powder, hard or frozen ingredients should be added to the jar in that order.
  • Put the lid on firmly.
  • Start the blender, then serve and enjoy the results, then clean it.


  • Midway through blending, it halts. This is very much a dead giveaway that it is dead.
  • The motor is sluggish or unpredictable.
  • The cord is already beginning to fray.
  • It’s dripping.
  • You need a mixer with more features.


An immersion blender may be cleaned in a quick and enjoyable manner. After combining your recipe (such as this creamy soup), roughly fill a tall glass with warm, soapy water. For 10 to 20 seconds, blend the blender in the water. If necessary, repeat after emptying and refilling the glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the blender be run continuously?

Continuous use: Depending on the motor power, you shouldn’t operate it continuously for longer than one to two minutes. Long-term usage of a hand blender can cause the motor to overheat, which can lead to damage and eventual failure of the device.

What benefits can a hand blender offer?

Immersion blenders, also referred to as hand blenders, are simple to use, simple to clean up, and aren’t simply for making soup. Because they are small, inexpensive, adaptable, quick, portable, and take up less space than other kitchen appliances, immersion blenders might be a useful addition to your kitchen tools.

What are the blender’s safety measures?

Never put anything into the blender while it is running. To use a scraper or spatula, first turn off the blender and unplug it. Never stick your hand inside a blender unless it is turned off. A blender with a frayed cord should not be used.

What stops a blender from functioning?

The most common reason of jamming in blenders is debris in the blades. Replace the coupler or attempt to clean off the debris.

Why should liquid be added before using a blender?

For low-powered blenders to work properly, some liquid must be added. The liquid in these blenders aids in moving the solids around the jar and into touch with the blades.

Can a blender be used without liquid?

If you need to add liquid while the machine is operating, add it slowly to prevent the motor from surging or splashing. The balance between liquid and solids must be correct. If there is insufficient liquid, the blender will produce some lumpy items; if there is too much liquid, the solid won’t be cut by the blades.

What is a blender used for?

A blender is an electrical kitchen tool that can be used to puree fruit or vegetables or combine liquids and soft meals.

Can I substitute a standard blender for an immersion blender?

You may make smoothies with a blender or some immersion blenders that have tight-fitting containers that make the process reasonably simple.

What distinguishes a hand blender from an immersion blender?

An immersion blender, commonly referred to as a stick blender or a hand blender, is compact and lightweight enough to be pulled out with one hand. It is also much simpler to clean because of its straightforward design and ability to combine right in a pot, measuring cup, or jar.

Can hot food be blended in a hand blender?

Warm liquids can be blended, but be sure they’re not too hot. Burns could result from hot liquid splashes. 2. Use the hand blender only after you are finished blending; never leave it submerged in hot liquids.

Will a hand blender work in a bowl?

You can use an immersion blender in the container you were using, reducing the number of dishes you need to clean up later. An immersion blender is small and portable, and it fits neatly in a drawer of manageable size. Compared to a stand blender, they are also considerably simpler to clean.

Why should the blender be cleaned after use?

The device needs to be cleaned well and thoroughly on a regular basis to avoid bacteria growth from food residue that becomes lodged in the blender jar’s crevices and crevices.

What should you do first before cleaning the blender?

Fill your blender jar with an equal mixture of water and baking soda first for the best results. After a brief period of operation, remove the solution from the blender and add the soap and warm water. The extra step might take longer than 30 seconds, but it will be worthwhile if your blender is covered in crusted pancake batter.

How long can a blender be used?

Why most blenders carry a warning that they shouldn’t be used constantly for more than three minutes is explained in this Ask Expert topic. Today, blenders are practically a fixture in every kitchen and have nearly supplanted mixer grinders as a tool for light chopping.

What is the lifespan of a blender?

Blenders with weaker motors often last three to five years, whereas more expensive versions with stronger motors typically last ten years. However, the frequency of use will affect the longevity of your blender.


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