Fudakang Talking Infrared Thermometer 481109 FT-F41 Instruction Manual
Fudakang Talking Infrared Thermometer 481109 FT-F41


  1. Table of Contents
  2. Product Overview
  3. Outline Drawing
  4. The Definition of Symbols
  5. Measuring
  6. Battery Voltage Display & Replacement
  7. Operation Precautions
  8. Precaution for Measuring Temperature
  9. Product Specification
  10. Common question concerning forehead temperature

Product Overview

This infrared thermometer can get quick and accurate temperature reading data, with the following advantages:

  1. Easy to clean sensor
  2. Fast & accurate
  3. Convenient
  4. 32 memories
  5. Last memorized temperature display when you turn on the power.

Outline Drawing

Product Overview

The Definition of Symbols




This IR thermometer has 2 measuring modes: Surface Temperature and Body Temperature. It may arrive in the Surface mode. In order to use it for body temperature, switch to Body mode.
Turn the unit on. Press Buttonsbutton (the bottom center button with the icons of a head and a house) to switch between BODY and SURFACE TEMP (ambient) measuring modes.

Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature setting

Turn the unit on. To switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, press Symbols (Set) button once. The unit does not speak or beep during this change. The temperature setting (C or F) is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the display screen.

Voice Toggle On or Off
Turn the unit on. To turn the voice on and off, press and hold (Set) button for 5 seconds till “ON” displays. Press SET button again to toggle between ON and OFF.
This will turn the voice on and off. The voice status is shown by the alarm icon in the bottom right corner of the display screen.

Change Between English or Spanish
Turn the unit on. Press and hold Symbols (Set) button for 8 seconds. The unit will display ON (or OFF) for the Voice setting, but continue to hold Set. After 8 seconds, unit will display 01 or 02. Press Symbols(Set) again to toggle between 01 for English and 02 for Spanish. (Voices 03 through 06 are not active.)

Back light, laser selection
Press Buttons(light bulb/sunshine) button to toggle between the following functions in this order: back light on, laser on, back light off, laser off. When you see Triangle (triangle) on the LCD, it means the laser will be on once you use the device . When the backlight or laser setting is enabled, it will come on every time the unit is turned on.

Memory recall
With the unit on, press Buttons(Memory) button to view recent measurements. Each push of M will scroll through recent measurements. Memory results are only visual and are not spoken. The memory capacity is 32 results。


Install 2 AA batteries (not included.)

  • Push and slide the blue battery cover forward to open the battery compartment.
  • Insert 2 batteries. The positive end is closest to the cover hinge; the negative end is furthest away from the hinge.
  • After inserting new batteries, wait 10 minutes for the unit to warm up.

Turn on the unit by squeezing the blue scan button on the front of the handle. The unit will take a measurement as soon as it is turned on

If the mode is “BODY” last time you used, the LCD will display “Lo”; if the mode is “SURFACE TEMP” last time you used, the LCD will show the ambient room temperature

Make sure the temperature mode is set to BODY when taking a body temperature

If the device is not used for a long time, when you turn on it again the device will check the room temperature first and delay tuning on for 1~2 seconds.

Point the sensor 2” – 4” away from the forehead and pull the blue scan button. The results will be spoken after 3 beeps. Make sure there is no perspiration, cosmetics or hat on the forehead. When there is sweat on forehead, you can measure behind the ear lobe, making sure no hair, clothing or other things cover the ear.
Memory recall: Press “M” button to visually recall recent results.

Battery replacement: When the LCD shows the low battery symbol Abnormality it means you must install new batteries.
Remove the battery compartment cover and put 2AA (1.5 volt) batteries, paying attention to the polarity

Operation Precautions

  1. AA batteries must be inserted when using the device for the first time
  2. Please keep the probe clean after you used the IR Thermometer.
  3. Please keep the IR Thermometer dry and never immerse it in water or any liquid.
  4. Do not keep the IR Thermometer in a high temperature environment for a long time and keep away from sunlight, dust and dirt.
  5. Keep the IR Thermometer away from sharp objects
  6. Do not touch the tip of probe with your finger.
  7. Do not disassemble the IR Thermometer.
  8. Do not use the IR Thermometer if you suffer from skin problems
  9. Please take your temperature when you are relaxed and never take your temperature after exercise or a bath. Rest at least 30 minutes afterward.
  10. under the following conditions, we recommend you to take your temperature at least three times and use the highest reading.
    • Infants under three months old.
    • Children under three years old who have a compromised immune system.
    • This is your first time using the IR thermometer. Practice until you get accurate and consistent reading.
  11. Use a clean cloth with 70-90% Isopropyl alcohol to clean up before or after use.


  1. Any solutions, dilution and cleaning method other than mentioned above might cause reliability problems with the Infrared thermometer.
  2. Contraindications for the following: placing the thermometer probe on scarred tissue or tissue compromised by skin disorders; patients in trauma; Patients treated with certain skin’s inflammatory drugs; and placing the thermometer probe on skin exposed to direct sunlight, fireplace heat, cold compress therapies, air conditioner flow, etc.
  3. Do not service the unit while the device is in use.
  4. The patient is an intended operator. The patient can measure, transmit data under normal circumstances and maintain the device and its accessories according to the user manual.
  5. Please remove the batteries if it is not in use for a long time (More than 3 months ).
  6. Not intended to be sterilized. Not for use in an OXYGEN RICH ENVIRONMENT
  7. Before every use, check the device. Do not use the device if it is damaged in any way. The continuous use of a damaged unit may cause injury, improper results, or serious danger.
  8. No modification of this device is allowed.

Precaution for Measuring Temperature

Abnormality Meaning
Abnormality  Measured result is over 105°F (Body measuring mode)
Abnormality Measured result is below 93.0°F (Body measuring mode)
Abnormality The ambient temperature is beyond the range for proper working temperature of 40°F – 104°F


Model No. FT-F41
Measuring Range Forehead 34.0℃-43.0℃( 93.2℉-109.4℉) Surface 0.0℃-100.0℃( 32.0℉-212.0℉)
Measuring time minimum measuring time is 2 seconds; and minimum time between

measurements for the same site is 2 seconds



±0.2℃/0.4℉      34.0℃-34.9℃ (93.2℉- 94.82℉)

±0.2℃/0.4℉      35.0℃-42.0℃ (95.0℉-107.6℉)

±0.2℃/0.4℉      42.1℃-43.0℃ (107.78℉-109.4℉ )

Resolution 0.1℃/0.2℉

Operation Condition

10.0℃-40.0℃(50.0℉- 104.0℉)


Pressure: 86~106 kPa


Storage Condition

-25.0℃-55.0℃(-13.0℉- 131.0℉)


Pressure: 86~106 kPa

Battery type and battery life AA 2pcs

The typical service life of new and unused batteries is 300 measurements

Protection    against    electric shock  

Internally powered ME equipment

Protection against electric shock TypeBF Type BF


IP classification

IP22 (IP22: The first number 2: Protected against access to hazardous parts with a finger, and the jointed test finger of 12 mm Ф, 80 mm length, shall have adequate clearance from hazardous parts .And protected against solid foreign objects of 12,5 mm Ф and greater. The second number: Protected against vertically falling water drops when enclosure

titled up to 15º. Vertically falling drops shall have no harmful effects when the enclosure is titled at any angle up to 15’’ on either side of the vertical.

Mode of operation Continuous operation
Size (body) L145*W37*H98mm
Weight(including battery) 6.5 ounces (180g)
Measuring Distance 2” – 4” (5-10CM)
Contents -infrared thermometer

-Instruction Manual

Common questions concerning forehead temperature

  1. What is the forehead temperature?
    Forehead temperature is the same temperature as the arterial blood supply under the skin. It is the best determinate of body temperature, and unaffected by the artificial errors and time delays of oral and rectal methods.
  2. How to take forehead temperature properly?
    Gently touch the probe to center of forehead or no contact about 5-10 cm distance the probe to center of forehead. Make sure remove anything covering the area to be measured (hair, hat, wig, and bandages). Failure to do so may insulate the area, resulting in false readings. Press the “SCAN” button on the thermometer for the reading.
  3. Why is a forehead temperature is more accurate than ear temperature?
    Ear thermometers are considered inaccurate because the positioning of the probe in the ear canal might affect the accuracy. The forehead thermometer scans the forehead area for temperature given off by the arterial blood supply under the skin without worrying about correct positioning. The gentle scan is comfortable and not invasive.

Temperature measurements are impacted by the type of measurement method used.

Measurement method Normal temperature range Fever temperature range






NOTED: Measurements for some adults may be lower

than 35.0℃(95.0℉)

A temperature that is 0.6~0.8℃ (1.0~1.5℉)higher than usual. It is highly recommended that you use our IR Forehead Thermometer to

establish the normal temperature range for each person.


  1. This product needs special precautions regarding EMC and needs to be installed and put
    into service according to the EMC information provided, and this unit can be affected
    by portable and mobile RF communications equipment.
  2. Do not use a mobile phone or other devices that emit electromagnetic fields, near the unit. This may result in incorrect operation of the unit.
  3. This unit has been thoroughly tested and inspected to assure proper performance and operation
  4. This device should not be used adjacent to or stacked with other equipment. If adjacent or stacked use is necessary, this machine should be observed to verify normal operation in the configuration in which it will be used

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the Following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received , including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Explanation of Symbols:

Abnormality Symbol for batch code
Manufacturer icon Symbol for manufacturer
Symbols Symbol for ‘CE”
Disposal Icon Symbol for “ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION – Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your local Authority or retailer for recycling advice”
Reading Manual Icon Symbol for “Follow operating instructions”
Symbols Symbol for “the IP classification”
Wifi Icon Symbol for “ RF transmitters”


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