FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood

FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood


* Two options available :

  • REF HI4P4S : 4 inlets Ø 75 mm
  • REF HI4P6S : 6 inlets Ø 50 mm


Main features of products 


Dimensions L x w x d


Power W




Air flow m3/h (without filter)


Weight kg


1 m from hood at max spped

430 x 350 x 200 80*

*72 for HI2P & HI4P


*excluding HI2P & HI4P

50-450 3,7 60

It is possible to obtain a reinforced flow unit. Power 100 W, air flow 50-600 m3 / h
All hoods are powered by single-phase alternating grounded current 230 V 50 hz and low voltage supply 24 VDC for the motor.  The body of the hood is made of polypropylene, with good resistance to alkaline chemicals. The operating temperature limits are -20 ° to + 65 ° C (bending temperature under a load of 0.46N / mm²).
In the upper part of the body, completely isolated from the suction circuit, the electrical control of the suction fan motor and the lighting system are installed.
The modulation of the rotational speed of the motor of the ventilator, ensured by an electronic variator is obtained by the manual control of a button located on the front face of the hood.  Purification of the sucked air is ensured by the installation of a filtering body.  Choice of filtering material:  The filtering material will be determined according to the use of the extraction hood, as well as depending on the nature of the pollutants. In order to preserve the cleanliness of the working atmosphere, it is better to aim at the elimination of the air sucked by the hood to the outside.

The use of the hood without rejection to the outside is possible in certain specific cases where: 

  • The nature and concentration of the pollutants are well controlled
  • Continuous verification of the capacity of the filtering element is ensured

The filter, mounted in a metal box, adapts to all hood models and has the following characteristics:

Reference Designation Classification
PFP1 Protection pre-filter (batch of 10) G3
PF3 Protection pre-filter (batch of 10) M5
FPP1 Dust filter for outer rejection G4
FAP1 Particle filter for internal recycling M5
FCP1 Activated carbon filter (vegetal, for solvents and gas) N/A
FCP1 min Activated carbon filter (mineral) for aceton N/A
FCP1 blend Activated carbon filter combined with alumine and KMnO4 (Formaldéhyde and other products) N/A
FCP1-FT H2SO4 Activated carbon filter impregnated with sulfuric acid (for alcali) N/A
FCP1-FT KOH Activated carbon filter impregnated with potass (for acids) N/A


This device is not intended for use by persons (including children) whose physical, sensory or mental capabilities are impaired; or persons without experience or knowledge, unless they have been able, through a person responsible for their safety, to have prior surveillance or instructions concerning the use of the device. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

  • Avoid aspiration of liquids as well as acid products. In case of error, immediately stop operation, clean and dry the splashed parts thoroughly, before restarting the installation.
  • Avoid the aspiration of the flames. These can damage the Filter as well as the booth.
  •  Avoid contact with very hot or incandescent parts.
  • Avoid working in a damp room.


  • Put the hood on a flat and horizontal surface to prevent it from tipping over.
  • In the event of an external discharge: Fix the discharge pipe in such a way as not to introduce any stresses that are detrimental to stability.
  •  Unscrew the rear grille from the box
  • Slide the 125 mm diameter hose onto the collar
  • Secure the hose using the clamp provided
  • Take care to extend the hose to the point of external discharge, avoiding elbows as much as possible.

FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood 1

  • Check that the length of the power supply cable is compatible with the distance between the hood and the power plug.
  • Check that this socket has single-phase alternating grounded current wire 230 V, 50/60 Hz. It must be secured by a protection system guaranteeing the safety of the user.
  •  Open the front panel and position the appropriate filter for the intended use.

Installation of the activated carbon filter (identical for the particulate filter or external discharge) 

  • Unscrew the knurled knob on the front face of the hood and tilt the face.
  • Install the filter (first remove the tip that may be attached to the filter frame).

FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood 2

Installing the pre-filter on the main filter
This pre-filter is intended to protect the activated carbon filter from any clogging.

  • Position the pre-filter on the main filter. Make sure that the longer side of the pre-filter is placed horizontally to facilitate pinching of the latter from the front.
  • FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood 3Refit the front of the hood.


  • Disassemble the rear grille by removing the 4 screws.
  • Insert the angled end of the silencer into the flange and make sure it is securely fastened. The maintenance is done only by pressure, so you have to fit everything together.

FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood 4


Getting started 

  • Check that the switches, motor and lighting are in position .0.
  • Check that the fan motor speed control knob is in the minimum position: in this position the engine is idling.
  • Connect the electrical outlet.
  • Switch on the switches, motor and possibly lighting.
  •  Change the speed of rotation to obtain the necessary suction flow.

FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood 5

It is recommended to favor a reduced speed when using an activated carbon filter and a maximum speed with a particulate filter.
Stopping the aspiration

  • To stop aspiration, set the motor switch to the .0 position.
  • During a long shutdown, disconnect the power supply.



  • The cleaning of the case is done with soapy water.
  • After cleaning, carefully wipe off any moisture.
  • Avoid contact between the liquid cleaning product and the electrical parts of the installation.

Ref FPP1 (dust removal), FAP1 and FA2 (aerosols).
The clogging of the filters depends on the time of use, the nature and the concentration rate of dust in the aspirated atmosphere. In workplaces where these parameters are controlled, the life of a filter can be well determined. Cleaning and replacement can be planned; this simplifies both routine maintenance and periodic maintenance.
In workplaces where the above mentioned parameters are random, it is recommended to use hoods with filter loading detection (HI HEPA). This device makes it possible to permanently know the efficiency of the filtering and to proceed to the replacement as soon as necessary.
In ordinary cases of use, we recommend: For routine filter maintenance, cleaning with compressed air at least once a week. Disassemble the filter element. Put it horizontally on wedges at the four corners. Blow with compressed air in the opposite direction of aspiration.  For periodic maintenance, change the filter at least twice a year.
Ref FCP1:
The use of activated carbons makes it possible to purify the air of impurities and in particular smelly substances. The frequency of replacement of activated carbon filters is based on the user’s own experience. This must take into consideration the concentration rate and the nature of the troublesome substances. By default, it is recommended to change the charcoal filters every 6 to 12 months or more frequently in intensive use.


  • Fast fuse 1.25 A Quantity: 2
  • Filters: According to used model Quantity: 1
  •  LED bulb G45 4W E27 Quantity: 2


All units are warranted for 1 year parts and labor provided that you have used the product in accordance with its purpose and the instructions in the user manual. For the implementation of this guarantee, you will have to attach the photocopy of the original invoice specifying the date of purchase.
Warranty exclusions:

  • modification or alteration of the above document,
  • type and / or serial number of the product rendered unidentifiable,
  • interventions on the product made by any unauthorized person,
  • damage caused by a cause external to the device and in particular by lightning, fire, water damage or negligence,
  • modification or adaptation of the product.

The guarantee does not cover the deterioration of accessories and spare parts of usual consumption.

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FTM Technologies HI1P Portable Fume Hood [pdf] User Manual
HI1P Portable Fume Hood, HI1P, Portable Fume Hood


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