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Chers clients,
We are glad that you have chosen this premium product. We, the Pinolino staff, have manufactured this item with greatest care. The materials that were used are eco-friendly and comply with the strict European safety standards.
To spare you unnecessary effort, carefully read the assembly instructions first. Check whether you have all the parts and study the illustrations carefully before you start the assembly. Improper handling or assembly and especially construction alterations will void all warranty claims.
Removable bars:
One of the bedsides has three removable bars, which can be detached. To pull out the removable bars, first push them upwards and then take them out on a side. Mounting is done in reverse order. To avoid impermissible opening dimensions, all removable bars must be removed when a removable bar is removed.

Exigences de sécurité

Please check regularly that the screws are well tightened. The screws can loosen, leading to snag points or objects getting caught. The mattress support has three height positions. Please make sure that the mattress support is set in the right position, so that the child will not fall. The lowest position is the safest position. As soon as the child can sit up, the mattress base should only be used in this position.
Please use only the enclosed hex key and a screwdriver for the assembly. To avoid damaging the product, do not use an electric screwdriver for tightening the screws!

Attention :
Use only original accessories and spare parts from the producer or from the providers. Plastic bags and other plastic elements / wrappings should be removed immediately and kept out of the reach of children!

instructions de montage
Please set the parts on an even, flat surface. Make sure that the article isn’t inclined.
We recommend using the packaging of the article as underlay in order to protect it and its bottom side.

Do not use the cot if single parts are missing, broken or torn. Use only original spare parts recommended by Pinolino.
To prevent the child from falling out, the cot should no longer be used if the child is able to climb out of the cot.

Objects that can serve as footholds, or ones that present the hazard of suffocation or strangling, e.g. laces, drapery or curtain chords etc., must not be left inside the cot.
The mattress must be chosen so that the depth of the cot (mattress upper surface to top edge of the bed frame) will be at least 50 cm in the lowest position of the mattress support and at least 20 cm in its highest position. The mattress size should be 140 cm x 70 cm, or at least 139 cm x 68 cm. The maximum thickness of the mattress for this bed must be 10 cm.Pinolino 110032 Cot Bed Florian fig 1Attention,
N'utilisez jamais plus d'un matelas dans le lit.

The size of mattress must ensure that the gap between the mattress and the side ends is no more than 30 mm, however the mattress is positioned.

Make sure that the bed is not in the close proximity of open fires or strong heat sources, e.g. electric heaters, gas stoves.
Keep the assembly plan and the hex key for future disassembly or assembly.


Wipe with a clean, wet cloth. Also find details on

Que devez-vous savoir d'autre
In producing our furniture and toys we only use materials, oils, varnishes and glazes that do not pose a health hazard and are appropriate for children’s furniture. As a result of the production process, new furniture can sometimes retain a specific odor. To counter this harmless inconvenience we recommend repeated venting.Pinolino 110032 Cot Bed Florian fig 2


We wish you much joy with your Pinolino cot.
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