Casque Lenovo Go Wired ANC - Casque USB-C



  • PAR: Lenovo
  • COULEUR: Gris tempête
  • NOM DU MODÈLE: Casque ANC filaire Lenovo Go
  • FACTEUR DE FORME: Sur l'oreille
  • DIMENSIONS DU PRODUIT: 7.03 x 2.75 x 7.38 pouces
  • POIDS DE L'ARTICLE: onces 6.7


The Lenovo Go Wired ANC Headset will improve communication and teamwork at work. This USB-C headset was built to be dependable and easy to use, and it has advanced active noise cancellation (ANC) and environmental noise cancellation (ENC) to give you the tools you need to tune out distractions and focus on your work – all in one corded headset. On your favourite UC platform, take advantage of enterprise-grade remote conferencing with this wired headset that is certified for Microsoft Teams and compatible with Skype for Business. You may utilize the handy boom microphone on either the left or right side, and you can flip it up to mute and down to unmute.

With the help of the in-line controls on this cozy USB-C headset, you can join TEAMS, take or stop calls, mute and unmute the microphone, adjust the volume up and down, play and pause music, turn on and off ANC, and enable talk-through. The Lenovo Go Wired ANC Headset is a fantastic option if you need a reliable and clear headset for the office, working from home, or other locations.


  • Your phone should be connected to your Pixel USB-C earbuds.
  • Start the setup process by tapping Finish setup if you receive a notice that reads “Pixel USB-C earbuds connected.” Press and hold the Home button if you don’t see any notifications. Then click Complete headphone setup.
  • Observez les instructions à l'écran.


  • Connectez votre casque à la connexion USB 3.0 de votre ordinateur. Connectez le cordon USB au port USB 3.0 de votre ordinateur.
  • Connectez votre casque à la connexion de sortie HDMI de votre ordinateur. Recherchez le port de sortie HDMI sur votre ordinateur, puis connectez le câble HDMI fourni avec le casque.
  • Connect your headset’s headphones.


  • Select “System” from the menu in Settings. Choose “System”
  • Select “Sound” from the section’s menu. Select the “Device properties” radio button under the “Input” section.
  • By default, your microphone ought to be turned on.
  • To turn the gadget on or off, check or uncheck the “Disable” option.

Foire aux Questions

Does Microsoft Teams support the usage of headsets?

then click Settings to the left of your profile photo at the top. Select Devices under Settings. Choose Microsoft Modern USB Headset from the list of audio devices. Your headset should be chosen for the Speaker and Microphone in the Audio devices section after you’ve chosen it.

What does a headset that is Teams certified mean?

They are first and foremost USB headphones that are promised to be plug and play with no setup needed. They also integrate Microsoft Teams with call control, which greatly simplifies utilizing Teams as a softphone.

Why are my headphones incompatible with Microsoft Teams?

To make sure that the Headphones are being recognized by Teams, click on the three dots and display the Device Settings during the conference. To test whether it forces Teams to identify the headphones, try switching from Headphone to Speaker and back to Headphone.

Which headset—MS or UC—is superior?

The features of UC and MS headsets are identical, and they are typically priced at the same level as well. Which headset you select will ultimately depend on how you want to use it. A UC model is a wise choice if you are certain that you won’t be utilizing your new headset with Skype for Business.

Why do Teams use approved equipment?

The programme for peripheral certification assures that USB devices with excellent audio or video quality, such as headsets, speakerphones, webcams, and displays, are available. With Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, certified devices allow call control and are plug-and-play (plug-and-play).

Do USB-C headphones work well?

By avoiding a phone’s electronics, USB-C headphones should, in theory, deliver audio of superior quality. In reality, that hardly ever happens. Since they don’t rely on the smartphone’s DAC and amp, USB-C headphones are more expensive than 3.5mm counterparts.

Can type-C earphones be used with a laptop?

It should simply function if you have an active type-C headset or adaptor with a built-in DAC. Your PC should recognize active headsets as both a set of stereo headphones and a microphone. They essentially function as a USB sound card with speakers and a microphone built in.

Is jack audio superior to USB-C audio?

The only difference between audio over USB-C and a conventional 3.5mm audio port should be that USB-C transmits digital data instead of an analogue signal in the 3.5mm connector.

Les écouteurs Bluetooth sont-ils sécurisés ?

Étant donné que Bluetooth est un DME non ionisant, il est généralement inoffensif pour les personnes et ne leur fera pas de mal. En fait, Bluetooth a de faibles taux d'absorption spécifiques (SAR), démontrant ainsi qu'il est sans danger pour les personnes à utiliser.

Why are type C headphones not available?

Due to the vastly different target markets between Bluetooth and USB-C audio, relatively few people are working to fix USB-flaws C’s while everyone is concentrated on enhancing wireless sound quality.

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