Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation Board

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  • USB Power Delivery (PD) sink-only power role
  • Support charging of 1 to 4 cell batteries
  • Support type-C 1.4 & USB PD3.0 version 1.3
  • External resistor to set the target RDO
  • Flexible monitoring and configuration via I 2 C interface


  • Outils électroportatifs
  • Haut-parleurs Smart
  • Électronique portable
  • Appareils Internet des objets (IoT)
  • Combinés
  • Chargeurs sans fil
  • Applications industrielles


The HUSB238 is a highly integrated USB Power Delivery (PD) controller as sink role. The HUSB238 is compatible with USB PD3.0 V1.3 and Type-C V1.4. And it can also support charge protocols such as Apple divider 3, BC1.2 SDP, CDP and DCP. The HUSB238 can be used in electronic devices that have legacy barrel connectors (called Barrel Connector Replacement) or USB micro-B connectors. The applications can be wireless chargers, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, drones, smart speakers, power tools, and other rechargeable devices. The HUSB238 is available in 3 mm x 3 mm DFN-10L package and 3.9mm x 4 mm SOT33-6L package.



There are three interfaces on this evaluation board. The following table describes the functions of each interface.

Interfaces Descriptions
USB type-C receptacle Connect to a standard USB PD power adaptor(≤100W)through a USB type-C cable
Alimentation délivrée One Fixed PDO output of PD power adaptor(Output voltage can be set by an external


resistor RVSET or I C interface)

Interface I2C Optional interface for advanced monitoring and programming

The RDO of HUSB238 default factory setting is 20V3.25A. If the USB Type-C cable does not have an eMarker chip or the eMarker indicates the cable current rating being only 3A, the maximum current rating of source capability of the PD power adapter is only 3A and the PD power adapter will fail to match the HUSB238. In this situation, the request current can be set to 3A (or smaller) by changing the external resistor RISET to 22kΩ (or smaller).

Articles Caractéristiques Les fonctions Notes
Q1 Can be a single PMOS, back-to-back double PMOS or an integrated

load switch

1.       VBUS UVP/OVP protections

2.       Control the VOUT power-up timing and soft start time

3.       Prevention of current flowing backward

Q1 is optional, short J2 jumper for simple design. Q1, R2 and R3 are not connected.
ZD1, ZD2, ZD3, ZD4 NC TVS SOD-323 Enhance the chip ESD capability Option
RVSET NC 0603 1% Resistor Default RDO with 20V See the recommended resistor list
RISET NC 0603 1% Resistor Default RDO with 3.25A See the recommended resistor list

The circuit connection of HUSB238 evaluation board with the PD power adapter and powered device is shown as Figure 1.Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (2)


  • HUSB238 supports three kinds of voltage and current request methods:
    • Factory defaults settings (Default request voltage and current is 20V3.25A, custom design is also allowed).
    • VSET & ISET pins dynamic setting of the targeted voltage and current by changing of the RVSET and/or RISET resistors connected to the VSET & ISET pins separately.
    • I 2 C advanced setting.
  • Le voltage and current of HUSB238 actually request is the lower of factory defaults setting and the VSET/ISET pins setting.
    • Pour example, if factory default request voltage is 20V, the VSET pin request voltage is 12V, the actual request voltage est 12V.
    • Pour example, if factory default request current is 2A, the ISET pin request current is 3A, and the actual request current is 2A.
  • I 2 C advanced setting has the highest priority, it can bypass the above two kinds of settings:
    • HUSB238 stores source capability received from the USB PD power adapter. It includes all FPDOs data and other information sent from the USB PD power adapter. The MCU can choose the proper PDO according to this information.
    • It is suggested the VEST pin be shorted to ground such that the default request voltage 5V. Then the MCU request the actual required voltage & current through the I2 C interface.
  • Matching mechanism.
    • Seul le voltage and current of the PD source meet the both conditions, it can be matched.
      • Volume de demandetage value must less-than or equal-to Source PDO voltage valeur.
      • Request current value must less-than or equal-to Source PDO current value.
    • If the conditions are not matched, according to the HUSB238 mismatch rules, you can choose:
      • Look down for a lower voltage for matching. For example, HUSB238 requests 60W 20V3A, but the PD source provides 45W with PDOs of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A and 20V2.25A. The 20V2.25A PDO fails to match, while the 15V3A PDO matches.
      • Request 5V PDO directly.


The relationship of RVSET value and the request voltage:Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig 14

The relationship of RISET value and the request current:Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig 15

Le vol cibletage and current are dynamically applied by changing the value of RVSET and RISET.Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (3)


DIAGRAMMEHynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (4)

HUSB238 – USB PD Sink Controller

Key features of HUSB238:

  • USB-IF certified PD sink controller with TID 3666
  • 3mm x 3mm DFN-10L and 3.9mm x 4.0mm SOT33-6L packages options
  • Support type-C 1.4 & USB PD3.0 version 1.3
  • Support legacy charging sink, BC1.2 SDP, CDP & DCP detection, Apple Divider 3 detection
  • 3.0V to 25V operation range
  • 30Vvoltage rating on VBUS, GATE pins, and 25V voltage rating on CC1, CC2 pins
  • External resistor to set the target RDO voltage et courant
  • I 2 C interface access for advanced PDO request
  • eMarker emulator for cable application with output current>3A
  • Integrated load switch gate drivers (PMOS)
  • VBUS over-voltage (OVP) and under-voltage (UVP) protection
  • OTP protection, over-temperature protection with configurable thresholds
  • Basse consommation énergétique
  • Température de fonctionnement -40 °C à 125 °C

Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (5)


Room temperature test condition.

  • Contribution: 65W or above USB PD power adapter.
  • Sortie : DC 5V to 20V.

Oscilloscope Tektronix MDO3024, Lenovo 65W USB PD power adapter, multi-meter. I 2 C interface monitoring requires additional equipment, including: a computer with USB interface, USB data lines, Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter, and Total Phase software USB_V2.16.exe.
Figure 5. shows a Lenovo 65W USB PD power adapter connected to the HUSB238 evaluation board to output 20V. The request voltage is set by the RVSET resistor.Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (6)

Figure 6. shows the dynamic voltage request through I 2 C interface. The source capabilities information of the Lenovo 65W USB PD power adapter can be read through I 2 C interface.Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (7)Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (8)

Test item 1, request PDO through external resistor:

  1.  Connect the Lenovo 65W USB PD power adapter output to EVB_HUSB238_002DD with a USBC Type-C to USB Type-C cable.
  2.  Power on the 65W USB PD power adapter, use a multi-meter to measure the voltage between VBUS pad and ground in the EVB_HUSB238_002DD.
  3.  Change the RVSET resistor value in the EVB_HUSB238_002DD, check the change of the output voltage. Test item 2, request PDO through the I2C interface:
  4.  Connect the computer to the Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter with the USB data cable, connect the I2C interface of the EVB_HUSB238_002DD to the Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter. And run the I2C software on the computer.
  5.  Select device address 0x08 to open the HUSB238 register map in the I2C software. Then select the target register address. Click on “Read” button to read the specified register value. Click on “Write” button to write a value to the specified register.
  6.  Capture the waveforms shown in Figure 8. and Figure 9.

TEST WAVEFORMS Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (9)Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (10)


SCHÉMATIQUEHynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (11)


Non. Nom du matériau Description des spécifications Produit pcs Remarque
Plug-in Part
1 Resistor 10Ω         0603      5% R1 1
2 Resistor 30KΩ         0603       5% R2 1
3 Resistor 100KΩ       0603        5% R3 1
4 Resistor NC           0603        1% RVSET NC
5 Resistor NC           0603        1% RISET NC
6 condensateur 330P50V    X7R    0603 C2.3 2
7 condensateur 105K50V    X7R    0603 C1 1
8 TVS diode NC TVS SOD-323 ZD1.2.3.4 NC
9 MOSFET AD30P47D3 P-MOS DFN3*3 Q1 1
10 IC HUSB238_002DD-DFN-10L U1 1
11 Cavalier NC J2 NC
12 connecteur USB3.1 Type-C Receptacle 16PF SMT J1 1

DISPOSITION DU CIRCUIT IMPRIMÉ Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (12)Hynetek RD-2010 EVB_HUSB238_002DD Evaluation fig (13)


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