FOSPOWER FOSPWB Solar Crank Radio for Emergency User Manual
FOSPOWER FOSPWB Solar Crank Radio for Emergency

FosPower Solar Crank Radio for Emergency with AM/FM/WB Flashlight, Reading Lamp, SOS Alarm, Motion Sensor Setting, & 4000mAh Power Bank -Orange IPX3

Thank you for purchasing this FosPower product. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully before connecting, operating or using this product. Please keep this for future reference.

FosPower’s emergency radio incorporates a 4000mAh power bank capable of providing emergency power to any small tablet or phone. The 4 power sources will ensure you have power whenever you need it. The radio will also provide full access to AM, FM and NOAA weather broadcasts.

Package Includes

  • lx Solar Crank Radio
  • lx Micro USB Cable
  • lx User Manual
  • lx Metal Carabiner


Frequency FM: 87 – 108 MHz
AM: 520 – 1710 KHz
WB: 162.400 – 162.550 MHz
Battery 2 x 2000mAh / 3.7V Li-ion
Power Consumption 10 W (Max)
Charging Time (USB) 5-6 hrs
USB Output DC 5V/1A
LED Flashlight 135LM (Max)
Item Weight 0.84 lb / 380 g
Item Dimensions 6.23 x 2.48 x 3.19 in / 160 x 63 x81 mm
Working Voltage 2.7 V —4.2 V
IP Rating IPX3
After fully charged, the device supports Radio Listing (medium volume): > 33 hrs Reading Lamp: > 20 hrs
LED Lighting: Far or Dipped Beam: > 16 hrs
Far + Dipped Beams: > 10 hrs

Product Diagram

Product Diagram


Turn the [Volume Dial] clockwise to power on the radio and adjust volume.

Select FM/AM/WB with [Band Switch]. Extend the antenna for better signal reception.

Turn the [Tuner Dial] to select station. Green tune indicator turns on when the station selected is fully engaged.

SOS Alarm
Click the [SOS Button] to turn on/off a loud siren and a flashing far beam.

Click the [Flashlight Button] to cycle through the four modes: Far Beam -> Dipped Beam -> Far + Dipped Beams -> Off.

Reading Lamp
[Sensor Switch] in the LIGHT position: Open the solar panel, and the reading lamp will light up. Close the solar panel, and the reading lamp will turn off.

[Sensor Switch] in the AUTO position: Open the solar panel. When there’s human moving within 10ft / 3m, the reading lamp lights up. When there is no human moving in this range, the reading lamp will turn off in 30 seconds.

Please turn the [Sensor Switch] to the LIGHT position when it’s not in use.

Phone Charging

The standard USB port can be used to charge your USB devices. The internal batteries of the radio have the capacity of 4000 mAh.

You might need to provide your own cable to charge your device.

NOTE: To extend the internal battery life, it’s suggested to use this function only in emergencies.

Power the Device

USB charging

Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to the micro-USB input port to charge the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The 4 blue power indicators will flash while the radio is being charged, and stays on after it is fully charged. Please have the radio charged at least once every three months.

Hand crank dynamo

The radio’s batteries can be charged by turning the handle at the back of the device and activating the dynamo. The handle can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The red charging indicator should light up when the handle is being turned.

Turning the handle at the speed of 130 rpm for one minute will support 30-minute far beam illumination or 6-minute radio listening.

Solar power

Expose the solar panel in clear sunlight to let it charge as efficiently as possible. The red charging indicator should light up when the panel is receiving enough sunlight to start charging. This is mostly used for maintaining the batteries, or prolonging the battery life.

Replaceable li-ion batteries

We suggest that you can replace the batteries in these two situations:

  1. The batteries are damaged.
  2. Replace two fully charged batteries when the current batteries are dead in power outage.

Use a screwdriver to open the battery cover, and replace two 18650 Li-ion batteries.

The radio will automatically turn off when the battery voltage is lower than 2.7V, or there is an overload or a short circuit in the unit.

Power Indicator

The power indicators will light up for 30 seconds when the radio/flashlight/reading lamp is turned on.

  • The first LED flashing: < 3%
  • One solid light: 3-25%
  • Two solid lights: 25-50%
  • Three solid lights: 50-75%
  • Four solid lights: >75%

Safety Instruction

Fully charge the unit before initial use. Do not overdischarge the unit as that might reduce the battery life. The device should not be exposed to dripping or splashing. Do not use or charge the device in a high temperature area.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This FosPower product includes a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit our FosPower website for more details.

Recycling the Product

To dispose this product properly, please follow the recycling process regulated in your area.

FCC Information

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. this device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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