FORD SuperDuty Trucks Installation Guide
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Installation Instructions FORD SUPERDUTY F-SERIES TRUCKS


Hitch Shown In Proper Position

Equipment Required:
Fastener Kit: 41931F
Wrenches: 3/4”, 7/8”
Drill Bits: NONE

Do Not Exceed Lower of Towing Vehicle Manufacturer’s Rating or

  Hitch type   Max Gross Trailer WT (LB)   Max Tongue WT (LB)
  Weight Distributing   15,000 (6810 Kg)   1500 (681 Kg)
  Weight Carrying Ball Mount   12,000 (5448 Kg)   1200 (545 Kg)

                                         Wiring Access Location: PU1, PU2

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  1. Lower spare tire to allow for access to existing slots in vehicle frame rails.
  2. Remove existing electrical bracket from vehicle if present and relocate as required.
  3. Raise hitch into position and install fasteners as shown above.
  4. Raise and position spare tire to allow for clearance between the receiver tube and the hex bolts coming through the frame rails.

Tighten all 1/2 GR5 fasteners with torque wrench to 75 Lb.-Ft. (102 N*M)

Note: check hitch frequently, making sure all fasteners and ball are properly tightened. If hitch is removed, plug all holes in trunk pan or other body panels to prevent entry of water and exhaust fumes. A hitch or ball which has been damaged should be removed and replaced. Observe safety precautions when working beneath a vehicle and wear eye protection. Do not cut access or attachment holes with a torch. This product complies with safety specifications and requirements for connecting devices and towing systems of the state of New York, V.E.S.C. Regulation V-5 and SAE J684.
FORD SuperDuty Trucks Installation Guide



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