Fmi 26″ Electric Fireplace FEF26 User Manual

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Electric Fireplace FEF26


Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or install the product.

WARNING: Any use of this appliance other than that recommended by the manufacturer in this owner’s manual may cause fire, burns, electric shock, and/or other serious injuries or death.
When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons including the following:

  1. Read the manufacturers instructions completely before using this appliance.
  2. This appliance will become hot when in use. To avoid burns, do not let bare skin touch hot surfaces. The grill at the top of this heater in particular will become hot when the heater is active. Take special care not to block the air intake or exhaust vents.
  3. Extreme caution is necessary when the appliance is used by or near children or invalids and whenever the heater is left operating and unattended.
  4. Do not operate the heater if the power cord or plug has been damaged or the heater has been damaged or malfunctioned in any way. Take the appliance to an authorized service facility for examination, electrical or mechanical adjustment or repair.
  5. Do not use outdoors.
  6. This heater is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry areas and similar indoor locations. Never locate heater where it may fall into a bathtub or other water container.
  7. To disconnect the appliance, turn all controls “OFF”, and then remove the plug from the electrical outlet.
  8. The appliance comes equipped with a 3 prong-grounding plug. Do not cut the grounding prong. Connect to properly grounded 120V outlets only.
  9. Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust openings as this may cause an electric shock or fire, or damage the appliance.
  10. To prevent a possible fire, do not block air intakes or exhausts in any manner. Do not use on soft surfaces, like a bed, where openings may become blocked.
  11. All electrical heaters have hot and arching or sparking parts inside. Do not use in areas where gasoline, paint, or flammable liquids are used or stored or where the appliance will be exposed to flammable vapors.
  12. Avoid using the appliance with an extension cord. Extension cords may overheat and cause a risk of fire. If an extension cord MUST be used, the cord must be No. 16AWG minimum size and rated not less than 1875 Watts.
    The extension cord must be a 3-prong cord with grounding-type plug and cord connection and should not exceed 20’ (6m) in length.
  13. When transporting or storing the heater, take care to keep both the unit and power cord/plug dry, free from excessive vibration and away from heat sources.
  14. Use the heater only as described in this manual. Any other use not recommended by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
  15. Do not attempt to burn wood or other materials in this heater.


Read all instructions and warning prior to operating the appliance.
Ensure that all controls are in the “OFF” position before plugging the appliance in to a properly grounded electrical outlet.
The control panel of the appliance is located behind the wire grate above the window on the front (Fig. 1).

Electric Fireplace FEF26 - OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Fig 1

Electric Fireplace FEF26 - OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Fig 2

Using the Control Panel and the Remote Control:
Simulated Flame Effect:

  • Push-button (A) power ON/OFF.
  • Push-button (D) to turn the flame ON/OFF.
  • Push-button (E) to ± flame brightness.

Heat Setting:

  • Push-button (C) once to activate low heat setting
  • Push-button (C) second time to activate high heat setting
  • Push-button (C) third time to activate the “AUTO” function.
  • Turn thermostat (B) dial to desired setting.
  • Push-button (C) fourth time to shut heater off

NOTE: Flame and/or heat can work separately or together.

Electric Fireplace FEF26 - Remote Control



This heater is for use on 120 Volts. The heater has a 3-prong grounded plug (fig. A). If your electrical outlet has only 2 slots (fig. B), you will have to use an adapter (fig. C) to convert from the 3-prong power cord to a 2-slot receptacle. The green grounding plug extending from the adapter must be securely connected to a permanent ground such as a properly grounded outlet box. The adapter should only be used if a proper 3-slot receptacle is not available.

NOTE: Adapters are not allowed for use in Canada.

Electric Fireplace FEF26 - OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Fig 4

A 15 AMP circuit is required to operate this appliance. If the breaker trips when the appliance is running, you may need to move the appliance to another location or unplug other appliances that are on the same circuit.


WARNING: Before attempting to perform any maintenance on this appliance, turn all controls to the “OFF” position and unplug. Allow the appliance to be “OFF” for at least 10 minutes before performing any maintenance in order to allow all components to cool properly.

Replacing Light Bulbs:

  • Make sure that all controls are off and that the appliance is unplugged.
  • Wear latex gloves to ensure that grease/oil from your hands does not transfer to the bulbs.
  • Take hold of each side of the bulb cover panel at the bottom of the firebox and pull straight out (See Fig.5). You can see three 40W light bulbs in the firebox (See Fig.6).
  • Examine the light bulbs to determine which bulbs require replacement.
  • Remove the burnt out bulb and replace with a new 40W bulb –do not over tighten.
  • Replace the cover panel (See Fig.7).



  • Replace the bulb cover panel.


  • To remove dust from glass window, use clean dry cloth.
  • To remove fingerprints or other marks from glass window, use clean damp cloth. Do not spray glass cleaner or other liquids directly onto the window.
  • Clean metal surfaces with a clean damp cloth making sure not to push dust or debris into any air intake or exhaust vents.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or spray liquids on any part of the appliance.
  • Periodic cleaning/vacuuming of the fan/heater unit is strongly recommended to ensure that no dirt or foreign objects build up.


WARNING: Turn off the appliance, unplug and let cool for at least 10 minutes before attempting to service. Only a qualified professional should attempt to service or repair the appliance.

Electric Fireplace FEF26 - TROUBLESHOOTING



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Terms Common to All Warranties
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