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flowtoys Crystal Poi Lite c2 User Guide

crystal poi lite v2

operating instructions

Congratulations on getting a pair of crystal poi lite v2 – many adventures await you! An evolution of the crystal poi – first released in 2008 (wow!) – this rig is designed for lightweight, fast, glowsticking-style spinning, now with new 3D-printed crystal cases.

Crystal poi lite come with the revolutionary flowlight-FS, a modular & versatile rechargeable LED glowstick with over 30 adjustable modes, autoplay features, battery charge level indicator, low battery indicator, and global brightness adjustability to give you maximum brightness when you need it, and save batteries when you don’t. It also features “j-lace”, selected by glowstringers after testing countless samples for the best available lace for stringing.


FLOWLIGHT – FULL SPECTRUM: The world’s first rechargeable LED glowlight that started it all! These interchangeable high-tech LED lightsticks have many beautiful modes, colors and adjustments, and run on 1 rechargeable AAA. See pocket guide for a color chart of your modes, and tips on navigating all the amazing features of your flowlight-FS.

CRYSTAL CASE v2: Custom-designed and 3D-printed, this sleek flowlight case was designed for glowstickers, and spinners who enjoy fast and lightweight poi. It provides padding for body wraps and protects the flowlight from hard impacts, while diffusing the light and making it appear brighter.

J-LACE: Solid and flat, not hollow, with zero stretch for precise and consistent handling, this silky-smooth weft-knitted, polyester ribbon is supple and durable. At 0.5mm thick x 9mm wide, it’s wide enough for comfortable handling without being bulky.


Flowtoys are designed to last you a lifetime, but nothing is indestructible, so we provide this warranty to enable you to freely find your flow*. We offer free replacements on defective parts, and 50% credit for products in any condition at any time.
If the tips in this guide do not keep your flowtoys working for years to come, please contact us at

* Vision props, batteries and items that would undergo wear and tear have a limit on free replacements, but you can get at least half price replacements at any time.
Flowtoys reserves the right to refuse coverage to anyone abusing this warranty.
Please contact us before sending in your product, or it may be returned to sender

  1. Optimize and manage your batteries!
    Use rechargeable batteries. The flowlight was designed for rechargeables. Flowlights are bright and draw a lot of power—cheapo disposable batteries can’t keep up and don’t last as long.
    Have 2 batteries for each flowlight.
    This way you always have a charged set ready to glow! We offer great rechargeable NiMHs for $1 each.
    If you use NiMHs, charge shortly before use! Typical NiMHs hold a good charge for 1-2 weeks. After that they may have less than 50% of their charge left, so we recommend charging them within a week of important uses like performances, parties first dates or festivals.
  2. Cleaning your flowtoys. If your crystal cases get dirty after hours of practice in the park, flowing in the forest or rockin’ out on a dancefloor, you can clean them with soap and water, or put them in the wash with your laundry: air-dry, no heat!

Crystal case v2 is designed and 3D-printed with facets that line up with the flowlight’s button no matter which way your flowlight is oriented, so you can feel and turn on your lights in the dark.


Adjusting your leash to fit your body & style optimizes your spinning experience:

The j-lace comes longer than most people need. To shorten, pull out the flowlight from the case, tie another knot, test the length and adjust as needed – a popular length for poi is from hand to shoulder. Once you’ve chosen your length, finish the leash end. The result is a high performance leash with minimal hardware or knots.

Finishing the leash end:

  • After you’ve chosen your leash length, tighten the knot. Cut excess off with scissors.
  • Melt the end of the knot with a lighter. While the end is still soft/melted, use the edge of the lighter to flatten and shape the melted ends of the knot onto the rest of the knot. This ensures the knot will not come undone.

Tip: If the melted plastic sticks to the lighter, it’s too hot. Wait a second before shaping it.

Leash types: Crystal case v2s are designed to accommodate J-lace through the leash opening. If you want to install smithy or other larger diameter cord to your crystal poi lite v2, you can drill out the leash opening.

Glowstick warning!

Flowlights are made of polycarbonate, and chemical glowsticks release gaseous esters that break down polycarbonate and make it brittle. This can occur even if an uncracked glowstick is placed near polycarbonate, and is not only a result of broken or leaking glow-sticks. Avoid exposure!


37g w/ battery

  1. 3 superbright LEDs
  2. advanced micro-controller
  3. single button, easy use
  4. voltage regulator
  5. color indicator
  6. 100% optical shell, durable polycarbonate
  7. no tools battery door
  8. rechargeable AAA cell*
  9. custon battery spring
  10. easy attachment points

State-of-the-art, latest technologies, design, versatile, attractive, easy-to-use, intuitive, sustainble alternative to chemical glowsticks.

Designed from the ground up with great engineering, awesome design, good taste and love.

Bright: 3 regulated ultrabright RGB LEDs (9 LEDs total) provide maximum brightness for entire battery life.
Long lasting: 7-12 hours run-time in most modes
Durable: high impact polycarbonate shell, rugged circuit board, and replaceable battery provide a lifetime of service.
Easy to use: intuitive one-button operation. Easy battery access, convenient attachment points.
Sustainable: replaces chemical glowsticks, runs on 1 AAA battery, rechargeable, repairable, built to last.
Low battery mode: blinks and goes into low-power mode to continue providing useable light for hours.
Battery charge indicator: hold button while off to see your battery charge level.
Favorite mode recall: program your 10 favorite patterns in page 4, you can also adjust and rearrange them!
State-of-the-art: Advanced micro-controller is super-efficient and powerful for complex functionality and patterns.
Beautiful design: carefully designed to optimize light distribution, durability, functionality, look and feel.


Push the front lip of the door down and forwards towards the button firmly. The back of the door should pop out. It may help to use a small object like a battery or the end of another flowlight.

Pull the door out to access the battery compartment. The antenna are very strong and durable. You can pull hard to remove the door. This is normal.

To remove the battery, pull on the clear battery pull tab, or tap the tail of the flowlight firmly against a firm surface. Battery may be snug, this is normal.

Insert battery “+” end first towards the pointy head of the light. Ensure clear tab is placed correctly. Push battery “-” end down. Insert antennae of battery door. Push door down and back to secure it. Power up & enjoy!

There is a slight lip at the tip of the door – push the lip DOWN towards the belly of the light and FORWARDS towards the head of the light. There is a tiny “latch” inside near the button that needs to be released before you can push the door forwards.

Use your thumb or another hard object (the tail end of another flowlight works really well) to push down and forwards on the tip of the door. Don’t push on the main part of the door itself—this will not release the internal latch. Once you have released the battery door, pull firmly on the door to separate the door from the light and access the battery compartment.

Inserting and removing the battery
There is a transparent battery pull tab—make sure you insert the battery with the tab across the bottom of the compartment. Insert the positive end of the battery (pointy end) in the direction of the head of the flowlight (pointy end). Pull the tab to release battery. A firm tap on a table or other semi-hard object will also pop the battery out of the compartment.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
– Howard Thurman


If you have a flowtoy that is no longer in use or is unusable for any reason, please don’t throw it away. Send it back to us and we’ll put it towards an art project, recycle or refurbish and donate it. Several of our friends are involved in traveling circuses that bring the movement arts to underprivileged children in different parts of the world and are always looking for such donations.


Our Forever Flow lifetime warranty ensures you can keep using your flowtoys for a lifetime! Even as technology evolves, and we make advancements to our electronics and products, or as you progress through your flow journey and move onto spinning other props, the flowtoys you get today are an investment and have lasting value. Our upgrade program means you can send in any flowtoys at any time in any condition, and receive credit towards shiny new flowtoys. We’re doing our best to make planned obsolescence obsolete 🙂


Get to know us behind-the-scenes. Come to our beautiful studio for free community jams. Try out and play with our wide array of flow arts, spinning, martial arts and juggling LED props, designed for beginners and professionals alike. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and join our mailing list at – we look forward to meeting you!

Visit for more information, inspiration, videos, instructions and tips.


This guide outlines basic safeguards in using your flowtoys. The precautions and instructions presented cannot cover all possible circumstances and situations that may occur. In using any flowtoy, the user understands that common sense and caution cannot be built into the product, and must be provided by him/herself. Please read all instructions before use.

  1. Flowtoys are intended for practice, play, performance and meditation. Do not use for any other purpose.
  2. Do not use products under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Consult prescription labels to determine if a particular drug would impair your judgment or reflexes. If so, do not use this product.
  3. Stay alert and use common sense. Do not use this product when tired or distracted. Be aware when in the presence of fragile or breakable objects.

BEFORE USE: Check for damaged parts before using any product. Ensure caps, connectors and battery doors are fully secured. Most flowtoys are made of individual pieces that can separate during use if not properly assembled.
GENERAL CARE: Repair or replace damaged or worn parts before use. Do not use damaged products.
REGULAR MAINTENANCE: Maintain all Flowtoys products with care. Store in a clean, dry environment. Avoid overexposure to sunlight: UV rays compromise the integrity of plastics.
UNAUTHORIZED COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS: Our products should not be combined with products or parts from other manufacturers, unless specifically authorized by us and such other manufacturers. Any unauthorized product combination may void the warranty of our products and other manufacturers’ products.

Warning: This product is not intended for use by children age 14 and under.


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flowtoys Crystal Poi Lite c2 [pdf] User Guide
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