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Welcome to your new 3D-printed capsule handle v2s! Maybe you got them with podpoi (nice choice), or you’re planning on adding them to your other poi (most excellent), either way you’ll soon experience the joys of illuminated poi handles.
Capsule handles are designed to house capsule lights. You can find basic instructions on how your capsule lights work in a separate guide. More in-depth instructions on all our props and lights are available on flowtoys.com/product-support
Charging your capsule handles: Charging port access is integrated into the design of capsule handle shells. Simply turn the shell until the opening lines up with your capsule’s usb charging port. Plug into usb and voila!
Adjusting leash length & finishing leash end: Capsule handle v2s come with 6mm smithy cord fed through an o-ring and looped through a swivel attached to the capsule light.

  •  Pull the excess leash through the o-ring to your preferred leash length.
  •  Tape the smithy cord before cutting to prevent fray.
  •  Melt the end with a lighter until it becomes a substantial disk of melted cord, so the puck won’t pull through.
  •  Smush the melted disk with the edge of your lighter.
  •  This gives you a slick, finished leash end without knots that can obstruct the swivel and affect the performance of your capsule handles.

Custom swivels: Capsule handles now come with custom swivels that have a washer. If you are rigging swivels into your handles for the first time, you’ll want these custom swivels to ensure they’re securely attached to your handle. Email us at [email protected] to request a pair.

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flowkey 34827415 CAPSULE HANDLES v2 Toys Pod Poi LED [pdf] Instruction Manual
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