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General Safety Instructions

  • Complete pre-start checklist
  • Read Manufacturers Operation Manual (www.flexihire.com.au)
  • Report any faults or damage to Flexihire 1300FLEXIHIRE
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry
  • Do not operate equipment near pedestrians or people
  • Do not operate without the appropriate PPE as detailed
  • Do not operate equipment under the influence of drugs or alcohol

General Engine Safety

  • Refueling – Do not smoke, or introduce an ignition source, always turn the engine off and allow the engine to cool first, relieve fuel pressure by loosening the cap slowly, and wipe clean any fuel spills prior to re-start, If fuel spilled on clothes change clothes, ensure cap is replaced & store fuel vessel away from the work area
  • Do not breathe fuel vapor & replace the cap securely after fuelling
  • Do not operate the engine without adequate ventilation
  • Beware of hot surfaces on engine & other parts

Risk Assessment

  • Assess the immediate work area for any hazards
  • Control or eliminate all the risks associated with the hazards
  • Hazards to check for that may require risk control-
❑Overhead power lines
❑Confined space
❑Traffic & moving machinery
❑Stored energy – air, hydraulic, electricity, pressure
❑Working at height
❑Falling objects
❑High Voltage
❑Any stored energy

Operating Safety Instructions

Ensure operators of Booms with a platform height of 11m or greater hold a WP – National Licence to Perform High-Risk Class WP. For booms below 11m, a yellow card is required to ensure competence Use barricades to restrict pedestrian and traffic flow near the boom
Always perform pre start checks
Ensure the EWP has a log book on hand and check that it is in service and has no current service faults. Never use if the Boom has a fault Do not tie the boom bucket to an adjacent platform or structure
Check overhead hazards including powerlines and maintain minimum approach distances from all powerlines – see manual Do not use the boom lift as a lifting aid, crane, or lifting device. Do not use the boom to push or pull objects
Check the ground where the EWP will be operated to ensure it is firm dry and free from obstructions and holes Use lanyards on all equipment in the boom bucket to prevent it
Plan the work to be done Do not allow anyone to tamper with the machine from the ground
whilst in use unless under emergency conditions
Check the SWL (Safe Working Load) of the EWP and ensure the weight to be placed in the basket including the personnel is under the SWL When driving ensure the boom is positioned over the rear axle in
line with the direction of travel. Remember if the boom is over the
front axle, steering will be reversed
Ensure a fall arrest harness is worn at all times and that it is attached to a lanyard, shock absorber, and attached to the basket Ensure all gates on the basket remain closed at all times unless
entering and exiting the basket from the ground
Ensure a rescue plan is in place prior to operation in case of a fall so that the operator can be removed from the harness within 5 minutes to avoid suspension trauma Keep both feet or all persons in the basket firmly on the floor at all
times. Do not stand on ladders, boxes, or the basket
Do not drive with the platform elevated on sloping or uneven
ground above 4 degrees and avoid driving on lesser slopes
Do not use the machine as a ground for welding
Check the load limit of bridges and ramps before driving on them Do not operate the machine in wind conditions or with wind gusts equal or greater than 40KMPH
If the boom is in a position with one or more wheels off the ground,remove all personnel before attempting to stabilize Stow boom, lower and park on flat level ground and shut down all
power before leaving the boom
Use the boom functions not the drive function to position the basket close to structures or the job Travel grades in slow speed only and beware of stopping distances in
all speeds, switch to slow speed before stopping
Use spotters and look out for personnel when vision is obscured Refer to manual for lifting instructions but never lift with only 2
chains or slings.
Never use anything other than the operator’s foot to engage the safety foot switch Refer to manual for towing instructions

FMS10- SOP Boom lift EWP
Version #: FLX 3.1
Issue: October 2021
Review: October 2026 FLEXIHIRE Boom Lift EWP Hire in Rockhampton - icon

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