Fiilex P360S User Guide
Fiilex P360S

Safety Instructions

  • DO NOT look into the light source. Be cautious of the high-intensity beam.
  • DO NOT disassemble P360S. This will void the warranty.
  • DO NOT install P360S in damp or wet locations.
  • DO NOT obstruct the fixture’s air vents.
  • Use safety cable (not included) when rigging P360S overhead.
  • Only use Fiilex approved power supply and accessories. Failure to do so may damage the fixture.

Mode Selection


Turn the Intensity Knob (13) to adjust brightness.


Turn the CCT Knob (7) to adjust color temperature.

HUE (Magenta/Green)

Double click the HUE Knob (7) to adjust HUE value.

DMX Control

Double click the DMX Knob (13) to set DMX address (Range: 1 – 510).

Parts Diagram

  1. 4-leaf Barndoor
    Parts Diagram
  2. Barndoor Slot
  3. Accressory Lock
  4. Side Vents
  5. Yoke Knobs
    Parts Diagram
  6. Accessory Lock Release
  7. CCT/HUE Knob
  8. Light Control Input Jack
  9. Yoke
  10. Light Stand Adapter
  11. OLED Display
  12. Rear Vents
  13. Intensity / DMX Knob
  14. Light Control Output Jack
  15. DC Power Input Jack
  16. ON/OFF Button
    Parts Diagram

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