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Fiido D11 User Manual


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Fiido Electric Bicycle Catalogue

  1. Safety information
  2. Bike diagrams
  3. Installation instructions
  4. Folding instructions
  5. Specifications


This manual includes important safety, performance and service information. Please make sure you have read the following warnings before you use our product for the first time.
a) If you lend your electric bicycle to other people, please let the user read this manual, it could be helpful to decrease the risk of accident.
b) Please wear a suitable and safe helmet when riding, please wear clothes with fluorescent and reflective stripes when you ride at night. Don’t exceed the speed limits, it is a main reason for traffic accidents, please make sure you follow the traffic rules.
c) Don’t touch the charging port on the bike, or use metal to touch it. Otherwise it will cause a short circuit.
d) Starting the bike using the throttle, frequent braking, riding against the wind, carrying people or anything when the tire pressure is insufficient, insufficient air pressure in the tires in general. All of these will consume a lot of electric energy, and therefore reduce the distance you can go. To extend the range:
  1. Use power assist mode.
  2. Brake only when necessary for your safety and don’t start from zero using the throttle.
  3. Don’t overload the bicycle.
  4. Before riding, please check the pressure of the tire and supply enough pressure.
e) When charging the e-bike make sure that there is no foreign matter in the charging port. Firstly connect the charger to the e-bike and then connect to the AC power supply to prevent sparking.
f) Don’t expose the e-bike to direct sunlight or rain for an extended period of time, and avoid storing it in places with high temperatures or corrosive gas, so as to avoid chemical corrosion and damage to the electronic parts and painted surfaces, which may lead to operational failure and accident.
g) It’s better to turn off the power button when you haven’t ridden it for a long time, or else the battery will be drained, which will damage it. Please keep it fully charged before you stop riding it for a long time.
h) Your current insurance may not cover situations you may encounter when riding an electric bike, please contact your insurance company or insurance broker for an appropriate consultation.
i) According to the law, people must reach the age of 16 to ride e-bikes or three-wheeled electric bikes. Please refer to the local laws and regulations when using this product in other countries.
j) Bicycles are vehicles with certain risks, please make sure to follow the traffic rules. Also when emergency braking, brake the rear wheel first, and only then the front wheel, especially if the cycling speed is too high. If the front brake is used suddenly, you may fall over. Please ride carefully.

2. Bike diagrams

Fiido Bike diagrams
  1. Removable battery
  2. Quick release
  3. Brake disc
  4. Hub motor
  5. Valve
  6. Folding system
  7. Charging port
  8. Controller box
  9. Chain
  10. Chain wheel
  11. Pedal
  12. Crank
  13. Handle bar
  14. Stem
  15. Folding system
  16. Headlight
  17. Brake disc


Fiido Bike Handle bar diagrams

  1. Brake power off system
  2. Light/horn button
  3. Horn
  4. Power on/off button
  5. Power adjustment
  6. Thumb shifter
  7. Power off brake
  8. Throttle
  9. Battery Level
  10. Speed
  11. Electric assist gear
  12. Odometer
(Note: When not used for 10 minutes, the bike is shut down automatically when the bike is stationary.)
Battery charging port
13.Battery charging port (located below the saddle)
On Off button
14.On/Off button ( Once it’s on, the tail light will turn on as well.)
Fiido Bike Pedal
Fiido Bike Pedal Left
Fiido Bike Pedal Right
Use a 15mm spanner to screw the pedal spindle into the threaded hole and tighten it in the direction of the arrow (left counterclockwise, right and clockwise, as shown).
(Note: When installing the pedal, be aware of the left and right, align the installation horizontally to prevent 6.the pedal from slipping out of the crank)

3.Installation instructions

  1. Unfold the D11 bike frame to straightened position and tighten the frame folding handle and safety clasp.
  2. Unfold the handle bar tube to the upper position, lock the raised tube into position, and tighten the safety clasp. Adjust the T-handle bar into riding position
  3. To insert the seatpost clamp into position, first open the seatpost clamp located on the bike frame, then insert the seatpost and adjust the tube into position (note the marked lines on the seatpost). Adjust the bike seat height until you find the perfect riding position, then tighten the seatpost clamp to lock into position.
    Fiido Bike Installation instructions 1 Fiido Bike Installation instructions 2Fiido Bike Installation instructions 3
  4. For your safety, double check the following items are in position before riding: Frame/seat/handle tube locking positions, brake system function, tires inflated, battery charge, and your safety gear.
  5.  Enjoy your D11 and have a fun ride on the world’s best electric bike.

Note: Both the Rise and the Seat Tube are marked with a safe (MAX or MIN). For safety reasons, please use them in a safe range.

            steering tube lock and unlock            adjusting the handle bar

                 steering tube lock and unlock                                   adjusting the handle bar

Please make sure the seatpost clamp should be tightened by Allen key

 Note :Please make sure the seat post clamp should be tightened by Allen key
 insert to charge
insert to charge

4. Folding instructions

Step 1.Open up the lock at the base of the seatpost, then gently lower the seat to the bottom, and then close the clamp to lock it in position.
Step 2.Open up the lock at the base of the steering tube, then gently fold down the tube and handle bar.
Step 3. Open up the lock at in the centre of the bike frame, and then fold the D11 in half.
Fiido Bike Folding instructions 1Fiido Bike Folding instructions 2Fiido Bike Folding instructions 3
Fiido Bike Folding instructions 4Fiido Bike Folding instructions 5
     locked                       opened                locked                  opened



Name                                    Specification

Electric Bike System         FIIDO System
Electric Motorcycle          Support
Power Assist System         Support
Max Load weight              120kg
Maximum Speed               25km/h
Maximum Range              Power assisted model up to 80-100KM
Battery                              High quality lion battery 36V 11.6Ah
Battery adaptation             DC 42V 2A
Recharge Time                   7 hours
Display                            LCD Display
Drive Type                      Rear Drive
Frame Material                Aluminum Alloy
Front Brake                     Mechanical Disc Brakes
Brake Type                      Mechanical Disc Brakes
Chainset                           Prowheel Steel 52 Tooth
Gears                               Shimano 7-speed gear
Chain                                KMC Z7
Rear Brake                        Mechanical Disc Brakes
Rear Hub/Rated Power    XiongDa Motor/250W
Rims                                 Alloy
Wheel Size                        20”
Tyre Size                           20”×1.75 inch
Tyres                                 Cheng Shin Tire
Net Weight                       17.5kg(with battery)
Unfold size                      148cm×57cm×110m
Folding size                     80cm x 74cm x 40cm8

* The above data allow for 5% manufacturing tolerances.

* After receiving the goods, there may be some differences between individual accessories and display drawings, which are different due to the different batches, and do not affect the use.

Fiido D11 Electric Bike User Manual – Optimized PDF
Fiido D11 Electric Bike User Manual – Original PDF

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