CALIBER HWP303U Smart Power Socket -käyttöopas
CALIBER HWP303U Smart Power Socket


  • Smart 3 way socket type F
  • Ilmainen ”Caliber SMART HOME” -sovellus
  • Wireless Protocols – Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi freq. 2.4GHz
  • Physical ON/OFF button
  • All 3 plug sockets can be switched on/off independently, USB outlets switch on/ off simultaneously.
  • Kaapelin pituus: 1,5 metriä
  • 4 USB charge outputs
  • USB Smart charging: 2.4A
  • USB DC output: 5.0V/2.4A Max (4.2A max. total) 21W total power
  • Child proof power socket
  • Rated Current: 3x 8A outputs (1840W • max. 16A / 3680W Total)
  • ABS+PC Fire retardant
  • IP20 luokiteltu
  • Power supply: AC 110V-240V~, 50/60HZ
  • Smart Home – powered by Tuya
  • Accessible by multiple devices (phones, tablets, etc)
  • Hacker proof ISO27017:2015
  • APP works with any internet connection (WiFi or mobile data)

Tiedonsiirtotila: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) Max e.r.p: <100mW/20dBm Bluetooth® 2402-2480 Mhz Max e.r.p: <100mW/20dBm
Virtalähde: AC 110V-240V ~ 50HZ/60Hz
Nimellisvirta: 16A (3840W)


The smart EU 3 way socket is a Wi-Fi based socket that works perfectly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant by voice control. You can either control it with Android and iOS based APP by phone, anywhere, at any time.


  • Amazon Alexa ja Google Assistant yhteensopiva
  • Tuettu Wi-Fi-yhteys
  • Bluetooth connection (direct from phone)
  • Ajoitusasetus käytettävissä
  • Schedule setting available
  • Laiteohjelmiston OTA -päivitystä tuetaan
  • CE, RoHS -sertifioitu
  • Energian seuranta
  • APP support: iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1 and higher


Do not open the device. Use the device only for its intended purpose. Do not use the device if it is damaged or defective. In this case, replacement is required. This device is intended for indoor use only. Do not use this device outdoors.
The devices operate only on a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Päästä alkuun

APP -lataus ja tilin sitominen

  1. Scan the QR code on the rear side of this manual to download the APP for Android or iOS system. Or you can download the ‘Caliber smart home’ APP on Apple Store and Google Play.
  2. Käynnistä APP ja rekisteröi tili sähköpostiosoitteellasi/matkapuhelinnumerollasi ja kirjaudu sitten sisään rekisteröidyllä tilillä.

Lisää laite:

  1. Open Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  2. Enable Bluetooth and location permission for ‘Caliber Smart Home’ app, so the app can find the device via bluetooth.
  3. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds to enter the connection mode. The LED indicator will blink rapidly. If the LED indicator flashes slowly, press and hold the POWER button again for 5 seconds until the LED indicator flashes quickly.
  4. In the Caliber Smart Home app, click on the blue plus [+] in the upper right corner to add a device and select “Power distribution”. Then follow the on-screen instructions which may take approximately 30 seconds.
  5. When the HWP303U is added, the ON/OFF button can also be used manually to turn on or off the connected device.

Siirry osoitteeseen ja kirjoita mallinumero hakualueelle löytääksesi lisätietoja.

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