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FERM ATM1041 Tyre Inflator Gun Instructions

FERM ATM1041 Tyre Inflator Gun

Machine data

Technical specifications

  • Operating pressure
  • 0 – 8 bar
  • Length of hose
  • 350 mm
  • Weight
  • 0.40 kg

Safety instructions

Explanation of symbols

In this manual and/or on the machine the following symbols are used:

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Wear eye protection

Safety instructions

  • Avoid too high pressure
  • Never blow or spray in direction of yourself or others; this could cause serious injury.
  • Keep bystanders and pets away
  • Children and animals should be kept far away from the area of operation of the machine.

If you use the compressor to spray paint:

  • Do not work in enclosed spaces or near naked flames.
  • Make sure that the environment in which you will be working has dedicated ventilation.
  • Protect your nose and mouth with a dedicated mask
  • If the compressor is no longer in use, always take the plug out of the plug socket.
  • Always make sure that compressed-air hoses are used for compressed air and which are characterized by a maximum pressure adjusted to that of the compressor. Do not try to repair the hose if it is damaged.


First check de pressure of the object.

  • Connect the coupling of the gun with the valve of the object
  • Read the pressure on the gauge:
  • Pressure too high: press the button on the left side to release air.
  • Pressure too low: press the trigger to fill the object till required pressure.
  • Check pressure by releasing the trigger and read the pressure gauge.
  • Disconnect the tyre inflating gun.

Average pressure

Check the service manual of your car for the correct tyre pressure of your car.



  • No airflow.
  • Check the air pressure.
  • Check hose connector (connected correctly?).
  • Check the air hose on leakage.


  • Should a fault occur, e.g. after wear of a part, please contact the service address on the warranty card.


  • To prevent damage during transport, the appliance is delivered in a solid packaging which consists largely of reusable material. Therefore please make use of options for recycling the packaging.


  • For the conditions of the guarantee, please refer to the separately provided guarantee card.

Documents / Resources

FERM ATM1041 Tyre Inflator Gun [pdf] Instructions
ATM1041, Tyre Inflator Gun, ATM1041 Tyre Inflator Gun



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