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KRAMER -KRT-4-M1 -Table- Mounting- BracketKRAMER -KRT-4-M1 -Table- Mounting- Bracket -PRO

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  • براکت نصب روی میز KRT-4-M1
  • 3 M4x13 Fully threaded screws for wood
  • 1 راهنمای شروع سریع

Get to know your KRT-4-M1

KRT-4-M1 Table Mounting Bracket enables attaching the KRT-4 Cable Retractor to the underside of a table. KRT-4-M1 is designed mainly for RTBUS and TBUS product lines with cable pass-through.KRAMER -KRT-4-M1 -جدول- نصب- براکت -شکل 1

Install KRT-4-M1

Before installing KRT-4-M1, configure and mount a Kramer TBUS onto a table. To attach KRT-4-M1 to the underside of a table:

  1. Attach KRT-4-M1 Table Mounting Bracket to the cable retractor using the Wing-Head thumb screw (see figure).
  2. Position KRT-4-M1 and cable retractor underneath the table in a position close to the Kramer TBUS, ensuring that the non-retractable cable end of the cable retractor reaches the TBUS.
  3. Mark the edges where KRT-4-M1 touches the table with a pencil.
  4. Detach KRT-4-M1 from the cable retractor.
  5. Place KRT-4-M1 so that it aligns with the pencil markings made in step 3, and using the 3 screws provided, attach KRT-4-M1 to the underside of the table.
    Take care not to damage the table. Kramer Electronics is not responsible for any damage caused to the table.
  6. Attach the cable retractor to KRT-4-M1 Table Mounting Bracket using the Wing-Head Thumb Screw.
    مشخصات بدون اطلاع قبلی تغییر می کنند www.kramerav.comKRAMER -KRT-4-M1 -جدول- نصب- براکت -شکل 2

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