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ULTIMA سنگ بنای Chord Electronics است amplification، به عنوان مرجع نهایی ما ایستاده است amplification – beaten by none. Before the operation, we strongly advise that you read this user manual thoroughly, storing it in a safe place along with your original receipt of purchase, in case you should require assistance in the future.آکورد-اولتیما-قدرت-Ampحیاتی-1

محافظت در برابر مایعات و گرما
The ULTIMA is not protected against liquids of any kind. Never place containers of liquid on ULTIMA. Never allow ULTIMA to come into contact with moisture or liquids; doing so could result in electrocution or damage to the ULTIMA internal circuitry. Be aware that liquids, including water that has dried, can leave minerals that can affect the PCB and other components, which could eventually lead to oxidization and short-circuiting. If the ULTIMA comes into contact with moisture or liquids, immediately disconnect from the mains power supply, and connected equipment, and contact Chord Electronics for further advice. The ULTIMA has internal thermal protection that will cut the power supply if reached. Never operate the ULTIMA near sources of heat or naked flames as this will decrease the lifespan of the internal components. It is advised that you do not operate the ULTIMA in an area of direct sunlight or on top of significant heat-producing devices. Please be aware that it is entirely normal for the ULTIMA to become warm during use, particularly within a stacked configuration. If you are concerned about the temperatures, please switch the device off and consider a different placement.

از بین بردن و تداخل فرکانس رادیویی
There are no user-serviceable components within the ULTIMA or its power supply. Dangerous voltages/currents exist within the ULTIMA and its power supply, posing a severe risk of electrocution and/or fire.  Never attempt to open, dismantle or apply internal third-party devices to it or insert anything other than the listed interconnects or speaker cables within this user manual. If the ULTIMA develops a fault or the casework becomes damaged, immediately disconnect from the mains power supply and connected equipment and contact Chord Electronics for further advice.With a thick, solid aluminum chassis, the ULTIMA’s casework largely protects the sensitive internal circuitry from radio frequency interference. However, for optimal performance, it is recommended that the following points are observed: Although the ULTIMA is largely shielded, it can generate radio frequency interference that may have an effect on radio and television reception. If this occurs, please reconsider your placement.

  1.  Consider placing the ULTIMA away from wireless routers.
  2.  Separate the ULTIMA from ampلیفایرها با استفاده از ترانسفورماتورهای حلقوی
  3. برای جلوگیری از تداخل، تلفن های همراه را در فاصله دور کار کنید.

اتصال تجهیزات خود

Before connecting the ULTIMA to any equipment, consult the manufacturer’s user guide to confirm compatibility. When connecting the ULTIMA to any equipment, make sure that all devices are off, including the ULTIMA. Once connected, switch all equipment on starting with the source and ending with the amplification. Initially, operate the any connected equipment on its lowest gain setting and lowest volume setting, gently increasing to a comfortable listening level. Never operate connected equipment to the ULTIMA at excessive sound levels; permanent hearing damage and loss can occur. The included 15 amp IEC mains lead plugs into the ULTIMA.If the power supply is prematurely disconnected ULTIMA may still remain active for up to 15 seconds, however, this may cause damage to connected equipment.

Never disconnect the power cable during operation. Only disconnect when ULTIMA is off. If the power cable is disconnected during operation there is a risk of damage to connected equipment.


  1.  دوره گارانتی و ثبت خرید
  2.  ایجاد ادعا و استثناء گارانتی

دوره گارانتی و ثبت خرید
At the point of sale, Chord Electronics Ltd. provides ULTIMA with a comprehensive five-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship through fair wear and tear. The warranty will be void if any other PSU other than that supplied is used. The warranty is transferable with proof of purchase, however, the warranty on ex-demonstration units begins from the retailer‘s date of purchase.Please use the form below to record the details of your purchase in the event that these are required at a later date, we further advise that all purchases are registered with Chord Electronics at: chord electronics. co.uk/register-product/

ایجاد ادعا و استثناء گارانتی
In the unlikely event of a claim, you must provide Chord Electronics with the details of the claim, including your original proof of purchase and serial number in order to validate the nature of the repair. Upon receipt, Chord Electronics will make an assessment within 30 days and provide a reasonable solution. All warranty repairs must be carried out by Chord Electronics or an approved service centre to guarantee the quality and safety of the repair.

موارد خاص گارانتی:
The warranty does not cover connected equipment, personal injury or development of natural patina of the metalwork and will be null and void if the following is applied: wilful neglect; modification or tampering of the product; improper use of the product; acts of God; damage caused by a connected device; mechanical shock; fire or application of excessive heat or repair/modification by a non-authorized third-party vendor.

آشنایی با ULTIMA
ULTIMA مرجع مطلق ما است amplifier which uses a brand new analog topology, Chord Electronics’ first all-new design since its inception. Before an operation, we strongly advise you read this user manual thoroughly, storing it in a safe place along with your original receipt of purchase, should you require assistance in the future.آکورد-اولتیما-قدرت-Ampحیاتی-3

پانل جلو
With only two buttons, the everyday operation of ULTIMA is simple and you can tailor the brightness of the feature lighting to suit the ambiance of your listening room.

هشدار: شما باید همه دریچه ها را روشن نگه دارید.

پنل بالایی

The top panel has no user-configurable options. Instead, three teal feature light rings illuminate. If you find that these rings are too bright for your listening room you can control the brightness via the front panel.

هشدار: شما باید همه دریچه ها را روشن نگه دارید.

پانل پشتی
The rear panel offers a comprehensive connectivity suite, featuring both standard connections and those which are used with other Chord Electronics devices. When installing any cable, you must make sure that they securely click into place, especially optical.

هشدار: شما باید همه دریچه ها را روشن نگه دارید.

Whilst ULTIMA will operate normally within a Chord Electronics Reference configuration stacked via the Integra legs, it is recommended that ULTIMA is allowed to ‘breathe’ with 10cm of space around it to convection-cool during operation.

Connecting ULTIMA to ancillary equipment
هنگام اتصال ULTIMA به تجهیزات در مسیر سیگنال، مطمئن شوید که همه دستگاه‌ها خاموش هستند. توصیه می شود زمانی که همه تجهیزات به درستی وصل شدند، قبل از اینکه به آرامی به سطح گوش دادن راحت برود، تنظیم صدا به پایین ترین حالت خود اعمال شود. همیشه دستورالعمل های سازنده های شریک را رعایت کنید.

ورودی های صوتی
ULTIMA به هر دو ورودی XLR متعادل معکوس و غیر معکوس و همچنین ورودی های RCA نامتعادل معکوس و غیر معکوس مجهز است. ULTIMA توانایی سوئیچ بین ورودی ها را ندارد، بنابراین فقط باید از یکی استفاده کرد.
Inversion relates to the phase of the incoming signal. During normal operation for Chord Electronics products, the use of the inverted inputs is advised, however, you may select non-inverting if desired by removing the cap covering the XLR input.اگر درپوش را بردارید، لطفاً برای اتصال هر دو بسیار مراقب باشید amplifiers with the same invention to avoid an out-of-phase configuration. If using ULTIMA with older models of Chord Electronics monoblocks please note the inputs will be reversed. آکورد-اولتیما-قدرت-Ampحیاتی-9

ULTIMA must be connected to a dedicated preampبرفک یا دستگاهی که می تواند خروجی خود را کاهش دهد. عدم کاهش صدا قبل از ورود به ULTIMA می تواند منجر به آسیب غیرقابل برگشت به شنوایی، آسیب بلندگو شود و ضمانت نامه را باطل کند.

خروجی های صوتی
همانطور که ULTIMA یک مونو است amplifier, it only supports a single speaker output, however, it has four-speaker terminals. Both positive speaker terminals originate from the same source, as does the negative speaker terminals. Do use the additional two postive and negative terminals if you wish to bi-wire your speakers. In order to connect ULTIMA to loudspeakers, use a high-quality loudspeaker cable terminated with 4mm banana plugs or 6mm spades. Bare wire can be used, but it is not recommended. Connect the black (negative) terminal from ULTIMA to the negative terminal on your loudspeaker and the red (positive) terminal from ULTIMA to the red positive terminal on your loudspeaker. Repeat if you wish to bi-wire the same speaker.آکورد-اولتیما-قدرت-Ampحیاتی-11

دنباله روشن و ماشه 12 ولت

POWER-ON SEQUENCE: During normal operation, when ULTIMA is in standby mode the large power button on the front panel will illuminate a red color. To power on ULTIMA press the large power button once until you feel a click. ULTIMA’s power button will now change to a green colour whilst it begins its initial safety checks. During this phase do not increase the gain on the input device as you cannot determine its final ampافزایش صدا که می تواند به بلندگوهای متصل آسیب برساند. از وقتی که ampلافایر چک ایمنی را پشت سر گذاشته و پس از تقریباً ده ثانیه عملیاتی می شود amplifier will display a teal color.12V Trigger: A 12V trigger can be used to remotely turn ULTIMA on or off. Please refer to the below diagram to correctly wire your 12V trigger. When a 12V trigger is sensed by ULTIMA the colors displayed on the power button will be different. During standby the large power buton on the front panel will illuminate an orange colour, however just like the power sequence without the 12V trigger a green colour will be displayed once you switch the unit on and it performs its safety checks. You should still not increase the gain on the input device. Once the ampلافایر فعال می شود، دکمه پاور یک درخشش بنفش مداوم را نشان می دهد.

مسائل مربوط به زمین در اروپا
در برخی از کشورهای اروپایی، ممکن است زمزمه یا وزوز رخ دهد ampلیفایر به پریزهای برق متصل می شود که زمین یا زمین کافی ندارند. اگر این اتفاق افتاد، لطفاً مطمئن شوید که تجهیزات شما از طریق یک بلوک برق چندراهه با کیفیت خوب که حاوی یک نقطه زمین در هر پریز است وصل شده است. توصیه می کنیم که یک روش ارتینگ برای ساختمان شما اجرا شود.

Adjusting the brightness of the LEDs
در هر زمان می توانید روشنایی LED ها را متناسب با محیط گوش دادن خود تنظیم کنید. کافی است همانطور که در زیر نشان داده شده است دکمه مخفی را در وسط صفحه ظاهر کنید، یک جسم نازک را وارد کنید و فشار دهید تا صدای "کلیک" شنیده شود. حلقه نور و دکمه روشن/خاموش بین حالت‌های روشنایی کم و زیاد می‌چرخند.آکورد-اولتیما-قدرت-Ampحیاتی-13

اسناد / منابع

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