EYEDRO5-HEW Electricity Monitoring System


Before Getting Started

This insert provides very high level installation instructions. Complete installation instructions can be found at eyedro.com/support (see Product Manual and Support videos) Installation may require the cover of the main electrical panel to be removed while some wires are still electri- ’ OFF ‘ fied. Even when the main breaker has been turned certain areas of the panel may still be dangerous and carry the risk of shock, burn, and electrocution. InstallaDO tion should be performed by a qualified electrician. attempt installation unless you know where NOT electrified areas within the panel are.


  1. Always use the AC power adapter that came with your EYEDRO5-HEW system.
  2. Do not plug your Eyedro power adapter into an 2. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) as this will result in incorrect measurements.

Limited One-Year Warranty

Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. warrants this product for a period of one year from date of purchase for all defects in material and workmanship. Defective parts may be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of the manufacturer during this period. Full warranty policy details are available at eyedro.com.

Verify Package Contents


Record Serial Number:
(located under barcode on module)EYEDRO5-HEW-Electricity-Monitoring-System-FIG-2

Install Hardware

  1. Install current sensors on the line1 conductor of the circuits(s) to be monitored.EYEDRO5-HEW-Electricity-Monitoring-System-FIG-4
  2. Connect sensors, Ethernet cable (if using) & power adapter to the Eyedro module.EYEDRO5-HEW-Electricity-Monitoring-System-FIG-5

Connect Device to the Internet

  1. If connecting by Ethernet, connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to an open port on your router and the other end to the Eyedro module.
  2. If connecting by WiFi (2.4GHz), use your computer or mobile device to connect to the WiFi network created by your Eyedro: Eyedro [Serial#].
    • Open a browser tab and go toEYEDRO5-HEW-Electricity-Monitoring-System-FIG-3
    • From the WiFi Settings page, enter the name (Network SSID) and password (Key) for the WiFi network in your building. Click Connect.
    • Reconnect your mobile device or computer to the network that you just passed to your Eyedro

Create a MyEyedro User Account

  1. Go to my.eyedro.com to create your online account (or log in if you have an existing account).EYEDRO5-HEW-Electricity-Monitoring-System-FIG-6
  2. Add the device to your user account: go to Configuration, select Devices then enter the serial number you recorded in Step 2.
  3. ENJOY! Log into MyEyedro as often as you like to view your electricity consumption.
  4. For more details about the MyEyedro cloud service, review the MyEyedro User Guide located at eyedro.com/support

Documents / Resources

Eyedro EYEDRO5-HEW Electricity Monitoring System [pdf] User Guide
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